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I've been a Variax Acoustic 700 user for several years, but I'm always looking for ways to improve the tone and overall sound.  I recently upgraded to the HD500X and I'm contemplating the purchase of the L2T.  Sort of a Dream Rig, sans the James Tyler...


Anyhow, from what I've read the L2T will be a great addition.  My question is can it double as a vocal monitor effectively?  Obviously with the on board mixer it's capable of taking a line level input from the mixer, but am I expecting too much of the unit?  I'd like to be able to run both the Variax Acoustic and a Strat/Tele/PRS through the HD500x, get great sound AND monitor vocals.  If so, what would be the best set up? 


Any insight here would be appreciated!  Thanks.

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Absolutely it can double as a vocal monitor. I would recommend plugging HD500X into L2t, then plug in your vocal monitoring into the side panel mixer. THe L2t can handle multiple inputs and is rated at 800w, so you will have plenty of head room.

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