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  1. I would start with one of the clean amp models (Tube Pre-Amp, Pieacoustic, Variax Acoustic). From there I would add any needed eq or compression to control dynamics and cut some unneeded frequencies that are jumping out. What is great about the FX100 is that you can connect to a PA speaker and get full range from the JTV acoustic sounds. In fact AMPLIFi 150 is full range as well, so you would get simaler results coming out of one box. Refer to this link for pretty basic but extremely useful EQing tips for acoustic guitar.. http://www.homestudiocorner.com/mixing-acoustic-guitar-part-1-eq/ Refer to this link for pretty basic but extremely useful compression tips for acoustic guitar.. http://www.askaudiomag.com/articles/compression-techniques-for-acoustic-guitar @line6jbutter
  2. Have you updated your AMPLIFi yet? You will need to update firmware from factory shipped settings in order for FBV to work with it. Firmware update is accessed through the remote app settings menu, allow about an hour of update time as it will include more preset content. From there it will recognize your FBV and include icon tags on effects in the signal chain that are assigned to the board. @line6jbutter
  3. The EX-1 is great if you want to have fairly precise parameter changes, because the throw is a little stiffer. The Mission pedal is awesome if you want to assign it to a wah effect. @line6jbutter
  4. I would suggest that the high frequency driver is right around ear level (5.5-6ft) maybe a little higher if there are more bodies in the room. As long as you have decent stands and the leg base is wider than the speaker it should be fairly stable. @line6jbutter
  5. Since the HD500X output is saved on a global basis, I would use the mixer or pan feature (icon located after the amp on the UI editor) for each preset to tailor your needs. The only way to change different output routing on the fly using HD is through L6 link when connecting a DT or a StageSource Speaker. @line6jbutter
  6. To answer your last question. The FX100 and the HD500X are a fantastic option for playing out live or recording. A couple notes below... -FX100 Benefits. Easy to use, simple connectivity, great if you are wanting to bounce from a preset to preset scenario without changing a lot of effects on the fly. Editor is very simple and streamlined from Bluetooth device. -HD500 Benefits. More I/O options from connectivity standpoint, More configuration as to what I/O is doing from a preset to preset basis, deeper effects programing from the footswitches, deeper editing from the software standpoint. If you are connecting to an existing amp or in front of a PA both will accommodate your needs. you will have to tailor your presets to send Pre-Amp information (No Cab, No Power Amp modeling) for the best results. @line6jbutter
  7. Feedback control is a master feature on the Stagesource series. It will not save the settings on a preset by preset basis, however it will work when you are using L6 link. @line6jbutter
  8. Any modifications made to the music or the playlist must be from the devices default music player (iTunes, windows media). AMPLIFi remote simply mirrors those applications. @line6jbutter
  9. Hey Gary, A "re-amping-esque" feature is currently not available with AMPLIFi. I would recommend going to the ideascale portion of our webpage to request that sort of feature in a future firmware release. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/index @line6jbutter
  10. Essentially it is a US Made James Tyler guitar, very high quality. A few minor differences in the tuning machines and bridge pieces. Variax technology and functionality are identical. It also comes with a hard case. @line6jbutter
  11. Make sure that you properly set up your I/O preferences within Sonar, that way it notices in the outputs coming from the HD500. The hum and noise coming from your Tascam could have been multiple things (power supply, preamps, grounding..). The HD500 has a pretty clean signal path overall. I would also make sure... -Setup outputs as studio/direct on the HD500 (page 4/10 in setup menu) -Any excessive noise coming from the POD HD500 signal path, add a noise gate. @line6jbutter
  12. All of the guitar modeling on the James Tyler Variax is completely re-worked from the original series. There is significantly more detail in the all the models, some other features that benefit from the original.... -Workbench HD software, much easier to use -Magnetic Pickups -Ability to blend Magnetic and Variax modeling at the same time (with addition of POD HD) -Lithium ION battery, no more AA's -Guitar crafted by James Tyler -Virtual Capo, create your own custom tunings on the fly @line6jbutter
  13. Unfortunately you cannot. Sonic Port does not have a driver set or cable connection that would work with a Windows Tablet. @line6jbutter
  14. Sonic Port is supported by iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad (3rd and 4th generation), iPad 2, iPad, iPad mini, and iPod touch (4th and 5th generation). @line6jbutter
  15. One resource you can check out is the "Save Me" video we released in conjunction with the Sonic Port VX launch. All recorded material in the video was used using a Sonic Port VX. http://line6.com/videos/ @line6jbutter
  16. The first run of AMPLIFi TT have shipped to some select dealers, check the link below... http://www.midi-store.com/product-p/sku240832.htm @line6jbutter
  17. I would recommend going to our ideascale page at Line6.com and submit any feature requests there. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/index
  18. Here is the best Workbench HD tutorial I have seen so far, pretty informative and it was created by Line 6 Product Specialist Joe Cozzi... In order to use Workbench HD you will need to update the guitar to 2.0. All of the models have been reworked to sound as accurate to the original model as possible, I would recommend that moving forward. @line6jbutter
  19. I would start out by going to custom tone and downloading a few tones from there (link below). It is a great resource if you are new to building tones. Find out what you like, deconstruct the tone and build a new one that suits you. Off the top off my head I would recommend Vintage Pre>Studio EQ/Parametric EQ as the pre amp section of your tone then add as much delay as you want after. http://line6.com/customtone/ @line6jbutter
  20. Adding to the topic... Here are a couple resourceful videos for setting up L6 link... http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/dream-rig/dream-rig-basic-setup-and-connections-r631
  21. Relatively they both work the same; functionality wise. The DT50 (EL34's) is going to give a slightly different character in the power amp section than the DT25 (EL84's), that is just of matter of preference for tube type. I typically recommend the DT25 for club sizes that hold 5-150 and DT50 for 150+. Using dual tone and stereo effects with two DT's at once sounds fantastic! It is also cool to involve the JTV with alternate tuning and Mag+Variax features (See video link below). http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/dream-rig/dream-rig-tip-2-layering-electric-guitar-and-r560 If you tend to incorporate an acoustic or full range instrument in your set, getting a StageSource may be a better route to go. Yea you lose the tube power, but power amp modeling is still in play and full range instruments translate better through that system. In a perfect world you can incorporate both the DT and Stagesource together. @Line6jbutter
  22. No cannot, they are two completely different power supplies. If you need a replacement M5 you will need a 9v 500ma power supply, M9 requires AC power.
  23. Absolutely it can double as a vocal monitor. I would recommend plugging HD500X into L2t, then plug in your vocal monitoring into the side panel mixer. THe L2t can handle multiple inputs and is rated at 800w, so you will have plenty of head room.
  24. Sorry I am a little late to the thread, but I second the previous thread. You would have to update both the POD and DT independently. To keep updated with the Line 6 Product Specialist Team and the latest news regarding Line 6, please follow me on Twitter. @Line6jbutter
  25. Both amps functionality are are essentially the same. The key difference between the two is a the power tube section, DT50 offers EL34's while the DT25 is EL84 equipped. Many people I run into out in the field are pleasantly surprised how much headroom the 25 has, plenty of juice for small club gigs with a loud drummer. To keep updated with the Line 6 Product Specialist Team and the latest news regarding Line 6, please follow me on Twitter. @Line6jbutter http://line6.com/amps/#dt
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