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  1. CrispyFunk

    How are you liking the new amps?

    Thank you for all the info, im going to have to get the amp bundle , all the demos ive heard sound Great !!
  2. CrispyFunk

    How are you liking the new amps?

    Im thinking about buying the amp pack bundle, but was hoping i could hear what you guys think about them first.
  3. Ive had my DT25 for a while (LOVE IT)using the DTedit to program my favorite amps , i recently got a podhd500x and i noticed when i use the treadplate with the L6 link my pod always chooses topology 3 , but when i just use my amp without the pod and switch to the treadplate my DTedit says im using topology 4, i think Topology 4 sounds like the correct one to my ears . so whats the deal? does anyone also have this issue im having . is their anything i can do to save Top #4 as default on my pod? or do i just have to remember to change it every time i make a new Treadplate patch?
  4. CrispyFunk

    Original Song using Gibtone 185

    thanks for sharing . it kinda reminds me of a cross between the Knight rider theme and I run by Flock of Seagulls, nice job.
  5. they are pinned at the top of the page http://line6.com/support/forum-18/announcement-27-latest-hd500x-tone-building-videos/ i noticed that a little while ago and forgot to ask about it
  6. CrispyFunk


    maybe try the U-vibe with the speed assigned to the exp. you can also try the Rotary drum. try adjusting the fdback to see if that helps any. try looking through this link you may find a better effect to use http://line6.com/data/6/0a06434d408c50904b6a219d8/application/pdf/POD%20HD%20Model%20Gallery%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20D%20).pdf
  7. CrispyFunk


    The rotovibe kinda sounds like a phase 90 or script phase. you can set the phasers speed to be controlled by the exp pedal and that would get you close id set the exp 1 to turn on and controll the wha and then exp two to trun on and controll the speed of the phase maybe turn on the phaser with a button so you can have both phaser and wha off if you want. good luck.
  8. CrispyFunk

    Pod HD500x Looper Volume in LVM vs Normal

    im not sure if this is a problem for you but ive noticed that when the looper says (pre) the looper is actually in post ,and when the looper says (post) the looper is actually in Pre. im thinking they set it up like this so you can know what the button would do if you press it , its not telling you the current state of the loop position. confusing for me to say the least . but i use a separate looper pedal because i want more options with the looper. Boss RC-30- sometimes ill use my Nux loopcore.
  9. CrispyFunk

    substitute for a iic+

    Very cool, thank you for the info.
  10. CrispyFunk

    substitute for a iic+

    i was wondering if anyone knows the best amp/speaker combo to get close to a Mark iic+ kind of tone with the pod hd500x any hints or tips is much appreciated thank you.
  11. CrispyFunk

    New track using a Strat and the HD500X this time.

    thank you for giving us your time to make these demos, i really enjoy your hard work. sounds great!
  12. CrispyFunk

    tom scholz rockman sustainer tone

    @ Duncnn. those two tones are really cool, i think i just might be able to do something with them. thank you for sharing.
  13. CrispyFunk

    Smart Harmony issues

    if the Pitch glide is not in front of the harmony you wont get the correct harmonizing tone , i think (shrug) im not really sure 8) but i think the tone your needing is a 10th and the harmonizer stops at 9th so to get it up to a 10th you would need the octave before the 3rd
  14. CrispyFunk

    Smart Harmony issues

    i would set a pitch glide to +12 and mix to 50% , after that add the smart harmony set it to Key D, scale minor, shift 3rd. that should get you in the ball park. i would put that after your amp before any reverb. youll have to play around with the high gain amps to get the tone you want good luck you can try to move the pitch glide in front of the high gain amp and the smart harmony after the amp.maybe a compressor after the smart harmony if you think it needs it.
  15. CrispyFunk

    HD with Tube Power -Considering upgrading my Mesa 50/50

    Have you tryed to use your pod with a Line6 DT amp? ive got the DT/25 and it really does sound great in my little music room.