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  1. Combo power amp works. But the best way to start is choose one blank preset, start only one amp, test different cabs, adjust settings on amp. Some amps have very low output to my power amp, compared to Marshall JMP1 preamp. I have to opern master gain and increase some Dbs on mixer.
  2. HI! I don´t try in Studio Direct. I will try today! Thank You!
  3. Hello I have one "old" setup Marshall JMP1 Pre Amp and Marshall 8008 Power Amp + Marshall 1922 Cab (2x celestion GT-T75). I connect outputs from Pod to Marshall Power Amp. I use output Combo Power Amp setting, but all presets sound muddy and too digital. If I use 4 cable method and use JMP1 as Pre-amp and pod only for effects on Fx Loop, sound good. I have to remove cab simulation and amp and use only pre-amps simulators?
  4. I just can use pod hd500x on fxloop for color effects, nothing in front of amp. Fx Send is to noise when I have Lead Gain channel on my tube amp. 3 cable method, only.
  5. Radatats I try patch but I can use it, always have lo output or feedback. Try down chanel A and UP chanel B. But doesnt work good
  6. I consider put one DI-BOX between pod fx-send and amp? Just a question, I dont know if is a good idea or if anyone try. I dont know if eliminate noise and if works good.
  7. I have one pod HD500x and I have one BIG Headache! First of all, I read and read and read and read again. I have one ENGL Blackmore signature head. Using 4 cable Method = Hum noise. GUITAR -> POD-> |POD FX SEND-> ENGL INPUT -> | ENGL FX SEND -> POD FX RETURN | POD 1/4" LEFT OUTPUT -> ENGL FX RETURN Using 3 cables = no noise. GUITAR -> ENGL INPUT -> | ENGL FX SEND -> POD FX RETURN | POD 1/4" LEFT OUTPUT -> ENGL FX RETURN _________________________________________________________ SO, NOISE COMES FROM POD FX SEND. To have same signal strenght (as the guitar pluged direct to amp) I have to mute channel B in Mixer and Center Channel A with more 5db. ___________________________ I use noise gates, hard gates, but nothing stop hum noise comes out from fx send. I dont use any amp simulation, no cab, and I try with new blank pacth only with noise gate in front of chain, mixer +5db, FXloop, nothing more.
  8. I make a mistake I set to update without preserve my setlist. Now I have Variax set list instead of have USER1, USER2, USER3. Its possible rename variax set list and delete all presets?
  9. Duncann You are saying, one change one preset to other, if I have midi switch configured they send automatic that value out? Like I have PRESET 2A with FS7 to midi channel one with program change 003, and PRESET 2B FS7 to midi channel one with program change 005. When I change PRESET , automatic change value out?
  10. Hello I have one midi / footswitch controller http://www.nuxefx.com/product_detail.php?id=79 I can send midi program changes and controller receive. I don´t know if is possible one footswitch send 2 diferent midi like on/off. When I use midi the led of FS doesnt on or off. For example I use FS7 to send one program to my footswitcher and is ON footswitch 1, but when I want turn it off, I need use FS8 for send other diferent message. Is like I have to have 2 FS on POD one for ON and other for OFF. I can´t use only one FS to assign 2 alternate midi messages???? Thanks.
  11. I have terrible sound on headphones, can you tell me how to fix ???
  12. I don´t know if works for you, but try to make factory reset! connect power and press four arrows, should appear one message, "Flash update", Open Monkey, and try instal! It works for me!
  13. rhandy

    Firmware 2.6

    Hello! Where I can find Global EQ in POD HD 500x EDIT SOFTWARE V2.25?
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