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Is There A Way To Record From Amp To Pc?


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Sort of - but not in the manner in which the HD500 is used, as an ASIO soundcard.


You would need some type of soundcard that can take audio input, to a recording software. For example, an external soundcard, M-audio, etc. - or even the built in soundcard depending on your computer.


Here's why it's not ideal - you have to use the 1/8" headphone jack out of the AMPLiFi - which disables the AMPLiFi speaker! So, you would also need to have a second speaker system that would monitor the audio signal going to the computer / soundcard. If you want to do any type of overdubbing, like record a drum track, then a rhy guitar track, then a lead, etc., you'd need the soundcard to be full-duplex at minimum, and you'd need to be able to adjust your buffers to achieve minimal latency.


For example, the HD500 has a pretty low latency for use in that type of situation - whereas the M20d mixer when used via USB to a computer is reported to have HORRIBLE latency! However, that's not what it's primarily intended for, so it makes sense - it's a live mixer than happens to allow multi-track recording.


So, that's the scoop. I like the *idea* of the AMPLiFi, and it does surprise me slightly that with such a cool, high tech idea, they didn't include either a DI out / Line out - neither XLR or 1/4", and unless they add the recording / soundcard / ASIO type USB connection to a future firmware update, it also doesn't offer any recording option.


Such it is with these things! I bought a DT25 just before the big AMPLiFi press release, and they had me worried with all that hype; in some ways I am glad it doesn't rival the DT amps, because I am still making installment payments until August on the DT25! lol


Best of luck :)

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Thanks, Colonel, for the detailed info!  I appreciate it.  Wow, lot of loops to go through in order to attempt direct recording.  I was happy with the Spider Jam's recording feature to the SD card, actually.  Mono or not, it sounded pretty decent when played back.


Fender G Dec 3 owners (incl. me) complained about the 30 second recording limit, whereas the Spider Jam allowed for unlimited recordings, pretty much, at a very decent quality (for practicing purposes).


These two manufacturers get rid of one feature to put in another and there is always some cool feature of the old amp not incorporated into the new one.


Where would I submit an idea for Line 6 to try to utilize into their software the EXISTING audio recording feature (Voice Memos) on the iphone?  On the other hand, this may sound like a misdirected idea...  since the audio is coming straight from the speaker, the amp would have to have a dedicated plug, not the iPad?

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