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With my UX2 came PodFarm 2.5 that makes me very happy.I understand that not all settings are supported and that you can buy extra packs like Power Pack or upgrade to the Platinum edition, what will cost me 100 or 200 euros respectively (100% difference) . 


Here it gets a bit confusing to me. 


When I choose preset Auto Wah Echo, I can't use the "Auto Wah (FX-2)" nor the "Analog Delay (FX-1)" nor the two amps. In some Line 6 documentation I find the Auto Wah is based on the Mu-Tron, and in this document it is included in the FX Junkie. I can choose to the alternatieve "Dingo Tron", that i cán use, and that is based on...the Mu-Tron again. 


So, tired of scrolling around, my questions are: 


What do FX-1 and FX-2 mean (there als also FX-3 thru 6, I find)?

What is the difference between the Auto Wah and the Dingo Tron?


I guess these kind of question raise on several FX choices. 


Can anyone give me some useful thoughts on the choice Platinum/Power Pack/leave it as it is (use what you've got)?


Thx in advance




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What does FX-1 thru FX-8 mean? I honestly do not know. But I will try to find out because now it is going to bug me!!


Not sure what the difference is off the top of my head, but passed on the name my guess is the Dingo Tron it is a little more synth-like, I will try it tonite if a get a chance.


However, if you have a UX2 it probably game with the FX Junkie. Try running the License Manager to authorize it and then you should be able to use those effects.


As for adding on Model packs, only you can make that choice, the nice thing is you can return them within 30 days for a full refund if you do not like them.

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