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Anyone Using Sonicport With Iphone 5s? Kind Of Hesitant.

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I see that the iPhone 5s is not explicitly shown as supported with the SonicPort and I am hoping I can get some feedback from users about their experiences with using this configuration.  Im not really looking to use the MobilePod software, I will be using Bias (positive grid) instead, so it is ok if MobilePod is broken.  


I go way back with L6 gear, but got burned bad on the way they implemented their PodFarm licensing, and swore them off after losing $300 in software purchases...so I am a bit hesitant to support them right now. As a software engineer, I have a gut feeling that they are struggling with either getting money to fund software development, or they have just made some bad choices as to how to ensure an acceptable level of forward expansion.


What is your read on whats happening with L6 software offerings right now?

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mine worked too... just plugged it in.... no magic here... sorry i don't have any more helpful info for you.... just confirming that it SHOULD be working.

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