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Pod HD500X USB Problem


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Hello, There


My Pod HD 500x Has a Problem


When I connect POD to my PC Via USB, The OS recognize it


But the driver doesn't work. I installed and uninstalled the driver several time.


And I connected All of the usb port on my pc. still doen't work.


The system and I/O shows Flash FW V1.00 and USB FW V0.00 .


What's the problem?





I'm sorry about my English. I'm Korean.

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Make sure you have Line6 installer for your operating system installed.

Connect usb,  Open EDIT, "saving patches" should show on screen.


Try uninstalling reinstalling the installer and restarting your computer.


Do a search as this was recently covered.


Also some anti virus programs need to be disabled for the installer to install properly.

Then reinabled.

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Makle sure you have Administartive Rights and not just a user account. I've heard some say right click on Monkey and select run as administrator, and another said they had to reinstall thier OS all together, although I think this is the extreme.

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