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FX Distortion not Fuzzing

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Hello all,


I am the owner of a POD HD500X and so far quite pleased with its abilities and FX capabilities with the exception of Distortion offerings.  I have tried each of the Distortion FX offered and some combinations, but still can’t get that mellow fuzz sound like that of the lead riff in the Rolling Stones “Satisfactionâ€.   A nice buzz at a lower volume. I am running my POD directly into my Yamaha AW16 multi track recorder and counting on not having to run the signal through an amp (I do have a Marshall DCL 40W).  I would appreciate it if someone out there might be able to help on this.  Thanks in advance.

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try attached demo.

designed 4  direct output, JTV t-model-3 (telecaster), fw v2 and abv.

use F3 (Buzz Saw) 4 the riff
deactivate F3 4 chorus/verse


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