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Affect of low power mode when L6 Link used?

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My setup basicaly a Dream rig w/ DT25 combo but using a Variax 500 instead of JTV.


Last night at rehersal it seemed I had to turn my master volume kind of high.  So I started looking around at some various settings as it just seemed odd to me. I found the low power switch had been engaged but it didn't light up the "Low Power" on the top of the amp. I unplugged the L6 Link and the low power lights up. So I turn off the amp. Set the switch to normal mode and reconnect the L6 Link. It *seemed* louder to me and I adjusted the amp back to about where I normally have it (about 4 to 5). Everything seemed fine. 


My question is does the lower power mode supposed to even matter when the L6 Link is connected? 

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Hey Palico,


When ever "Low volume mode" is engaged the DT will quiet down majorly even with L6 link being used, this is a setting thats great to get the full sound you want in a situation where you dont want to wake up the neighbors at 11pm. :D


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