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POD HD (bean) + FBV MKii express Problems


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Hi guys!

I'm new on forum, on line 6 products and even in digital effects world.


So i just start to test my both new POD HD Bean and FBV MKII Express and i found some difficulties to turn on/off individual effects.


I found some treads on this forum, basiclly same problems but not to my specific setup.


Does exist some update to fix it? Or some configuration... I really tested almost everything i could...



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the express is extremely limited... by default you can only change presets....

if you change the FS mode to 5-8 then you can assign and toggle individual effects.. but only within the single preset as you will lose the ability to change presets in that mode.

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No problem at all...


I just want to turn on/off effects inside a single preset... But it still working at its own well...

I mean.. sometimes it work for one or two effect, sometimes it stops without changes on my configurations... 


i'm trying, but I can't set it up to make all 4 buttons working in a same patch...


Please, help me!

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Yep, Buddy....

I did it...


Can you please help us on our new topic?

I think those guys are some steps ahead...


Anyway, we still having problems with switch "D" assignment... have you ever seen it before?



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