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POD XT PRO in Australia - question?

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Hi everyone


These are becoming hard to get - I may have to buy one used from overseas.


What sort of power supply would I need to run XT Pro in Australia that was purchased overseas?


Maybe a step-down power supply?


thanks in advance!

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Hey There,


IIRC there was a thread somewhere in the archive here that said the XTPro "may" have all you need internally but you may have to switch some of the internal ps wires to the other setting.




BTW the way my man - I have to put the disclaimer here that I've never tried that (I'm in the US) and cannot promise you won't melt it down.



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Q: I purchased my internally powered Line 6 unit in a region that has "XXX" voltage, and now I am relocating to a region that has different power. Can my Line 6 unit be modified or do I need to use a external transformer?
A: Many Line 6 devices (i.e.rack mounted PODs, Flextone, Vetta) and amplifiers can be internally modified at an Authorized Line 6 Service Center to the power needs in your new region. Spider amplifiers require that the transformer be replaced along with internal modification. Please note that this is a non-warranty modification and will not be covered under any warranty agreement.

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thanks toneman and billbee - I checked the link re: swapping the internals. Not my strong suit - so may need to look for another option. Unfortunately I don;t think there are any authorised Line 6 service repairers in Melbourne so I may just need to look at buying an overseas power converter/adaptor that the other Aussie in that link was using prior to get the internals changed. Seemed to be working for them.


thanks again

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