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Using non line 6 subwoofer with stagesource system

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Hi all,


I have the M20d with 2 each of the l3's and l2's.   Up until now i have not used sub woofers for our gigs as i havn't needed them for the style of music.  I have a couple of EV subs which i would like to add in to the system and i'm not sure of the best configuration to use.  I've loved using the L6 link cable until this point but realise that i can't use it for the subs.  As i see it I have two options:


1. Use the standard main outs and the crossover in the subs to feed onto the line 6 speakers and thus no L6 link at all.


2. Use the L6 link for the Line 6 speakers as before and in addition, run the subs directly from the main outs [or even a monitor out?] with perhaps a low pass filter?- The idea being that i still get to use the 31band EQ in the mains...


What do you think?  Thanks in advance.

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You can use the L6 link and standard analog outs at the same time.


When mixing any two different brands of subwoofers you will need to prove out the polarity of the system.  Otherwise you might end up losing some bass.

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