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Can channels 13 to 16 used as mono inputs?

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All channels 1-12 and 13-16 are MONO channels.


What's clever is that the M20 can stereo pair *any* adjacent pair, eg 1+2 or 13+14 etc

We run 13+14 as a stereo keyboard pair and 9+10 as stereo overheads for drums.

By pairing, the M20d applies whatever is applied to the first channel in the pair identically to the second, the only difference being PAN

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Just to add... Don't forget to pan one channel all the way left and the other all the way right to get the full stereo separation on the pair, this is what I do for my eleven rack (on XLR's) and the electronic drums (13-14) we use. Also 13-16 are TRS and can be used balanced or un-balanced (TS), but if you use them for a vocal mic you don't get some of the functionality in the tweaking  that you do with 1-12

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