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G30 minimum power requirements


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I own a G30 wireless system and would like to use a power brick to avoid needing to use 3-4 different power adaptors for this and my effects pedals.  Online resource indicates that the G30 adaptor provides 9v Dc at 500ma however I can't find any information that states what the minimum requirement is.  I have been told by different sources that 9v DC at 250ma and 9v Dc at 400ma would be sufficient.


Can you confirm what the minimum power supply requirement is for the G30 to help me identify possible power options please?






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Hey Gaz


It's marked right on the receiver right next to the power pin.  I don't have one in front of me but I believe that it is 200ma @ 9Vdc.


Here's the deal.  Often power supplies will sag even for a split second and only under the right conditions.  That's why we only certify power supplies after a long QA process.  The more units you have on the supply the more likely will come a time that you run low on current capacity.  Now if at that moment you happen to light up an extra LED or two the tiny difference could send you into a temporary brown out.  You'll get a drop out, not because the radio dropped out but rather because the power supply did.  But it will feel like a radio drop.  I'll bet this has happened a fair number of times and blame  accessed to the wrong cause.  Digital electronics will  not give you any warning.  If it were analog you would start to hear the sound deteriorating but digital will stay at 100% until it drops to zero.


So all of that said, when I plan systems I always like to be able to supply double what is called out for.

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