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Re-tuned Strings on Variax

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I have just bought a JTV69, most of the stuff I play is either in Baritone tuning or Drop-C and is pretty low and fast. I have other guitars I could use, but would like to take the 69 on the road for simplicity, but to me the signal feel really latent. I have measured this at around 23ms compared to an acoustic mic when dropped to baritone tuning. 


I am curious if anyone has tried this, as the latency appears worse the lower you tune, what if I were to string it as a 7-string and using the alt tuning mechanism to tune it up to Drop-C or even E. 


Just wondering if anyone has tried this and what the results are? 


Also, if I were to edit this via virtual capo rather than workbench, would I have to do these up-tunings whilst still string in E before swapping the strings? 


Cheers in advance. 



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There is some latency with pitch shifting, but personally I don't feel it messing with the way I play. You'll just have to adapt to it. You'll ignore it once you get the feel of it.

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