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POD Farm 2.55 - POD UX2 trouble

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I bought a POD UX2 last year and never had problem using it.

I had to change my personal computer last month, I installed again Pod Farm 2.55 to use my UX2. I ran the license manager and it authorized my pc to use it.

First time I ran POD farm with UX 2 connected,, it open but I did not find ANY presets I had (those already into the software, nor those I created) . I closed it, and tried to open it again, and from then on it appears this message : POD Farm failed to initialize L6TWXY framework (Code 0x8000e00a). So it doesn't open enymore.

Is this a matter linked to re-registration on my new pc? Or have I to uninstall it, and try installing again?

If it will work again, how can I bring back all the sounds presets that were already present in it??


Thanks to anyone could help me, I can't really wait to use it again!



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