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  1. Yes, I have to look out if/where my created tones are saved in my old HDD.....! I re-installed PodFarm 2.57, ran again the authorization, and now I find those 'old' tones (not the created ones) , and I joined tones from Gear Box as well ..... I don't know HOW I got it, and if it is 'correct' now or not , but I will see if it keeps running good on next times I will run PodFarm or not.....
  2. Weel, I tried to run it again one hour ago, and had a different window (I think the one you refer to ) . Tha's what happened : - First time I ran PF2.57 (re-installed) , Ihad NO authorization request (found it strange, but went ahead) . I imported all tones from gear box folder , but was missing the old ones (as I wrote on first post) - One hour ago I ran again PF , had the authorization request for this new pc this time , got it authorized ( both pc and device) , and once open, I found the old tones as well ....! I must say ..... I DON'T KNOW what happened, how the old tones are now available, and whether I have now joined old tones with those from Gear Box (it seems so), but now it seems to have it all as I wanted and working....... Is this all that occured 'correct' , or may I have other problems next times I will run PF?? I don't understand what happened or what I did, but now seems to be complete ..... Weird. :blink:
  3. Yes it authorize it all. Actually I uninstalled POD farm and re-installed it, upgraded to version 2.57, and now is no more showing that message. Instead, now I cannot find old guitar tones I had when Iwas running it on my old pc (started a new topic about that)!! I don't unerstand...! :(
  4. I installed my UX2 on my new pc and downloaded latest version of PODFarm (2.57) from line6 site. As it was first installed on my old pc, I ran the licenser and authorized both pc and the device. Problem : I have NO preset tones in it! I remember when I installed it on my old pc I found A LOT of great and useful tone, all already present in it, but now the library is empty! I found some presets clicking on 'open' tones in the 'gear box'->'tones' folder, but they are less and different from those I had (Some I remember were 'Glass', 'Acoustic', Get the funk out', 'Outer Space' etc.) , but I have to open these new ones one by one, and save them one by one to have them in the library...... How / where can I find all the old ones and import them back in the library? I really need to find those tones, can anyone help me? Thank you very much!!
  5. Hello I bought a Line6 UX2 last year, and it always worked good. On emonth ago my pc crashed, so I bought a new one and had to re.install all programs. A few days ago I installed again my UX2 with its PODFarm 2.55; I ran the licenser and IT authorized at once both the device and my new pc. First time I opened it, i found totally EMPTY the library where I found all guitar tones : Both the prests tones and those I created were missing! I closed it, and tried to open it again. It didn't open! Every time I try to run PODFarm, I receive an error message, you can see it attached. ' POD Farm failed to initialize L6TWXYframework. (Code 0x8000e00a) ' What does it means? How can have it working again? And even if starting again.... How can I get back all the guitar tones I had???? (presets and created ones) Please help me!! Thank you ver much to everyone could give me some direction! Federico
  6. Hello I bought a POD UX2 last year and never had problem using it. I had to change my personal computer last month, I installed again Pod Farm 2.55 to use my UX2. I ran the license manager and it authorized my pc to use it. First time I ran POD farm with UX 2 connected,, it open but I did not find ANY presets I had (those already into the software, nor those I created) . I closed it, and tried to open it again, and from then on it appears this message : POD Farm failed to initialize L6TWXY framework (Code 0x8000e00a). So it doesn't open enymore. Is this a matter linked to re-registration on my new pc? Or have I to uninstall it, and try installing again? If it will work again, how can I bring back all the sounds presets that were already present in it?? Thanks to anyone could help me, I can't really wait to use it again! Federico
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