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HD500 - footswitchers start working only after several minutes


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Hello everyone,

I have an issue with my POD HD500 unit. When I turn it on, footswitchers FS1-FS4 don't work right away. It's needed to keep the unit turned on for several minutes ("warm up") or reboot it several times or switch different channels to get footswitchers working. 

The things get worse because there is no any predictable behavior - sometimes only 1 switcher doesn't work but at the next time it might be 2 or 3 of them.

I tried to clean switchers contacts but it didn't help.

Also I tried to re-install the latest firmware and reset Flash using Right Arrow + Power On. It didn't help either.

It's reproducible on both factory and user presets (e.g. on A1: Son Of Plexi)



I would be very appreciate for any other suggestions how to get it fixed.

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If it is random and not isolated to one particular switch, I agree there is an internal fault.


You might try checking the ribbon cable from the footswitches to the mainboard. You might even be able to test by holding and lightly pressing components while with the othere hand switching and see if you can stablize it.

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The problem is resolved. The reason was in oxidation areas on the motherboard. I removed them using a contact cleaner and everything works as expected.

It might be due to the cold storage conditions especially in winter (I kept it near the window)

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