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Outputs stereo JM4 ¿?


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  • 9 months later...

I can see  Line 6 has not replied your question. Something has happened on other occasions when it is too obvious that they don't know how.  JM4 is a intersting piece of gear showcasing particular details out of context, and even illogical ones, it has points almost intolerable to accept, given their cost and concept behind a great idea, even its appearance seem to promises things that are not there unfortunately. the JM4 performs very well as a practicing and study tool, jamming and as pusher for musical ideas. But it is incredibly amazing in 21st century, a unit manufactured by a prestigious firm, obviates something as important as having stereo outputs, a "detail" only justified and forgived in inexpensive and smaller stomp boxes in the looper market.

While is cool that the JM4 has a separate output for the guitar, which gives a certain degree of flexibility, the absence of stereo outputs not only strongly limited it on estudio application and serious production areas, but also amputate the enjoyment of the looping experience. It is almost laughable joke in bad taste, to listen the bundled musically superb produced songs backing tracks and drum loops in MONO!  that may be fine on a Spider Jam as a standard guitar amp main concept. It follows that possibly LINE 6 wanted to take advantage of industrial scraps left behind by the Spider Jam, for more profits. And even with the high price stamp , they failed this time in the initiative to contribute as they have done with many of its innovations, with the advancement of the music industry, and enjoyment of, perhaps too loyal users and lost the opportunity to create a wonderful device. 
They are so so many JM4 users complaining about the audio quality in forums, reviews and videos online.
In the midst of some very few reviewes, including renowned artists, trying to bring out what they themselves hidden and sadly kept secret...the deep disappointment  because of the subjective bad impression that causes the hearing, lacking sense of space of sterile mono from well produced stereo music. What thought they were making?  a Mattel doll with one 8-bit speaker looped in "I'm hungry mama" ??  c'mom!!
 Worth here to note  the only information stereo audio to be transmitted in the JM4 is the reverb efx,  and monitoring from the Mp3 / CD input, which after being recorded is reproduced in... .yes, you mono track.
I do not intend to make a review now, it will come surely and plenty if details, just I want to express my personal disappointment about JM4, even my son left him forgotten prefering thousand times the applications on his Android phone, with stereo sound !!




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