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5 cable method?!!


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i was wondering if this would work (i think it should)


guitar into pod hd pro x. effects send L and R into channel A and B of tube amp. FX send from tube amp into pod FX return L/mono. then O/P of POD into FX return on the tube amp.


the reason is to use the pod as a ABY box to select the clean and dirty channels of a tube amp - but in the right part of the signal chain. I'm sortve presuming i might have to put a pan box in the chain before the FX loop to pan it to either channel A (left channel) or B(right channel)


anyone tried this? will it work?

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There is a miscommunication here.  Placing a pan in front of the FX block actually might work.  But you are not panning between channel A and channel B, just left and right signal data.  When you  set up two channels in the POD they are separate and independent and each is its own stereo path.  Its not right on A and left on B unless you specifically build the patch to do that.


Give it a shot, it can't hurt anything...

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