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Recording inputs prefader or bussing?

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is it possible to record inputs at a level and NOT have them come out of the PA at that level?  For example, I have four horns, drums, acoustic guitar and two vocals.   Can I record the whole set up but only put the vocals and guitar through the PA?   On a traditional board, you would bus them together and send them to the recorder and then turn them down in the main output but I can't find a way to do that on this board.  Any suggestions?

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Yes. I do this all the time! 


Even in rehearsals I do it.

I set two scenes, one with only vocals up  and all the other levels turned all the way down. Then another scene with a nice mix for playback.

So we rehearse one song (recording) and the simply change the scene and we all listen back to our disgrace  in a very nice studio mix style way! :P 


I can say this is the most valuable thing this mixer made for us! Always record the sounds and listen back in the rehearsal is very revealing and made all my bands sound a million times better!  

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