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Podxt Live + Cubase 5. Recording Problem : Latency

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Hi everyone.

First, i'd like to say i've been on the web for a while trying to understand my problem. 

I noticed that many people use POD device to record guitar so i think it's just a question of settings here.


Here is a decription of my recording conditions :


PODxt Live to PC by USB. Latest drivers installed.

Guitar to POD... Phones output to monitors...


Cubase 5 with 1 guitar track (or 2 panned) with Amplitube. Then a midi track with VST drums playing on it.

I usually find my drum line, jam on it. then i hit record once satisfied. I use the MONITORING (small speaker) from CUBASE to hear my guitar with effects when i'm playing. (tricky part?)

Thats because i disable the PODxt monitor from ASIO settings and i also select "Send Clean Guitar". Since i want to hear my effects from Amplitude... It also allows me to re-amp my guitar since i record it as clean...

So in other words, i use the POD as a soundcard here...


ASIO settings : Default buffer size : 512, Default bit depth : 16. USB streaming on SMALL, just one level before the EXTRA one. For some reason i can't use the EXTRA small buffer size. It actually does not work at all. No sound... 


With those settings i got in Cubase : Input Latency : 15ms, and Ouput Latency : 31 ms.

Which is a bit high to my knowledge. Isnt it ?

Used to get less than 10ms on other audio interfaces. Was getting "crunchy crunchy" around 5 - 8 ms.


In Cubase i also tried to play with the latency compensation option. With that option you can change the number of samples to compensate the delay (that's what i understand of it). But it's...not really accurate.


I'm not even mentionning the details about  my PC specs... over 16GB RAM and i7

But i can tell it's running under Windows 8. But i think all drivers are working like a charm.


Do you guys have an idea how to fix this ?


Or enlight me about my mistakes when i use the cubase monitoring. I can feel there is something about that...


Thanks a lot





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I would forget about trying to monitoring any VST effects on the guitar are recording in real-time.


The "monitoring" form Cubase is what is causing the issue.

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All right. So it confirms my doubt about it...


Is there an alternative so that i can hear my "after VST" guitar as i record ?


I'm sorry it's a bit out of subject since it's not talking about Line 6 products now...

But well, i'm bit surprise by my latency. Do you guys have those values ?


Last time i tried something different : i used the POD monitoring and i recorded the "processed guitar sound".

My tempo/rythm reference was my drum line (VST instrument).

And once again, i could feel a little delay in the mix...


I don't know if it's correct, but if my output latency is 30 ms, then the sound of my VST drums is delayed by 30ms.

Then if my input latency is 15ms, the sound from my guitar will take 15ms to "get in the mix". If i play on the drum i hear out of my monitor it means it's all shifted by... 30 + 15 ms ? ...


Oh man... that gives me headache !!! why it's so complicated !!!


If you guys think i should change something in my recording pattern to fix this easily. I'm listening.



EDIT : how do you guys actually record your guitar with a backtrack / VST instrument then ?

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All right. Actually i fixed it.


I will just write solution here if some people are stupid as i was ! hehe


I said in my first post :  ASIO settings : Default buffer size : 512, Default bit depth : 16   --> Latency (input/output) :  15 / 31 ms.

I could not change the SLIDER for some unknown reason (not working, no sound)


But i did not try to change buffer SIZE !!! (and i know the smaller it is the faster is the signal...)...


So now... ASIO settings : Default buffer size : 128 , Default bit depth : 16  --> Latency (input/output) : 7 / 14 ms !!!

Ain't no crunchy bad sounds, looks clean. Did not try higher bit depth though. i suppose it will get slower if i put i set it too high. Won't make bit change anyway... prefer no latency !


And that actually CHANGES everything !!!! Even with Cubase monitoring the latency is gone (cannot feel it, at least hehe)


Hourraaa can rock-record now !!!


Thanks for help anyway.

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Glad you got something workable, everybody's system is different even if the pc specs seem to be thge same.


I'm sure you already know, but just in case, if you have VST effects on tracks already recorded, you can monitor them with the PODxt ASIO without engaging Cubase monitoring and should not introduce latency.


And if you do run into problems down the road, you could monitor with the PODxt and dial in a tone close to what you want but only capture the dry, and then add your VST post processing.

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Good trick Triryche, thanks. 

Recording dry and monitoring with PODxt (which has 0 latency i suppose)...then applying VST effect to the guitar track ...


i will make more test with/without using Cubase monitoring. Seems to be good now with low latency but i will compare with the two methods. 


I did not expect the PODxt to have good latency like this. It's really fast ! 

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