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Two guitars G55 or G90


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I'm doing some change in my setup and want to use two transmitters and one receiver for a 2 guitar setup. 


I have seen that the G90 have an A/B function so it easily can change between two channels. The G55 does not have A/B but it has a channel select knob, so it is very easy to change channel.


Is there any technical difference between the G90s A/B function and selecting channels with the knob on the G55? Is the A/B function faster than a regular channel change? Do the G90 need to "lock" the transmitter when you use the A/B or is it just a user-friendly way to change channel?

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The receiver has to lock to the transmitter in either case. But the time it takes is about a second or two, so if you change the channel, put down the first guitar then pickup the second it will be ready to go when you are. 


The most important difference between the G90 and G55 is the G90's ability to support 4 antennas.

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Thanks for putting this question out there.  I thought I might have to buy another G55.  If i can use a second transmitter and simply change the channel that saves me from having to haul more weight and keep the sound simpler.


Were you able to get this to work?  And was there an issue with the sound mix - audio adjustment?.

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