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Master Class

Do you want to deepen your tone creation skills? Have you ever wanted to be able to hear a guitar track and know exactly how the tone was created? Or understand how to leverage the latest guitar technology to create your own authentic guitar tone?

At Line 6, we’ve been studying great guitar tone for the past 20 years. And now, we’re excited to host a special event for guitarists who want to learn about the history of great tone and create their own unique sound.

The Line 6 Tone Master Class is a special one-day event that will be held on Thursday, August 25th at the Line 6 headquarters in Calabasas, CA. Line 6 tone specialists and special guest guitarists will discuss the history of iconic guitar tones and lead hands-on exercises with the Helix™ guitar processor that will help guitarists understand the gear, secrets and techniques that go into creating great guitar tone.

Space is extremely limited at this special event—register now to reserve your spot.


This all-day master class will be broken up into three separate sections, with different instructors and exercises for each topic–and each participant using Helix at their learning station.

Section One will cover the roots and basics of tone building, and guitarists will learn about different types of amps and basic categories of effects.
Section Two will take a deep dive into modeled tones, and guitarists will learn how to pair amps, cabs, and microphones to achieve clean and distorted tones.
Section Three will tie the entire class together, and guitarists will bend and shape tones to their will, allowing them to find their own unique sound.


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Andy Paredes

Andy has been a working musician for over 20 years and has worked in multiple facets of the music industry, including live performance, teaching, and concert production. He has performed both as a guitarist and keyboardist with numerous musical acts, most recently with the group Redemption (Metal Blade records). With over a decade of experience as a music educator, Andy has provided instruction for high school and university level students, as well as giving private lessons. Andy’s concert production background includes sound, lighting and backline for hundreds of touring musical acts.

Andy has been with Line 6 since 2007 and has worked as a media creator and tone-writer for numerous Line 6 products. Andy is the Lead Product Specialist, demonstrating the wide variety of innovative Line 6 products for audiences in the United States, Canada, Japan, China and Australia. Andy holds a Bachelor of Science in Music degree from the University of Wisconsin. Follow @line6aparedes to see where he’s presenting and watch his latest video tutorials.

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Ben Adrian

Ben has been a technical gear nerd since his teenage years in early ‘90s. Following a short stint in the tech world after college, he has spent the last 15 years in many technical audio positions. Some of these jobs include the following; small studio owner, audio engineer, mastering engineer, amp repairman, effect pedal designer and builder, and finally a position as sound designer and amp modeler at Line 6 since 2011.

Ben has moved quickly at Line 6, having co-designed a new amp modeling procedure. This led to the re-modeling of Line 6’s amp collection for Helix. In his spare time he brews fine espresso and plays in a variety of weird and fiercely independent bands.

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Paul Hindmarsh

Paul Hindmarsh is a pro guitarist and musician based in the North East of England. Currently working as Line 6 Product Demonstrator and clinician, Paul also teaches guitar and regularly gigs and records with several bands and musical projects, including the Newcastle-based band 300ft Gorilla. Previous roles include an extensive time working in and managing large stores for a major UK Music retail chain. This gives Paul a large knowledge base on a wide range of products past and present, and the ability and experience to know what will suit most musicians and their budget.

A keen recording musician both in pro studios and at home also brings a lot of experience about most modern recording and video applications. Paul also records a lot of the official Line 6 YouTube videos from his home studio. Paul’s time with Line 6 has included product demos all around the world, including Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Ireland, France, South Africa and extensively in the UK. He is also one of the lead Line 6 demonstrators at NAMM show in L.A.

Nick Bell

Nick is an accomplished and studied guitar player who started his performing and recording gigs within the Los Angeles music circuit before the age of 18. Nick’s foundation in the Classical/Flamenco style have translated to Nick’s technical abilities in Rock guitar, where he looks to Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen for inspiration.

Nick joined Line 6 as a Product Specialist in 2010 and greatly enjoys talking with people who share his passion about guitar playing and equipment. Nick travels extensively through the Western US connecting with customers and Line 6 partners doing product demonstrations, user-clinics, and training on innovative Line 6 products.

Nick lives in Southern California and has studied Flamenco Guitar under Ted McKown. Check out a video of Nick's playing as he builds his sound using a Helix Guitar Processor, his guitar, and his bare hands!

Victor Moncebaiz

Victor has been completely engulfed in all things guitar since 1997. As a trained luthier, an experienced guitar tech, and a studied guitar teacher, he has worked to help people find their voice in music for over a decade. As a Line 6 Product Specialist, Victor travels throughout the Eastern United States, connecting with the music community about guitars, gear, and music. He can be found at a number of in-store clinics, Line 6 on-line forums, and tradeshows throughout the year.

Victor lives outside of Boston and holds a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music. Here's a video of Victor building guitar tones on a Helix Guitar Processor, playing some chunky drop-B tuning, and paying respects to all things ice cream–all at the same time!

Tony Camponovo

As a freelance guitarist in the Dallas/Fort Worth gigging scene, Tony has been called upon to perform diverse musical styles including rock, jazz, country, blues and Top-40 pop charts with dozens of bands, including his own instrumental fusion trio “Super-Collider.” As a Line 6 Product Specialist, Tony brings nearly a decade of teaching experience where he can masterfully explain introductory musical concepts for beginning guitarists, as well as break down advanced guitar tone and technique for more experienced players.

Tony has a Bachelor’s degree in guitar performance jazz studies from the prestigious University of North Texas music program. Watch a video of Tony building deep tonal textures on a Helix Guitar Processor as he zips through odd meter with his fusion quartet.

Space is extremely limited at this special event—register now to reserve your spot.