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Tone Name Human Abstract
Created with PODxt Live
Author sdoran
A.J. Minette Dean Herrera
Crossing the Rubicon
The Human Abstract
Amp MS-Brit Silver
Metalcore Mathcore Technical Metal
Tone Summary Enough Overdrive to give a nice thick sound while providing a nice smooth tone on the high frets that comes out in the mix, especially for high speed sweeps, tapping, and straight up soloing. (There's tons more info if you scroll down) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to read all of this, I suggest clicking inside the Notes box, press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C, open up Notepad or Word, then pasting it so it's way easier to read. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As always, tweak this tone as much as you can to get it to sound perfect. This tone only to be a very good guide to getting the sound you want. So unless you're using my exact setup, which would be very weird, expect to tweak somethings! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Band The Human Abstract ( httpwww.myspace.comthehumanabstract ) Album Nocturne (Hopeless Records 2006) Guitarists A.J. Minette Dean Herrera Genre Metalcore Mathcore Technical Metal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I tried to get it pretty close to the recording and what I head from their live sound, both of which are amazing. It's meant for more of the distorted and overdriven parts, but it's able to produce a nice similar clean sound as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guitar Used A stock Gibson Les Paul Studio with a modified bone nut Pickups Humbuckers Amp Used Vox AD50VT (Boutique Clean- EQ Flat with Max Volume) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tone Correction Combo Front- Lows -19 Focus 800 Hz Highs -21 Compression Evens stuff out enough, but not too much. Modify to your heart's content. Gate I have it high because I can get sloppy up high on the neck. Put it low if you don't need it, but I don't suggest getting rid of it since it'll sorta buzz due to the overdrive. EQ Good for more mid -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Neck Pickup Solos Leads Adds Umph to the Chugga, but to much for me Middle Pickup Good for Chugging Pretty nice for Solos Leads Bridge Pickup Add more Treble to Solos Leads Good for when you aren't Chugging along or doing some crazy solo, you know, those other parts... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you turn the Stomp (FX- Killer Z) off, and roll back the volume on your guitar, you can get a clean sound that is close to their's as well. I find that using the Bridge Pickup for this helps it sound better. For kicks, you could but on the Mod (Sine Chorus) and give some more glow and body to it. Also, you can turn on the EQ to give more of a boost during the solos. If you want, you should save this in one tone slot, and then save this with the EQ on in another one so you can be fancy and switch to give your solos more kick when you want, and then switch back for more Chugga Chugga. Just an idea. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Line 6 Equipment Used PodXT Live Crafted By Mailman Frank (April 3, 2007- Tuesday)
Date 4/2/07
Downloads 1598
PODxt Live

Human Abstract

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