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TONE NAME: 2money solo3

  • Created with: POD HD500
  • Author:
  • Song:
  • Band:
    Pink Floyd
  • Guitarist:
    David Gilmour
  • Amp:
    Hiway 100
  • Style:
    Classic rock
  • Date: 6/25/14
  • Downloads: 2603
  • Addons:

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  • Comments:
    This ***STEREO*** patch is for the solo parts of the song “Money”, from the DSOTM Pink Floyd monumental album (released in March 1973) . It is expected to be played with a v2.10 JTV Spank pos 1 with the tone knob set at 100%, connected through VDI to a v2.31 HD500, XLR'ed direct to PA (2 channels). Set input1=variax, input2=aux. Gilmour’s guitar solo on “Money” is made up of three parts with distinct production techniques. The first part David double-tracked manually (two performances). He used his Strato bridge pickup into a Hi-Watt amp with Fuzz Face and echo. In contrast to the massive delay and reverb of the first part, the second section of the solo is completely dry (Fuzz Face only), with the effects kicking back in on the walkdown leading to the third part. Gilmour played the third part on a Bill Lewis Custom 24-frets guitar so he could hit some high notes that were out of reach on his Strat. This part was automatically double tracked with an analog tape delay. This dual path ***STEREO*** patch emulates the first and second part, with the Classic Distortion positioned pre-split: on path A it employs the Highway 100 amp, while on path B it just feeds the JTV spank sound via a Tube Comp with a 40 ms delay to simulate Gilmour's double tracking technique. Differential levelling is applied in the mixer, to compensate for varying volume levels of each channel. On the second part, with the delays and reverbs deactivated, there is a deliberate level unbalance between the two channels. For the second solo part, press FS2 to deactivate the two delays and the 63'Spring reverb. Enjoy ! See actual live performance on this link:

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