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    I've seen some effects on customtone that have a "freeze" effect in them, and it seems to work OK, but the best way (in my opinion) would be to throw the EHX freeze pedal into one of your efx loops and put it at the end of the chain.
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    So you took a heavily distorted preset from the Stomp and you are adjusting all your pedals to that? I wouldn't expect that to sound very good... no matter what I tried! IMO, that is completely backwards to how I would try and work the stomp into an existing pedal board. If you like the stuff you have.... integrate the stomp as an additional piece, not as the center piece... and certainly not as a center piece using a stock preset!
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    Seriously doubt it will ever happen but it would be great if Line6's next generation of Variax's(even better if it could be done on any of the existing models) included six separate output channels so that the Variax can be used not only for its current guitar/pickup modeling but also for polyphonic processing on a guitar synth. Never understood why this wasn't done years ago. Even if the Variax could provide hex output unless they include an option to bypass the string recognition a six-stream output probably won't work on a device like the Helix anyway. I would presume that if/when they do add polyphonic processing to HX firmware it will be designed to handle only a single-stream output from the guitar. I suppose now that there are devices like the SY-1000 there isn't as much need for hex processing but hex separated outputs still reportedly track better. Roland themselves recommend using the GK input on the SY-1000 for superior tracking. It seems to me allowing the Variax to provide six-stream output would be a great way to get some added functionality out of the hex pickup. Technical barrier? I have a couple of guitar synths laying around I would love to use with my Variax :-) Anyway, if we continue to see the evolution of the ability to essentially do "single-stream" polyphonic processing through pitch detection or whatever method(s) the SY-1000 uses rather than six separate output streams I suppose the demand for hex pickup processing will diminish, probably already has, dramatically. Not sure how single-stream polyphonic processing differentiates between two strings with the same note played on them. By timbre?
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    I've seen the freeze in action ,but i don't think there's a way to achieve that . The drones in the Helix work really well for that type of thing, you can even change key.
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    I'm mixing my IRs since a long time already, just using what my DAW has on offer. Works a treat. Whenever I find a nice blend, I consolidate things into one single IR.
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    @datacommando, I didn't take your comments the wrong way at all. I totally get it. Anytime I listen to new music I often find myself thinking "that part reminds me of something" ... and sometimes its just little things, even the mix or effects or vibe. Absolutely no offense taken, and as I said I really like Nilsson! His music has stood the test of time and he puts me in a good mood. Interesting that one of his songs from Nilsson Schmilsson was featured in a recent popular TV show (Russian Doll), so he's getting some new royalty payments I think.
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    They're not really new footswitch layouts or modes. They're new commands that will be added to the Command Center, so the commands you assign to footswitches will show up in Stomp Mode (as all commands do now). There will be Preset, Snapshot and Looper commands. With the Preset commands, you can assign any preset to any footswitch. Or you can assign the Preset Up or Preset Down command to any footswitch. With the Snapshot commands, you'll be able to assign any snapshot to a footswitch in Stomp Mode, or the Snapshot Up or Snapshot Down. Additionally, you can have different snapshots assigned to the Press and Release functions of a footswitch. So you could program FS3, for instance, to go to Snapshot 4 while you're holding it down and then go to Snapshot 1 when you release it. So, it can kind of be a monentary snapshot if you want. Then finally, you'll be able to assign Looper functions to footswitches in Stomp Mode. Again, there will be separate Press and Release functions... So you can start recording with pressing a footswitch and then stop recording when you release it.
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