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    Just a heads-up, somebody here had the 80 ohm version of those recently and complained about poor sound quality out of the Helix (full size, not Stomp). I looked it up, and with the 12 ohm output impedance of the Helix, you ideally want headphones with an impedance of ~100ohm or greater. *If* the Stomp has the same output impedance as the full size Helix, then the same would apply to it, meaning you’d probably be better off with the 250 ohm version of the DT-990s rather than the 80 ohm. I looked all over to try to find the output impedance of the HX Stomp headphone out, but it doesn’t look like Line 6 published it anywhere, unfortunately. Also, people usually assume that higher impedance headphones will be quieter than lower impedance ones, but that is not always the case. A headphone output that has high impedance can actually be quieter with low-impedance headphones. I’ve seen several posts of people with the HX Stomp complaining they have to turn it all the way up with their 80 or 32 ohm headphones, and I suspect that might mean it has the same 12-ohm output impedance as the full size unit.
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    This worked, thank you! And also, thank everyone else. I now understand what ASIO is for (mostly, reduced latency) and why a proper DAW can do a better job of routing and mixing the audio streams.
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    I think you were spot on here. Had to look up TRS - had no clue :-) My headphones are Bose QuietComfort 15, the original, and it seems they are TRRS, if I understand the terms correctly. The adapter seems to be TRS, though. I am looking to get a pair of beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro and assume they will include the correct adapter. Thanks!
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    Check to make sure your adapter and headphones are TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) only. If either the adapter or headphones have an extra ring for microphone output (very common on modern in-ear headphones for phone use), that can cause issues. On that same note, make sure both your headphones and adapter are stereo plugs. Again, should have three metal sections, the tip, ring, and sleeve.
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    FWIW, it could be that the IR's are not the right size. For instance I have a note in my studio for The powercab +'s that say the IR's need to be 48K, 24-bit, mono, and 2048 samples.
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    Sounds like your computer can't handle the ASIO settings. Assuming that you've got at least an i5 with 8gb, try 48k/128spls. Also, if you're using a desktop, use the USB ports in the back, not the front. If it's a laptop, try the USB ports on the other side. Try different USB cables too.
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    After the whole tuner debate (and subsequent update), I'd be floored if they weren't granular enough. But in saying all that, the most granular of meters will never be able to account for room acoustics. Meters will get you in the ballpark, but it is your ears that will make the final decisions. I can't believe how far Helix has come since I jumped on the wagon at 1.06.5....for you newer peeps, that's before snapshots were a thing. I was completely happy with the modeler I bought back then. But then, Line 6 continues to keep rolling out awesome and meaningful updates, for free, 4 years later. It's a great time to be alive.
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