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    Thanks datacommando. I did come across that thread but must have glossed over Digital Igloo's comments. I did read a comment early in my research, possibly here or somewhere else, that the 250 ohm works better for Helix but couldn't find out where I read it so was unable to revisit the comment. All other commentary on the two was either what people personally own either version but not both or in the context of general usage. I'll take a read of the thread you posted. Had a quick skim and it looks an interesting read. Thanks
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    I thought this question had been answered on here previously, but it still keeps on cropping up. For what should be the definitive reply to this, I will refer you to the comment posted by Digital Igloo (Eric Klein - Line 6 Chief Product Designer) in this old thread. Plus here is an article which specifically mentions the 3 different impedances of the DT770 headphones. https://www.headphonesty.com/2019/04/headphone-impedance-demystified/ Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    Yes they can. But I imagine they're looking for a price discount, even though it's software. Perhaps it's a bit scratched and scuffed from all that transporting here and there?
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    I think this video might be helpful. Rhett describes in detail how he dials in amps. Later in it he demonstrates matching an amp for different guitars:
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    Personally, I have a gain block as the very first thing in my chain. I do then create my patches with my main guitar(s), in general that's 2 medium output guitars. When using other guitars with noticeably different output, I usually adjust the gain block so the gain staging is at least sort of identical. Very often, this allows me to use the same patches with all sorts of guitars, just that sometimes I may want to take advance of whatever characteristics and hence manipulate amp settings and the likes. For recording duties, I have a bunch of patches tailored for individual guitars, but they're not much.
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