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    I discovered something interesting as I was meddling with one of my older presets using 3.1. I had to raise the key for the singer so I ended up using the Poly Capo to go from the key of G to A. I've had a fair amount of success with the Poly Capo placing it before the amp, but it still exhibits some very slight artifacts. Nothing that would probably be noticed by the audience, but I can hear it on certain things. I decided to place the Retro Reel in front of the Poly Capo originally just to thicken things up since I was using a Strat. After a bit of tweaking it pretty much got rid of any of the residual artifacts I'd been hearing and gave the key change a much more natural sound. Just thought I'd pass that along....
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    Im a fanboy, I shall fight the battle!
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    Hi, Two things leap out of your post. I want to buy a Powercab or possibly two. Forgot to mention that I don’t gig anymore. If you’re not playing live, why do you want to buy a couple of PowerCabs, when you already have a pair of Bose PA cabs? What you described, appears to require something more like a home studio setup rather than a live rig. You have a 12’ x 14” room, and if you are wanting to hear full range audio including vocals and backing tracks, you really would be better off investing in some quality powered studio monitors that are designed for exactly those purposes. A pair of powered Yamaha HS7 near field monitors would cost less than one of your SR1 or a PowerCab 112. Hook up a pair of those to your computer and a free DAW and away you go. You would have good stereo separation and audio definition. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    Well, it depends. Anyway I also like a little reverb to avoid a very dry sound, but just a little to avoid a muddy sounding guitar. I'd also suggest to use very narrow frequency cuts, for example using almost the maximum low cut (about 400-500Hz) because you don't need lows in the reverb, and about 1.5/2kHz as high cut. About mix you could try between 15-25%. If you use 50% it means you're using the maximum reverb level, and more than 50% it means you're cutting the dry tone keeping only the reverbered sound. Adding reverb to a sound means also changing a little the frequency curve of your sound (because reverb will always add/remove some amplitude somewhere) and hiding a little the attack or transient of your sound. About the attack anyway you can get a little help if you use the "pre-delay" option with some 20-30 ms, so that the reverb will start later, leaving more time for your mind to hear the transients of your notes. With the "reverb" block effect (and many other fx, too) it isn't necessary to use a parallel line because the "mix" parameter will do just that, keeping some dry tone directly and adding some effected sound. A separate parallel reverb line can be anyway interesting if you want to add other effects to the reverb sound only (for example a compressor before reverb, and some delay and modulation after the reverb fx). In that case the "reverb" block will need 100% mix, because you will control the dry tone level from the splitting and mixing blocks.
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    Just to be sure, have you tried downloading, installing, and then running the latest version of the Line6 Updater manually while the screen shows the boot failure message? If you have and it is not working can you describe what is happening. Also, have you tried swapping USB ports, USB cable, and even trying the update on another computer if you have one available? Btw, if you have an SD card inserted in your computer make sure to eject it, reboot and run through the recommended steps. If none of this works I would open a ticket with Line6.
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    Because sometimes drivers get corrupted and need to be reinstalled. Access to this individual file is not required unless under special circumstances.
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    Thanks guys, I guess I did not see that and I should do a better job of reading...
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    Wow, that was a masterpeace in troubleshooting. No wondering we feel safe to own Line6 gear with this knowledge, ability to cooperate and solve the most stranges behaviors in our gear in this forum. Hats off for this performance, so impressive... //Per
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    I don't think Silverhead's guess is that uneducated. It certainly makes sense to me. Given the core circuits of each variation require their own unique models, and that it's probably not all that likely that someone would use all three of those variations in one preset, you would still be able to switch between two using snapshots but would still have a significant DSP savings over a single model with all three variations. The savings would be even greater if you only used one model in a preset which is the most likely scenario.
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    Same problem here - used to work fine until couple of days back I got this no internet access issue. This has ben going on for others for a while now and I am surprised support ppl from L6 did not come with any fix/walktrhu/walk-around. for what its worth, when debugging these errors are thrown every 2-3 secs: Exception thrown at 0x74D246D2 (KernelBase.dll) in Spider V Remote.exe: 0xE0434352 (parameters: 0x80131509, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x70020000). VS C++ trick did not work for me. any help appreciated. cheers
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    You can set up a loop as you want it, rename it and save it as a favourite. Then it's easy to drop it into all your presets, but only one at a time as @phil_m said.
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    In addition to what rd2rk says, you must have the latest firmware on both the Helix and Powercab for the L6 link to work - it doesn't work below specific firmware versions. Don't assume they ship with the latest firmware versions. The other thing, the Powercab display doesn't change when using the L6 Link, but that doesn't mean nothing happens. The coloured ring on the controls does change colour, to indicate a speaker change.
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    Check this rig rundown out: https://youtu.be/zVqaFU3y-Jo?t=681
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    This is a well documented and reported bug and is supposed to be fixed in the upcoming 3.1.0 firmware update. Btw, there is a topic pinned towards the top of the forum specifically for bugs where you can report these in the future. If it turns out to be a confirmed bug you may want to open a ticket with Line6 afterwards as they are much more likely to address it that way.
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    Are you using custom tunings on the Variax guitar just with Workbench and incorporating the tunings into the Variax model, or are you using custom tunings with a Line 6 device (e.g. Helix) that supports custom tuning per preset? If the former, make sure the Tuning knob on your Variax guitar is set to Model allowing the individual Variax model’s custom tuning to be active. Your symptom would be explained if the Variax tuning knob is set to 1/2 Down. If the latter, three possible reasons come to mind. There may be others. 1. The Variax setting in the Input block of your Helix presets may have been set to Global at a time when the active Variax settings forced a 1/2 step down custom tuning. Change the Variax Setting parameter to ‘Per Preset’. 2. A specific preset may have used the Custom Tuning feature to force the 1/2 step down tuning, and all subsequent presets you tested use the Don’t Force setting for the Custom Tuning parameter. Try switching to a preset that forces a standard tuning. If that resolves the issue you will have to edit all affected presets. 3. Your Variax guitar’s physical tuning knob is set to Model and the active model incorporates the 1/2 step down tuning. Change the Variax tuning knob to Standard or use Workbench HD to change the tuning to Standard and use Helix presets to control the tuning.
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    I have seen a ridiculous number of people on the Facebook groups and here complain that they got the notification in HXEdit that 3.1 is out, and followed the prompts from HXEdit to upgrade and then couldn't see the the new models because their HXEdit didn't update. I stand by my original recommendations. Download and Install the newest version HXEdit first. Once you have it installed, you can use HXEdit to update if you want. It is nice that the update process from HXEdit prompts you to do the backup and gives the instructions, but this is really no better in my opinion than just doing it the original way. I've see way too many confused people because they end up with a Helix with the latest firmware, but HXEdit is not updated. Happy updating everyone!
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    I hear no difference, but man, I like that '64 ES-345!!!
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    Since you are only using one speaker you have no concern about stereo except to make sure that your 1/4” TS cable carries the full stereo signal summed to mono. The L/MONO Stomp output does that so you’re fine. Just make sure you match the Stomp output level to the speaker’s expected input level. (See the Stomp Global Settings. The Output level can be set to Instrument or Line. Your speaker documentation will tell you which to use.) I don’t imagine the 1/8” to Aux option would be any better.
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    Are you a solo performer or do you play in a group/band? If the latter you may have a rehearsal space where you play at gig volume. Try using some of that rehearsal time to work on your live tones with the band. One technique is to record the band with a mix that excludes your guitar parts. Use that mix at home with headphones and craft your tones to blend with that mix to your taste. The headphones will colour the recording as well as your guitar similarly, so when you go live without the headphones your guitar is still likely to mix well with the band. If you’re a solo performer it’s a tough situation. The best way to hear what you sound like at gig volumes is, well, to play at gig volumes. The next best way, imho, is to use good headphones. But the stage sound will inevitably be different. There’s also an important factor that you don’t mention: the difference between the ‘amp in the room’ sound and the sound of a modeler like Helix. I suggest you do some research on that (lots of threads here). Are you most interested in the sound you hear on stage or the sound the audience hears through a PA?
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    So I turn off Power then Restart while holding the 2 Middle Button Foot Switches then Restore using my latest backup from HX edit ?
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    I would seriously doubt it, probably due to the fact that the Line 6 Installer/HX Edit detects what hardware is connected. The flash memory package size appears to be the same for each product as individual downloads, but as the hardware will have some sort of I.D. that is recognised by the installer, it’s not going to happen. If it was possible, I think that Line 6 would have pointed that out as a feature. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    This is just my two cents, and perhaps I'm a bit cynical...but I don't care what they told him, or if they provided a written attestation, complete with the official wax seal of the High Exalted Mystic Cyclops of Wireless Repair...No business on earth is gonna pay somebody to sit in a chair and noodle for 12 hours to see how long it takes a battery to die. Say that out loud and try not to laugh, lol... I'm having trouble typing through the tears...obviously there's no way to confirm or deny it, but if there were I'd be comfortable betting every cent I have that it did not happen, lol.
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    No crackling vinyl yet on Helix... I'm using Time Machine to do that stuff.. :P
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    "It doesn't work right" doesn't mean anything to anybody but you. What is it SUPPOSED to do? What EXACTLY, does it do? What is your hardware configuration? Amp, etc.? For BEST results, attach the preset to your reply to the above questions so we can see what's happening in your configuration.
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    By "FireWire" I assume you meant you upgraded to the latest "firmware". This will reset the global settings to their defaults. My guess would be something in your global settings has changed, perhaps output levels. With that said importing someone else's presets also usually involves some tweaking to get levels, EQ, and other details of the preset's settings working ideally with your rig, even if you haven't changed any of your global settings.
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    HonestOpinion - thanks very much! I've had the Helix for about 18 months now, and still getting to realise how much depth there is to this beast! Absolutely loving it! :)
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    I can't count more than 10 as I then run out of fingers!
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    If you're monitoring through software monitoring in Logic, and you have certain plugins added to the track or the master track, you could be getting a lot of latency through the plugins. Try using Logic's low latency mode and see if that helps.
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    Why didnt you buy a regular stomp instead XL, and a controller with swicthes you like? Sigh...
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    If you have only a cable plugged into the left output jack, the signal will automatically be summed to mono.
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    Do you have global settings 'Footswitches' --> 'Stomp Select' = "Touch"? Touching and holding(NOT pressing) two snapshot switches will offer to swap the snapshots whereas a two-switch touch and release will offer to copy from one to the other. Tip: If done shortly after the first, a second touch and release will offer to copy the snapshot in the opposite direction(e.g. SS2 --> SS1 instead of SS1-->SS2) .
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    Thank you all for your informative replies. PierM, Thank YOU for making me aware of that function. I had never seen it before and probably would not have understood what it did even if I had. I set Snapshot Bypass to Off for the Poly Sustain block and now it works the way I had hoped. Again, thanks to all who responded so quickly. Bob
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    If plugging your guitar into the L/Mono input works, but plugging your KP into the same input does not, then the problem is the KP or the cable, not the HXS.
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    If you are using the expression pedal toe switch to alternate between wah and pitch wham for example it sounds to me like you may need either a second pitch block detuned a half step that becomes active when you switch to the wah. Or, I suppose, depending on how you were using the pitch wham you could clear the bypass assignment for the pitch wham so it stays active when switching to wah. Or you could get a Variax :-)
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    Can you record the noise you're talking about? That might provide us a clue.
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    Whenever digital doohickeys start doing weird lollipop, the first place to start is with a factory reset. I'm not sure which buttons to hold during reboot, for the regular Stomp it's 2+3. Next, make sure you're running the latest FW (v3.01). If not, start by installing HX Edit v3.01. Follow the instructions to install the FW using HX EDIT, NOT the installer. Come back if there's still a problem.
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    Thanks for sharing. Sorry. I didn't even think about looking for a video on YouTube. My bad.
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    They are all pricey unless you go with a pedal type power amp. Electro Harmonix just released the Howitzer which is considerably cheaper if you are just a bedroom player. They have a few other models as well. I've only watched the demo and I'm a beginner so I can't say if it sounds good/bad or colors the sound too much.
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    Helix Floor manual - https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a4112b165fb6a3fe41663/application/pdf/Helix 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev E - English .pdf From page 9 - "18. EXT AMP 1/2 Connect to your traditional guitar amp to switch its channels or turn its reverb on and off. Use a TRS cable for dual operation (1=tip, 2=ring)." In order to switch two amps, you need a TRS to dual TS splitter.
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    Yeah, manuals are always the last... :) I'm sure there are many limits imposed, and maybe not possible at all the opposite direction - but the scenario in this thread (HX Effects to LT) seems to work fine. Just for reference, I did not drag and drop. I clicked IMPORT in both Native and in HX Edit > LT.
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    Though mostly tongue in cheek, my point was this: There is no "right" or "wrong" with this stuff... and if I've learned nothing else from years of playing with modelers, it's that what works for you, may or may not for me, and that doesn't make either of us deaf, stupid, or crazy. And fixating on some theoretically "correct" or "optimal" combination of settings is the quickest path to utter failure... which is why commercially sold patches that claim to make you sound like Eddie, Metallica, or SRV are a fantasy, and Customtone is a wasteland of sounds you wouldn't use with a gun to your head... but I digress. You're missing the forest for the trees, if you will. Trust your ears... they're the best tool you have. The rest is tedious grunt work until you hit on a formula that allows you to squeeze the sound you've got in your head out of whatever gear you have. And sometimes gear has to go...I've forgotten half of the stuff I've played through over the years. In the end it's all entirely subjective assessments of what something sounds like. You either like it or you don't... and the only reliable way to turn a sound you don't like into one that motivates you to play, is to turn knobs until you find your secret sauce. Just because something seems like it should work, doesn't mean that it will. Personally, I've done the 4CM thing, and I'm not a huge fan either... because no matter what you do, the inherent characteristics of the power amp (or power section of the head, combo, whatever) and the cabinet will color anything you pump into it. Imho, this defeats the purpose of having a modeler in the first place. The whole allure for me is the realistic representation of lots of very different amps... if I want the sound of a Plexi with greenbacks, it wouldn't do me much good to amplify a Plexi model with a real-world Boogie or a Fender Twin... you can't "un-Boogie" a Mesa Mark V. Ymmv...
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    check under global settings -> footswitches you can set fs3 to all bypass if you're not using an external footswitch. fs4 defaults to it it you are...
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    1/4" TRS to Dual TS - Tip (L) to KC, KC back to L/Mono Return, Ring (R) to SD. OR TS from SEND to KC, TS back to L/Mono Return SPLIT PAN A = Left 100; PAN B = Right 100 MIXER PAN A = Left 100; PAN B = Right 100 OUTPUT = CENTER L/Mono Out to Bad Cat R Out to SD I'm away from home, so I can't really test the second method except with headphones, but it seems to work. NOTE - there'll be a slight delay on the right (delay/reverb to SD) due to the additional da/ad conversion at the Loop. This should just serve to "fatten" up the sound, but the further apart the amps are, the more pronounced it might be. If it bothers you, using a delay on Path A before the MIXER as I did on the attached method 2 demo might fix it. Smudge mod1.hlx
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    You need to understand what HD500X is and what it isn't... Its strong side is that for $230-250 used, you get a versatile unit, that is full of functionality and can do anything you throw at it. Two guitars at the same time? Guitar + Mic? Guitar + Bass? Two signal paths? Blending two amps? Looper? FX loop? Recording through USB? 8 footswitches? Professional back panel full of various outputs/inputs? Using only pre-amps with a real power amp and a cab? The list goes on and on... and HD500X has it all. In terms of functionality it's very close to Helix. Its biggest flaw? It's not a "plug your guitar and play" unit at all. It demands a lot of tweaking to get a good tone. This tweaking can sometimes take away your inspiration to play. You will need to spend a lot of time learning this unit when you get it. Weeks. The tones are there, but you need to tweak with EQ blocks (usually you will need two of them, so two blocks less to use for effects right away). If you don't have a good ear for tweaking or you don't know exactly the tone characteristics you want, you might end up disappointed. Meanwhile, units like Yamaha THR10, Spark, Boss Katana Air, Vox Adio, Zoom modelers - they mostly sound good right away, with some minimal tweaking needed. But they are not versatile. They are bedroom practice amps, not tools for pro musician. Plug your guitar and play. Another flaw is that it doesn't have IR loading like new units have To simplify, IRs are like "instant EQ" blocks. You can remedy this HD500X flaw by using it with a real power-amp and real cab, utilizing only its pre-amps. Or buying external IR loader like Mooer Radar. But this option adds costs and get's your budget really close to newer, more powerful units like Zoom G6 or Mooer / Ampero etc, with IR's already built into them. You can get them with new with warranty. Another HD500X flaw is it's potential instability on modern Windows 10 machines. Anyway, if you want "plug and play", don't buy HD500X. Tweaking is fun when you want to tweak, not when you need to tweak.
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    I agree. The Helix is a significant monetary investment and you're not going to get your money's worth by using that amp. Even your ME-80 is more powerful than your amp is capable of really doing justice. I'd upgrade your amp first. If you want to go fully down the modeling route, consider an FRFR like @HonestOpinion said, or a Powercab, which has built-in speaker modeling (different than cab/mic modeling) as well as being an FRFR. Once you have an appropriate amplification system, then you'll get more bang for your buck in buying a Helix.
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    Same problem here, I saw this on internet, I don't know if it works, I don't prove it yet, but... The problem is with the piezo pickups and is very easy to fix. The plinky sound, especially, but not limited to palm muting, comes from the way the string "pings" against the piezo. What you need to do is change your strings, but on the new set, put a piece of duct tape or gaphers tape about .5" long about .25" from the ball end of the new string. This will deaden the string against the piezo and completely eliminates that "plinky" sound you are hearing. I sent my Variax back to Line 6 twice before discovering this amazing fix. IT WORKS!!!!!
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    What if having Native makes owning a Helix more desirable? It might be advantageous if Native was more accessible cost wise. That and Native updates aim to make it more intergratable with Helix. It might not be that big an issue if a few sell off their Helix's after getting Native as they will miss on using it with the hardware.
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