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    I discovered something interesting as I was meddling with one of my older presets using 3.1. I had to raise the key for the singer so I ended up using the Poly Capo to go from the key of G to A. I've had a fair amount of success with the Poly Capo placing it before the amp, but it still exhibits some very slight artifacts. Nothing that would probably be noticed by the audience, but I can hear it on certain things. I decided to place the Retro Reel in front of the Poly Capo originally just to thicken things up since I was using a Strat. After a bit of tweaking it pretty much got rid of any of the residual artifacts I'd been hearing and gave the key change a much more natural sound. Just thought I'd pass that along....
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    IME... the Kinky Comp much too aggressive for this... even at it's lowest settings. Instead I would be reaching for the LA Studio, Rochester, or the 3 Band then running them toward the end of my chain rather than near the beginning. Use the gain reduction meters to dial in a "touch" of compressor. You don't want it slamming, just taking off the edges. Another option has opened up with the 3.1 update... and that is the Retro Reel. Even though it is not a compressor, it does exactly what you are after and will apply a touch of "tape compression" even at it's subtle settings. Check out the new Jason Sadites video on the retro reel if you are not familiar with it.
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    By "null test" I think zappazapper is referring to taking two signals you are comparing and flipping the phase on one. If they are identical then they cancel each other out and you essentially get silence. This is a good way to test if two signals are actually different from each other. Don't know how useful this would be in forming an opinion on whether the increased oversampling has "higher fidelity, fewer aliasing artifacts, and smoother decay trails" per the Line6 release notes. I would think a null test would be a better tool to confirm that there actually is a difference between the audio in 3.10 versus prior firmware versions although if the null test results were analyzed by someone fairly skilled with them you might get some hard data that would assist in more accurately but probably rather technically documenting the differences. I do agree with zappazapper however regarding how subjective or flat out incorrect these comparisons can be given the changeability and unreliability of human hearing and perception. But hey, I am always welcome to incremental improvements to the sound. Even if some of them are not immediately or substantially easy to perceive, over time those improvements can have a positive cumulative impact that can be clearly discerned. And maybe this improvement is more substantial. It will be interesting to hear other people weigh in on it(if they do).
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    Ha... Just look at it that way: A bunch of Pros have been raving and using the $1,699.99 Helix for years now, and it always sounded great. The $450 Go has the exact same effects quality. And the quality of the amps/effects/etc., is already at a level where it's pretty darn tough to tell which is the emulated sound vs which is the sound of a real amp. Jason Sadite for instance has more than a couple of comparisons; try to see if you can tell the real deal vs emulated: Now, they added a new oversampling which will improve the $1,699.99 Helix. Will this make a marginal or substantial difference? Given the fact that already, the Helix/Go are near indistinguishable from the real thing, I doubt that it would make a substantial difference. Of course, you'll see a lot of people who will claim that it makes a huge difference, but it's mostly going to be placebo. Same type of thing where some people will claim to prefer real amps over emulation, yet under blind conditions, will very often fail or really struggle to identify which is emulated vs real. So IMHO, even with good studio monitors & in a recording setting, you would struggle to hear the difference. That would be my guess. That if you just walked in a room, a track was playing, that 50% of the time you would guess correctly if the oversampling was on or off. You would really have to A/B both clips, multiple times, to hear the difference, IF you were able to hear it, which you might not be... And then, chances are that it would be placebo; and again, under blind conditions, you would fail to identify whether the effect was on or off. Such is the nature of subtle audio differences & human brain/hearing. Anyway, Jason above is supposed to do a blind test for the oversampling feature, it will be interesting to see how much of a difference it'll make. For me: Go is more than enough. If you are at the point where you need oversampling & absolute sound quality; TWF are you doing with a Go? LOL Buy a Helix or real amp! At one point, expecting Go to absolutely equal the Helix is a bit silly!
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    Wow, that was a masterpeace in troubleshooting. No wondering we feel safe to own Line6 gear with this knowledge, ability to cooperate and solve the most stranges behaviors in our gear in this forum. Hats off for this performance, so impressive... //Per
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    Interesting as the test menu wasn't available in the Rack, before 3.1. Anyway, are you pressing Knobs 5 and 6 (those under the LCD display), or are you pressing Footswitches 5 and 6?
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    Guys by pure chance I discovered the problem. My god I lost two years of life! I replaced the headphone adapter and the problem was solved completely !!! I'm very happy !!
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    I don't think Silverhead's guess is that uneducated. It certainly makes sense to me. Given the core circuits of each variation require their own unique models, and that it's probably not all that likely that someone would use all three of those variations in one preset, you would still be able to switch between two using snapshots but would still have a significant DSP savings over a single model with all three variations. The savings would be even greater if you only used one model in a preset which is the most likely scenario.
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    I hear no difference, but man, I like that '64 ES-345!!!
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    Since you are only using one speaker you have no concern about stereo except to make sure that your 1/4” TS cable carries the full stereo signal summed to mono. The L/MONO Stomp output does that so you’re fine. Just make sure you match the Stomp output level to the speaker’s expected input level. (See the Stomp Global Settings. The Output level can be set to Instrument or Line. Your speaker documentation will tell you which to use.) I don’t imagine the 1/8” to Aux option would be any better.
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    Yes... the Focal's are perfect for this. The 65's are a good size, but I wouldn't go smaller. The Helix sounds glorious through Studio Monitors... that's how I run it at home.
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    Are you a solo performer or do you play in a group/band? If the latter you may have a rehearsal space where you play at gig volume. Try using some of that rehearsal time to work on your live tones with the band. One technique is to record the band with a mix that excludes your guitar parts. Use that mix at home with headphones and craft your tones to blend with that mix to your taste. The headphones will colour the recording as well as your guitar similarly, so when you go live without the headphones your guitar is still likely to mix well with the band. If you’re a solo performer it’s a tough situation. The best way to hear what you sound like at gig volumes is, well, to play at gig volumes. The next best way, imho, is to use good headphones. But the stage sound will inevitably be different. There’s also an important factor that you don’t mention: the difference between the ‘amp in the room’ sound and the sound of a modeler like Helix. I suggest you do some research on that (lots of threads here). Are you most interested in the sound you hear on stage or the sound the audience hears through a PA?
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    Thanks guys, I guess I did not see that and I should do a better job of reading...
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    Hi everybody, this is a quick test i just made to test the new Helix 3.10 "Increased Oversampling Throughout" feature. Ciao a tutti, ho fatto un breve test della nuova funzionalità "Increased Oversampling Throughout" introdotta con l’aggiornamento firmware 3.10 https://youtu.be/97YprAR4iOE
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    I personally get bothered above 10 ms. Below 7 is great. 5? Yeah!! If you can get that mixer locally with a 30-day return, that would be ideal. I get bugged by the mail-order places that offer free shipping, then if you return an item you end up paying for the shipping both ways!! That's the primary reason I've been ordering more from Amazon Prime than Sweetwater (or similar).
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    For the threshold setting you can select the compressor and use the built-in gain reduction meters to ensure it is kicking in as frequently and with the level of reduction that you are shooting for. If you can't get your sound with the Kinky Comp try experimenting with one of the other compressors with more controllable parameters such as the Deluxe or Rochester comp. The LA Comp is great for adding a more subtle compression or a sort of "mastering" compression at the end of a signal chain. The sound you are going for, good as your description may be, is rather subjective. The link below might be helpful in experimenting with the various available compressor settings. https://www.masteringthemix.com/blogs/learn/the-secret-to-compressor-attack-and-release-time
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    Yes, your input signal is too hot - see the post above from “PierM” and follow his advice.
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    Hi. Thanks I think that create a ticket will be maybe the best option
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    Hi I made the update Friday evening and haven't had time test this as I hoped. My gear (LT and PC+ through L6-Link) works the same way as before the update, I did not lose the L6-Link. I have it set up with "Remote: Preset" and "Select (Preset): 1+2" (I never changed it, was default). After reading this post I made some more test this morning and checked the L6-Link parameters in HX Edit and it was as when I made the preset (checked about 5 of them in three different setlists) Upgraded as follows - Made a backup before I made any changes and another in the installations process (just in case...). The system rebuilt the presets and I made a factory reset and restored everything from the last backup (global, presets, IR...), full backup and restore (I did not restore the the factory presets, kept the new ones). After backup I rebooted the system and there was another rebuilt of patches in the setlists made by me. Hade no problems what so ever in the upgrade process and it passed my quick-test. Hope it can er of any helps to narrow things down. Let me know if you want me to test something. Good job... //Per
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    As I suspected, and as you rightly said all along @PierM it's bunkum. It lasted 3 hrs, the same as the initial replacement. I've written to Line 6 Support and requested a full refund of the original price I paid in 2018. Although I've been told that G10T mk2's are not available in Europe currently, I've lost all confidence in the product and now don't even want one of these now. I'll buy something else possibly the Boss unit.
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    Just reverse the min and max settings on the compressor and resave the patch.
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    I went through this palaver last year. Had it set up and working and then it just dropped out and never worked since. I've tried kicking firewalls into touch just in case, and now have a brand new PC with barely any software on it, minimal configuration, so just Cubase and a few utilities. Raised a ticket, had some to and fro with them. Support know there is a problem, there is no fix so they just make suggestions off a list that aren't going to work. The Windows interface is much easier to use for me than my phone. There is a horrible workaround of saving via the Spider - edit on Windows, store on the Spider, then store on the Cloud via phone, but that's too much grief for something that should work. I think the Helix is getting all the love at the moment, and they don't seem too bothered about their reputation. Great products, but if you can't be confident that they are going to invest in support, I'd certainly think carefully about buying further products from Line 6. It's not like the Android version is bug free - it loses its login but doesn't know it, so then saves don't work. You then have to log out and log in again to get it to work. I'm sure they've known of that problem for a year or more. It doesn't inspire confidence that they also know that they have a basic install problem not installing the 32 bit 2013 VC++ redistributable which is an install program fix and they haven't resolved that (I hit it on my new PC install).
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    So I turn off Power then Restart while holding the 2 Middle Button Foot Switches then Restore using my latest backup from HX edit ?
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    Nope! Thats's simply a template to show how to put stuff together. You can assign anything to anything providing you put your GLOBAL SETTINGS > FOOTSWITCHES > STOMP MODE > 10 FOOTSWITCHES The BIG CLUE is 10 FOOTSWITCHES as that is the only option that removes the BANK/PRESET UP/DOWN option and frees up those 2 extra switches. Hope this makes sense.
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    I would seriously doubt it, probably due to the fact that the Line 6 Installer/HX Edit detects what hardware is connected. The flash memory package size appears to be the same for each product as individual downloads, but as the hardware will have some sort of I.D. that is recognised by the installer, it’s not going to happen. If it was possible, I think that Line 6 would have pointed that out as a feature. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    Sometimes a Windows update will do it too. If you're using Reaper, sometimes after a Reaper update you need to reinstall HX Edit to get the drivers working again. The mysteries of the digital wonderland!
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    It sounds like you have already experimented with TS vs. TRS cables, various global settings, etc.. but you may want to continue with your efforts to get either your existing expression pedals working with the Rack or consider getting some that others have gotten working with the Helix/Rack, such as those documented in the topic below. There are several other similar topics as well. I agree, using the FCB1010 instead of the Helix controller would be a huge step backwards and unnecessary. I would replace my expression pedals with ones known to function properly with the Rack before considering that option. Might be worth contacting Line6 for assistance as well.
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    Great idea for a video! Would love to see something like this every time there is a new firmware release. Maybe with even more detail on the new effects' parameters.
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    A reminder here to everyone regarding Native, there is a new 3.10 version. It appears you still need to export a bundle(equivalent of a Native backup) and download and install Native 3.10 manually. At least I did. It does not yet seem to be part of the new HX Edit automated install process. Did I miss an instruction or checkbox regarding Native in the HX Edit 3.10 upgrade procedure? If so shame on me. IMHO the release notes for Native 3.10 seem to imply that HX Edit will be part of automating the Native update. I did not find that to be the case. The Native release notes appear to be more of a reference to the HX Edit and HX firmware upgrade rather than Native although they do serve as a reminder to keep all of your software's versions in sync. Btw, clicking on the little setup cog icon in the bottom left of the Native plugin's screen and then clicking "Check for Updates" will bring up the link for downloading the 3.10 version of Native. Native 3.10 release notes: "How do I update to 3.10? Did you happen to update HX Edit to 3.01 (released on Feb 2, 2021)? If so, just connect Helix/HX to your computer via USB and launch HX Edit. The software will walk you through the entire procedure, including updating HX Edit 3.01 to 3.10, and backing everything up to your computer."
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    This is just my two cents, and perhaps I'm a bit cynical...but I don't care what they told him, or if they provided a written attestation, complete with the official wax seal of the High Exalted Mystic Cyclops of Wireless Repair...No business on earth is gonna pay somebody to sit in a chair and noodle for 12 hours to see how long it takes a battery to die. Say that out loud and try not to laugh, lol... I'm having trouble typing through the tears...obviously there's no way to confirm or deny it, but if there were I'd be comfortable betting every cent I have that it did not happen, lol.
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    No crackling vinyl yet on Helix... I'm using Time Machine to do that stuff.. :P
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    Hi Great job Line6. Just made the update from 3.01 to 3.1 and it went like a breeze... again. 33 minutes from start to finish, that includes the whole procedure and two rebuild of presets (first after upgrading the firmware and the second after restoring backup) that alone tok almost 15 minutes. Can't wait to dig in to the new stuff. Ratatouille Dist/RAT (will see if this one beet my homemade one:-), Dynamic Hall and Hot Springs has the potential to be favorites. Mandarin Rocker, no opinion but will test and see... Again, thanks Line6 for the update. //Per
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    I'm impressed by these updates and L6, which seems doing a great job keeping the pace with the modern pedal market and sound design. Love all that glitchy/poly/tape/freeze stuff (all things that I usually do with a Empress Zoia), and great to see new reverbs. Updated my Stomp, all good so far (only little problem is that you have to unload/reload the blocks that have been updated). Today it's time for my Rack. Bravi! :)
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    Helix Community LEGENDS! Oh my gosh! This update is killing me.... ;( I followed the instructions on the website to update my Helix to v3. I backed up first but unfortunately during the update there was an error now my Helix won't get beyond the "Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!" when I turn it on (picture attached). ***Another strange thing happened on the update - my computer asked me to hit the key next to shift to recognise the keyboard??? That happened on both my main computer and laptop. The Helix won't connect to the direct USB inputs of my Mac computer (nor my laptop). I have swapped USB cables. I have re-installed software, I have tried installing an older version in case that helped. Can anyone please help me, I sent a ticket to support about 4-5 days ago but haven't heard anything and I have spent hours reading forums and trying to problem solve. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance! IMG_6611.HEIC
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    I see... ...A stomp with 2 DSPs, 32 Blocks, two path, four signals stereo.....packed into a cig box with a 2.4" display and 3 footswitches. Makes sense.
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    Great idea, but “mingyi” doesn’t want to get a dual processor unit such as the Helix LT, because it has too many switches and is too heavy! It’s a “no win” situation for him.
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    Hi: I made a quick video on how to control the channels change via MIDI, check it out here. PS: excuse my accent ;-)
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    "It doesn't work right" doesn't mean anything to anybody but you. What is it SUPPOSED to do? What EXACTLY, does it do? What is your hardware configuration? Amp, etc.? For BEST results, attach the preset to your reply to the above questions so we can see what's happening in your configuration.
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    By "FireWire" I assume you meant you upgraded to the latest "firmware". This will reset the global settings to their defaults. My guess would be something in your global settings has changed, perhaps output levels. With that said importing someone else's presets also usually involves some tweaking to get levels, EQ, and other details of the preset's settings working ideally with your rig, even if you haven't changed any of your global settings.
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    HonestOpinion - thanks very much! I've had the Helix for about 18 months now, and still getting to realise how much depth there is to this beast! Absolutely loving it! :)
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    Hi 01GT, you are the hero of the day! It worked for me as well. It's remarkable, to run ' Spider V Remote 2.00 ' with a size of 27.5 MB, you have to install Visual Studio 2019 with more then 7 GB additionally. ;-) Thanks a lot and happy making music.
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    In a previous life, I did quite a bit of computer application programming. It only takes a small error in an algorithm to let something like that happen. Writing code, especially the kind of complex code that goes into something like Helix, is tricky. It gets even trickier when you're modifying existing code, especially if the coder didn't write the original code. Then, in beta testing, if the mistake doesn't throw an error, and you're not testing that function specifically, the problem wouldn't even be noticed. And finally, there's always a long list of stuff their small crew of programmers needs to do. Even if the problem gets reported, if it's not high on the priority list, well, you know about the squeaky wheel. That's why we need to stay on their case if it doesn't get fixed in v3.1.
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    I agree. The Helix is a significant monetary investment and you're not going to get your money's worth by using that amp. Even your ME-80 is more powerful than your amp is capable of really doing justice. I'd upgrade your amp first. If you want to go fully down the modeling route, consider an FRFR like @HonestOpinion said, or a Powercab, which has built-in speaker modeling (different than cab/mic modeling) as well as being an FRFR. Once you have an appropriate amplification system, then you'll get more bang for your buck in buying a Helix.
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    I received my M1 one month ago... Native OS big Sur. I bought it for the only purpose of creating music. But so far I still can't use the Helix as the main interface with Logic 10.6 ... Toooooooo many glitches and interferences. It's just unusable with the Fishman Triple Play either. The HX edit has to be constantly relaunched to work. Well I must admit that it's been a while since Big Sur has been released (November ?) and I am surprised (and a bit disappointed) with the lack of information from Line 6... I can understand that there can be troubles, but please, INFORM. We trust you. Thanks
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    Yes, it seems odd that the L6 Link level has to be manually edited on the output of each patch when other outputs can set it globally. Maybe I am understanding something incorrectly but it seems like it could be done globally for L6 Link too in a future firmware release.
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    Same issue here running on Windows 7. Someone post if they have solution? Updated Windows fully and tried reinstalling the remote. Still no luck.
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    Over 5 years later, any news on detune (drop tune, pitch changes, polyphonic tuner)? Perhaps recent updates have brought this closer? Ideas? Recommendations for use? I realize creating a patch to do this directly competes with the sale and use of the Variax. (A) Not everyone has or wants a Variax. (B) Being able to use this (now standard) "Whammy" feature on any guitar is highly useable by all guitarists. (C) Adding another $400 pedal to a $1600 professional guitar rig that is fully capable of handling polyphonic tuning/de-tuning should be (IS) unnecessary and, I might add, a bit tacky. _______ BTW, it is completely ignorant and a waste of everyone's time to post statements like, "just buy the XYZ pedal" in a forum where the original post is asking about how to get the best use of his Line 6 Helix.
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    C'mon - I simply found a vid to help you & I'm not looking to make my own IR - you watched it, same as me.
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    I do not think it's a server problem. This is a software problem that does not detect my network configuration on windows 7 and windows 8.1 Spider V Remote works correctly on Mac OS X, Windows 10 and iPad (iOS) I opened a trouble ticket with the support Line 6, but their answer is that the problem comes from my computer and not the software because I am the only one to have reported this malfunction
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