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    I try to stay out of these disagreements generally but this is just a disgustingly cynical and manipulative invocation of some genuinely laudable principles to serve your own ends. Those ends appear to be an intense need to control others and get attention. You have now essentially called everyone a racist, ageist, and abuser of people with disabilities because they did not stick to your unrealistically rigid view that this should be a strictly technical conversation. Any genuine advocate of these principles of tolerance, unity, and equal access would never degrade them and reduce their future effectiveness for such a trivial purpose as imposing their own myopic will on a forum. This kind of selfishness is exactly the behavior that robs worthy principles of support and reduces them to the status of "snowflake". I believe using them in this manner demonstrates a fundamental lack of comprehension of or adherence to these values. A self-serving appeal to these principles for no purpose other than to get others in this forum to comply with you is irresponsible and completely lacking credibility, If you observe most forums you will notice that there tends to be an almost organic ebb and flow to many topics. In this case because the new firmware has become a bit of a waiting game there have been some welcome distractions and digressions along the way as the topic could not possibly sustain only a technical conversation for this duration with so little information available. This organic process also seems to unfortunately often include at least one person who feels they know better than everyone else how the topic should be conducted. Nonetheless, despite the risk of being no more than a cliche you charge into things and attempt to redefine courtesy and etiquette as requiring everyone to accede to your ridiculous commands to shut up and stand up straight in line when you could instead simply meander over to the links with which you were courteously provided that better suit your stated interest and temperament. That indeed would have been real courtesy instead of berating everyone else. Your posts remind me of a a certain personality type - it is a type abhorrent to most artists and musicians as it seeks to control, stifle, and smother. I hope you prove me wrong if you continue to post in this forum. Anyway, you are entitled to state your opinion and I hope you find a way to do it in the future without implying everyone else is some kind of immoral something"ist" for not agreeing with you over such a petty matter. I appreciate everyone who has shown patience, humor, and provided welcome diversion while we wait for the next firmware. Party on!
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    Nonononono. Too wordy. Let's tighten that baby up a bit: Yo Andy! Stop being such a sanctimonious pric{<, yo. Subscribe to the L6T post. You want to look for tidbits of information in this thread? Cool. Get on your waders. Of course I mean that in a totally woke, new millennium, hashtag-friendly way.
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    There is no one here bothered about that anymore, now we’re all waiting for 2.90.
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    Good point (there are different forums for different purposes)! His point is invalid! This thread was NEVER an OFFICIAL L6 thread. It was, from the beginning, about user commentary. Some complained, others defended, occasionally DI jumped in to clarify something for someone. But it was never the OFFICIAL source of information. His point is based entirely on the idea that this thread IS somehow official and should be devoted to official pronouncements, and that someone might be inconvenienced by not being able to find the information they should be looking for in the sticky without wading through a lot of "irrelevant stuff". The OFFICIAL L6 thread for announcements concerning release 2.8 is the sticky at the top of the forum, a fact that he steadfastly refuses to acknowledge, then accuses everyone else of "breach of etiquette" and other gross crimes against humanity! Thereby, using his invalid point to justify his own behavior! My coconut is empty.....need more rum!
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    Think and say what you will. Nobody is trying to silence you or the caped crusader above... he can drone on about everyone else's alleged "insensitivity" until he's blue in the face. However, he's openly attempting to gag the rest of us if we don't conform to his vision of what's "acceptable". And therein lies the difference. I took issue with his opinion... but I didn't tell him he's not allowed to express it, nor did I comment on his mental capacity. That was all him. If pretending that there's no difference between us is what gets you to sleep at night... knock yourself out. I don't care either way. Enjoy your day.
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    What if the 2.9 people finish BEFORE the 2.8 people? Then what will happen? ;D
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    First of all, it's pretty arrogant of you to KNOW what people think. You don't KNOW me or anyone else on this forum. Nor what I or they think, nor why. Second, where are these rules that you reference posted at in the Line 6 website? Let me read them. Or are you speaking of rules some other people have come up with to ensure that all of us ne'er do wells keep in line. Third, when did you become the forum police? Fourth, if this seems like a party to you, I do not envy your life. Fifth, if people do struggle to read, the aforementioned sticky will help the to avoid all of this chit chat. The amount of pages should have indicated to someone as experienced and knowledgeable about forums, as you seem to think you are, that there was more going on here than just the upgrade date.
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    We're all missing a biggie that was snuck in here... 2.9!!! TWO POINT NINE!!!!! When's it coming? What's in it? I need it this very second. My HX is almost unusable now I know there's a 2.9 coming... :)
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    So you come here b!tching about forum etiquette, but then continue to derail this thread without starting a new one with the proper subject line?
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    Not sure after DI's post about the doc update whether to credit him or Line6Tony with authorship but in either case just wanted to give everyone a heads up to read through the entire thing. You'll notice if you scroll all the way through the doc that the backups are only Step#1. As you would expect there are several other steps following the backups required to complete the upgrade detailed in this document. There are also some optional steps you can execute towards the end of the document depending on for example if you want to load the 2.80 Factory and Templates presets. I think many people will want to execute this optional step to load at least the 2.80 Templates presets as this is where you will find the new "Software Remote Templates for controlling DAWs, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and other applications via USB". Note the warning in red on this optional step regarding backups before loading the 2.8 Factory and Templates setlists as loading them will wipe out all your custom user setlists as well. Personally I would take another backup at this point before executing this optional step. Btw, curious if there are any new Factory presets in this firmware release? Need to follow my own advice about reading through the entire document, the following essentially details option "STEP 5A" and provides an alternate method, some may find the screenshot helpful. For anyone who wants to execute the optional step (currently "STEP 4") in the 2.80 release update instructions and load the new 2.8 Factory and/or Template presets here is a screenshot of how after you have executed the global reset and completed that step and your user presets have been cleared, HX Edit's "Restore From Backup" screen can be used (at least in the current 2.71 version of HX Edit) to restore everything else from a backup but not overwrite your brand spankin' new 2.8 Factory and Template setlists with the moldy old ones from the backup you are using for your restore. Phew! Talk about a run-on sentence. Select "Restore From Backup" under "File" on the main HX Edit menu Select the backup to restore from the dialog box at the top Use the arrow to expand the "Presets" box Uncheck the FACTORY 1, FACTORY 2, and/or TEMPLATES boxes Click the "Restore Backup" button
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    The words "corporate" and "soul" don't really belong in the same sentence... On the other hand, I bet I could order a soul from Amazon, and have it here by this time tomorrow...;)
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    Obscure "Fifth Element" reference, what a great flick!
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    I call BS. Otherwise you would explain why in no less than 6 paragraphs that no one would read. :-)
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    I've spent more than 20 years on online forums. Based on my experience (and yeah, it's my anecdotal experience) you are sputtering nonsense. Throughout my time on forums, wherever it was, there were always people who tried to be strict and police the thread, as you seem to be trying to do. It was always the same result though . . . a fruitless waste of time. Each forum has a culture and how much derailment that culture is cool with, but once that is clearly established it runs itself. I've also never subscribed to the belief that it hurts anybody. It does not. People are smart and can use their brains and quickly figure out where official news is, and where it isn't. Now, it IRRITATES some people. SOME people. Not all people. That's it though. There are plenty of forums I don't touch because their culture is definitely not mine, and I move on. You're wasting your breath if you hope to change that. Most of us here see nothing wrong with this thread's current direction (other than the new complaints about this thread). I still can't fathom why you keep going on and on about it. You made your case, one or two people agree with you, but it's not enough to make things swing your way. Move on.
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    I'm going to remind you ONE MORE TIME, that there's a STICKY at the top of the forum where news about the update will be posted by L6 when there's important news to post. This thread shouldn't even exist. It's NOT the place to look for news about the update. But, since it does exist, we're having fun with it. Your attempts to make us feel bad about ourselves because of the possibility that some handicapped person might not be able to find the IMPORTANT NEWS that WON"T BE IN THIS THREAD ANYWAY is pretty self serving in my eyes - "Andy, the defender of the helpless" is a bunch of BS to make YOU feel good about yourself. As Spikey said "...take off those tight azz jeans and air it out, K bud? Peace- ; )"
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    Your choice of a power source isn't nearly as much of an issue as the speaker(s). To really take advantage of what a modeler can do, requires a clean slate for the output. That means FRFR speakers, which guitar amps and cabs decidedly do not have. Think of it this way... if you're using a Fender amp model and pumping it through a Marshall 4x12 with greenbacks, the end result is gonna be a whole lot more Marshall than Fender... the power source is almost irrelevant. Celestion greenbacks will never sound like anything but what they are. This doesn't mean that you can't run Helix into a traditional amp and cab... many do and are happy with the results. But you won't be able to take advantage of everything Helix has to offer.
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    IR's are not for use with an amp ( power amp). those are only for use when using FRFR / powered studio monitors etc. the key is to think of the helix as modeling the polished tone of a recording or the tone of the amp rig through a certain microphone. when using an amp with a guitar cab to power the tone you will generally only want to use the pre-amp section of the helix and no IR's.
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    As has been their practice in general with the Helix line Line6 has opted to provide maximum flexibility and choices for their users. They could have made the upgrade process just automatically overwrite the Factory and Template setlists with the new ones but many people customize these presets. Doing that would have overwritten their edits. Perhaps in the future they may want to provide an option to do this in the upgrade screens. For now Line6's provision of detailed and in my opinion fairly clear update instructions provides users with more options but does require more attention to detail during the upgrade process so I'm glad they made it "scary". Backups, backups, backups. Don't want to see anyone left without the presets they have spent so much time on after the upgrade. Agree, the keyboard integration is awesome!
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    As noted - this update is the major one, so far, and as so many folks managed to screw up on the installation process previously, there may well be a lot of guidance required on his one. I think there may be ongoing amends to the already published "It's NOT Out Yet" document. Some one made comment in another forum about how Line 6 were making this "backup routine" sound very scary, to which DI replied that they wanted to make it sound like that - his usual standard of humour of course. It may well have been Eric or Tony who has also surreptitiously modified the "sticky" thread to read "Helix Firmware 2.80 (Available [second] SPRING 2019)". This integration of the Keyboard thing is going to be interesting - stick around it's gonna be fun!
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    Needed to follow my own advice to read through the entire upgrade document, my proofing seem to be incremental on this one. Just noticed that "STEP 5A" is essentially a variation and alternate method on what I posted above. I hope some folks will find my instructions and the screenshot a helpful addendum (assuming this method still works in the 2.8 editor). I have to say this is by far the most comprehensive set of upgrade instructions Line6 has ever released for the Helix line. I like it! After your posts regarding the new tweaked Factory presets as well as the new Templates for controlling DAWS, etc. I would guess a lot of folks will want to load these new setlists up.
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    Oh man! Is it ok to go to sleep?? what if it releases while i'm asleeep? I can't go to sleep now.
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    He didn't just make a point. He claimed to know what people were thinking and attempted to insult people in what appeared to be a self righteous way. It was way more the presentation than the point that was attempted to be made that caused the reaction I think.
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    For all we know, it's one guy on the team, and he's ambidextrous.
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    I really shouldn't have to explain this, but here we go. This is a world wide forum, for everyone. All nationalities, races, creeds, ages, able bodied, disabled, etc, everybody. Now, amongst all of those are going to be people who do not have the time or ability to wade through reams of guff, to find the posts which should, as designated by the title, be the only ones (or the majority at least) there. People may have sight problems, dyslexia, autism, any number of things which make browsing more difficult for them than others. Now I know some of you guys think that this forum is your own personal domain, and so the rules, which are there to make things accessible and run smoothly for everyone, don't apply to you. Well, it isn't and they do. Not simply for the sake of it, but so that EVERYONE is able to get the most out of the forum. Nobody wants you to stop partying, by all means party away. But please, remember that there are lots of people out there who struggle to read on screen text, and try to give them a little thought and empathy along the way. -
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