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    2.9 Model Updates: -Revv Purple (Ch3) -1x12 Fullerton and Grammatico Cabs -Red Llama Drive -Steve Vai Legendary Drive -Harmonic Antagonizer Fuzz -Rochester Comp (Billy Sheehan Compressor) -Small Stone Phaser -Split Dynamics (Path A/B Routing) Feature Updates: -Output Meters -Gain Reduction Meters -Clip Indicators -IR Attachment by Name -New Switch/Snap/Looper Layout Options -New Model Subcategory Shortcuts -Update from HX Edit -A/B Compare for HX Native Available “soon.”
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    This forum needs an icon for "trolls".
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    It should... but I'll bet you twenty bucks that it won't. Instead, prepare for gripping about how the new meters are the wrong color, in the wrong place, not big enough and you can't see them if you're standing up and looking down at the unit, or they don't spit out the same number as some outboard meter and therefore aren't "accurate". It won't end here... it never does. Whining is eternal, lol.
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    There's no point in getting into a weeing match over a product that isn't available yet.
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    In Reaper, turn OFF the Record Monitor feature for the track when you are recording.
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    That'll be the day, lol...;)
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    He plays in a Pink Floyd cover band and he has a bunch of Pink Floyd patches in at least one of his packs. Specifically the Big Pack. Worth checking out. https://fremenpresets.com/downloads/big-pack-helix/
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    This is interesting. I don’t quite understand the electronics, but your description makes sense. On par, yes, but with half the DSP. For me the price is irrelevant. What I’m looking for is compact, which is why I looked at this in the first place. The Helix are too big (for me). So I’m waiting for compact/modern/high DSP. See the Neural Quad Cortex coming out next year. Quad SHARC in a small package. Of course it’s even more expensive than the Helix. If Line6 could do something like that I would be all over it. Currently I’m going HX EFX into a Bias head, and I’m happy with that.
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    It's $449 dollars and it's sound is on par with the Helix or AXE FX. Thank you Line6 for finding a way to make great tone very affordable.
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    Thanks! Yeah, I emailed them and they seemed decent. They asked me to go through the dealer because I was still in warranty, otherwise I would have shipped it down to them directly. Fingers crossed the dealer sends it on to them quickly (it should arrive at the shop tomorrow), and we'll see from there.
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    Thanks ! :) I just recorded a demo for a new pickups set on my Fender Strat, "Fishman Fluence Single Width Strat Loaded Set". Some sounds are from my "Big Pack", others (most?) from the "Classic Rock & Hard Rock" pack
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    Im really a big fan of the drives and compressors added to each update. I wish they would do away with the doubles however.
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    I finally got it working with Forscore. In Forscore, send: Program Change: 1 0 5 20 // Channel 1 Setlist 6 Preset 20 Delay: 500 ms // Delay needed when changing from a "distant" patch Hex Codes: B0 45 02 // Snapshot 3 I should have realized 69 was decimal (doh!). Also, the leading zero is needed. I had tried 45 earlier but without the leading zero on the value.
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    Hi all. I'm new here (just got a Helix Floor yesterday) and am pretty excited. One thing I immediately noticed though was how difficult it was to figure out all of the different models of amps, effects, etc. and how they related to the various patch presets, etc. I found this to be a great simple resource, but felt like the community could be better served with a proper database, so I got things started! Introducing HXDB First, I'm using Airtable to build it…think Google Sheets on steroids. Second, much of the data is based on Dshowmusic'sresources. I've already got all of the amps, cabs, effects, and mics that I'm aware of in there, but am looking for some help to get the patch presets in. The beauty of the database model is that we can reference all of the specific effects, etc. associated with each patch directly within its entry. I've also added a column for the artist inspiration, so it can be easily referenced. Link to the database: Full database: https://airtable.com/invite/l?inviteId=inviQCBQHUH2vVuVS&inviteToken=74b3a1adda357e713fa998996811520e8534db8b45a21da3f85ecf91f1ed24cfNote: You'll need to sign up with Airtable (sorry, I can't change this) but it's free, and not spammy. Here's the link to sign up/log in, and get read access to the database: Preview of effects database: https://airtable.com/shr5FUWGUh0rPE0rf If you'd like to help out to improve the database, send me a message! I'll be able to make you a collaborator. Please give me any feedback that you would like! Ultimately I think this should be a community driven resource.
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    Something that currently is not available to purchase and will cost at least $350 more than Stomp...
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    It does sound like you need to update the DTs' firmware. Unfortunately, you won't be able to do it through the Helix. The Helix is a MIDI over USB interface, but it won't send the Sysex commands needed for doing the DT firmware update. A dedicated MIDI to USB interface such as the M-Audio Midisport Uno is a good one that's not too expensive.
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    Well, based on what you said I think Line 6 could have got the Chemical X name from "Caswell #39", so I think you got it dude!
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    That's true too. But, I can see how some may feel different, that's all. I personally have no skin in this game. At the very least I think it's cool to provide the HX modeling at this price point. Even cheaper than the HX Stomp. I personally won't get one. Helix for the floor. HX Stomp (eventually) for a backup and vacations.
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    Airbag? Custom orthotics? Deed to a sod farm? I love NAMM week, lol
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    I get that people like having options to choose from, but how many times can you keep stuffing the same sounds into a different box? Aesthetics aside, there doesn't seem to be anything new here.
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    Yes, they do seem like they have a long way to go, to get to some sort of finished article, and i envisage them having to fly by the seat of their pants for a good while yet , probably right up till the first units are shipped out. There's no question they got the inspiration for the design from the Helix , replicating the whole network of people ,and the level of support behind the Helix is going to take some doing though. There was a demo that appeared to have been done straight after the live feed, but it didn't sound at all like anything unique to me. Out of curiosity ,and to try and compare product launches,I had a look at some of the first posts on here ,and it seems there are some similarities with the Cortex, in that some people did pre order the Helix without knowing exactly what they were buying, the only difference (And it's a major one ) being, ..that L6 were already well established. I'd genuinely never heard of Neural til this week ,though i'm probably not a huge plug-in user anyway, so i presume i'm in a minority there, .. it's not a negative ,it's just an observation. Seems some were asking back then why there was no touchscreen on the Helix? , wi-fi, bluetooth ?, and more,.. all probably ended up serving as groundwork for the Cortex.:-) Our own personal choices from a design perspective can vary hugely, but four and a half years later and this quote from Digital Igloo still rings true for me. '"One of the first Helix UI/UX designs had a touchscreen. We tested it, and touch footswitches ended up being way faster and more elegant in practice".
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    Yes, it's fine. The one caveat I'd give is that whenever you know phantom power will be running over a TRS connection, you'd want to turn the phantom power on after you plug the cable into the TRS jack. Otherwise, there is a risk that there could an arc when sliding the plug past the terminal inside the jack.
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    I don't 'have' to do all my work in HX Edit, but I like the convenience of it, and my setup at home is much more convenient with using the laptop as lots of times I'm jamming via USB/Headphones while i'm tweaking things. so having to reach down to tweak things is a pain while holding a guitar and not hitting my forehead on the desk....lol. Most of the edits I do in HX Edit, are not the easiest to do on the Helix itself or aren't possible. if I copy one of my cores to a new song preset slot, a lot of times I have to rearrange or copy/paste snapshots which I can't do on the Helix itself. Now that I've completed my library for the current songs, it'll be easier to move one song and edit it than it is to move 94 presets....very time consuming using the joysticks/wheels to navigate back and forth between 2 different setlists and presets not in the same order. I do save each preset and from time to time if there are lots of edits in a preset, I will save it, change presets/reload preset and continue....as I've noticed some edits not sticking between snapshots when I get to too many. Again sorta lends itself to a rewriteable clipboard getting full. I agree, and I'm pretty skilled/quick to make on the fly adjustments with the on screen edits and such...the biggest stuff that I can't do would be more performance limiting rather than sound/preset limiting if that makes sense. I agree, I'm sure its a variety of smaller issues that added up are creating problems for some folks and not others. I bought the helix for the on board simplicity, sound quality and functionality. and I don't dispute that...the editor is a great additional tool. I very quickly lost taste for my Boss GT100 when it had the same bells and whistles when I bought it and found out after creating my first 30+ presets and then finding out that their editor has a corrupting preset issue that is undoable without a full system restore. yikes.....
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    Isolated guitar tracks version of my previous video, recorded with Helix v. 2.82, Classic Rock & Hard Rock pack
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    THIS may be the key to why I've never run into any of these weird problems. The only time I use HXEdit is just for file type operations (import, export, backup, restore, etc.) Otherwise I totally depend on the Helix editing interface. In the beginning I reasoned that if I might need to do something on my presets and didn't have HXEdit available at the time, I'd better know how to do it with just the Helix interface, and that's why my preset editing have always seemed to be bulletproof....well that and constantly saving my presets during any kind of editing.
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    I had more problems at the outset with HX Edit until I trained myself to save and reload pretty much after every change I made to a patch. Fine after that.
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    Car Buyer: Does this car have cruise control. Car Salesman: No it doesn't. But there are other cars here that do. They're a bit more expensive Car Buyer: No I want THIS car at this price Car Salesman: Well, okay...if you're sure. [Several months later] Car Buyer: I think this car really needs cruise control. Car Salesman: The other higher priced cars with cruise control are still available. Car Buyer: No, I want you to install it on this car for free!!!!! Does this sound familiar??? There is a fix for such things. It's called "due diligence" when making a buying decision.
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    I asked about that over on The Gear Page, and the guy from Neural replied to me and said they would have that... So I guess they'll be copying that, too... :-) Really, without something like that, I think it would be almost unusable as far as switching goes.
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    For whatever reasons, preset switching on the Boss GT-1000 is *way* faster, almost instantaneous. In addition, as the main reverb and delay blocks are present in each patch, in most situations even reverb/delay spillover is possible. Anyway, if they added a global block functionality, all of this would be way less of an issue (I'd happily elaborate why that would be so).
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    This, exactly. I've found them to be an incredibly powerful tool, and I can't think of anything I've wanted to do that I haven't been able to, by using a snapshot. Incidentally, I also have a patch where I switch from acoustic to hi gain using... you guessed it, and I don't understand why so many people seem to have such a hard time grasping the concept, either.
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    Tested with my iPhone 5 SE, IOS 13.3, original Apple CCK USB 3.0, HX STOMP: Result: Everything is working as it should. PD: What does it mean for a device to be 'class-compliant'?: https://m-audio.com/kb/article/1706
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    the "neural capture" seems to be the most interesting feature. "Capture, share and download your favorite rigs’ sounds. Equipped with our unique biomimetic AI technology, Quad Cortex can learn and replicate the sonic characteristics of any physical amplifier, overdrive, and cabinet with unprecedented accuracy." But man.... the wording they use in their ads. "best ever.... Unprecedented! ..as good as it gets!" .... they sound like a bad infomercial. I'm sure it'll be a good piece of gear, but instead of telling me it's the best thing ever made, just show me what it can do and how it sounds.
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    I will be most interested to see what gets delivered here. The combined footswitch/knob appears to be sheer genius if they hold up. What a novel way to provide more adjustable knobs without increasing the chassis size. The spread out switches/knobs will require wider hand travel across the modeler for parameter adjustment and some users may not like this. I would be sorry to lose scribble strips and a built-in expression pedal is always a plus to me but by no means a deal-breaker. I love the touchscreen and the fact that it looks like this device may be able to use at least Neural proprietary plugins. Combining a touchscreen with physical knobs and incorporating plugins on a pedalboard are two features I have wished for that have met with a lot of pushback or disinterest on the forum. I am happy to see other companies embrace these ideas and hope that Line6 follows suit at some point. The ability to load and save presets via Wi-Fi on the Cortex is fantastic and really a no-brainer, USB flash memory would be another excellent option(not present on the Cortex). Firmware upgrades and preset sharing will also be available using Wi-Fi. Would I accuse Line6 of intellectual property theft if they implemented Wi-Fi saving/importing in the Helix II? Of course not! Those kinds of ideas belong to everyone and they may well be working on them already. The chassis and the signal flow and icon representation appears admittedly very similar to the Helix though I personally wish they had not followed Line6's lead on the icons. The icons on the Helix are so broad, represented by category, that I don't know if I am looking at a flanger or a phaser, a Fender or a Marshall, an overdrive or a fuzz pedal. I would have preferred a text option along with the icons. Another fine addition would be customizable icons. The ability to import a low-res picture or graphic for icons, or in lieu of that a large library of icons,would be mighty handy and sooner or later I won't be surprised if we see a device that features it. I am not a fan of intellectual property theft but there is sometimes a gray area or fine line between theft and best practice. There are times when everyone can clearly see the same better mousetrap. Not everything should be protected by patent or copyright. Case in point certain pharmaceutical corporations who have patented sequences in the human genome so they can be assured to profit off any future cures developed, even by other companies. A well-known corporation's patenting of "one-click" purchasing also comes to mind. A patent that only ran out relatively recently. Certain things/ideas should belong to the user community and any company that wants to provide them, not a single company. When does a device stop being just a clone? How many innovations, improvements, or fixes are required before it becomes significantly different enough from the original to withstand a lawsuit? That is for the courts to decide. There is always a tension between protecting and encouraging R&D investments by a company and not granting or extending a copyright or patent to the point where it cripples innovation or becomes an unsustainable or unjustifiable cost to the end user. Line6 has been steadfast in their support of other companies like Fractal and Kemper that created high-end modelers before them. I hope they offer similar latitude to companies that come after the Helix with products like the Headrush or "Quad Cortex". Some of them will not be as good and some may be better, some more derivative and some less. Competition spurs innovation and I see no reason for them not to continue to pursue the high road. If this device turns out to be great, too early to tell as it is essentially vaporware until delivery, and even if any one of these companies gets leap-frogged by another, probably only temporarily, all of us musicians ultimately benefit from the bar being raised.
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    If you save a preset on the snapshot you want to start with, you only need to send the PC#. You can then send the different Snapshot messages as needed. If you want preset 01C (PC#002) to open on Snapshot 2, just save it with Snapshot 2 active. If in another situation, you want the same preset to open with Snapshot 1 active, just save it separately to a different preset space. If you want to change the HX Stomp Snapshot without changing the HXFX preset, you can either create a HXFX Snapshot that sends the HX Stomp Snapshot message, or assign it to a stomp button on HXFX. Lots of options.
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    Not side stepping anything. The look of the Cortex display is different. If they made the icons the same that would be one thing. But would it really change anything if the icons were hexagonal instead of square? And there's only so many colors in the rainbow. If Helix uses purple, would lavender be different enough? British Racing Green vs Shamrock Green? Until you turn it on, an iPhone looks pretty much like an Android phone. When you turn it on it has icons. They're square and live on a background that you can customize (wallpaper). You put your finger on a touchscreen to make it work. Same for Laptops. Same for most tech. UI form is designed for use by humans. Certain things work, and getting too clever with the interface detracts from the functionality. When I see a Helix Floor, I don't wonder if it's a GT1000 or a Headrush or an AXE FX or a Space Station. Other than having buttons and knobs and a colorful LED display, the Cortex doesn't look much like a Helix. If anything, it looks kinda like that Chinese modeler I referred to. Really, the L6 designers should be proud of themselves. Their creation is fast becoming the round steering wheel of the modeling industry!
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    Correct! Power amps need LINE level signals. FYI the 4CM (which would need a complete FX LOOP circuit with SEND and RETURN connections in the amp) is needed only to use both the pre-amp and power-amp of a real amp, and at the same time have maximum flexibilty to place the FXs before or after the pre-amp. When connecting a modeler/multi-fx directly to the power-amp it means that you always bypass the pre-amp of your real amp (real amp gain and eq controls shouldn't affect the signal anymore), therefore you can replace it with one of the several pre-amp models available in the modeler. In regard to the FXs placement flexibility it is the same as with the 4CM. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
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    @cbrillow Thank you so much. I upgraded to iPadOS 13.3 and found everything is OK.
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    Brand new Helix. 2.82 and I am experiencing this exact same issue.
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    Having corrupted presets here. Using Helix Edit 2.82 and matching firmware form my helix floor. I had some presets be corrupted. Names all weird. I can't do anything with them. So I exported the setlist and tried to re-import it. It seemed to import fine but then bigger blocks of presets are now corrupted. I am going to try to do global reset but I am afraid my saved presets might be corrupted as well. Now when I load a setlist it stops with my Helix and the Helix screen goes blank. I have to restart it and it rebuilds presets. I have noticed others in the forum with similar issues. Has Line 6 had a trouble/bug report logged for something like this?
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    This won't be of any help, but I'm curious...does anyone suppose that there's a worse name for a product than the 'Waldorf Blofeld'? It sounds like one of those "services" that concierges at an expensive hotels procure for rich dudes....;)
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    I had this exact same problem as of late with my Asus mobo crashing in windows 10 as soon as i connected my helix. After reading this post, I uninstalled Logitech GHUB from my computer, and now everything works perfectly. Thanks for sharing this! Overall, I feel the line 6 community is full of good people that want to help each other out. It is truly a shame we have to endure the occasional Troll that are merely wasting everyone's time and energy and are doing nothing to help answer the real questions being asked.
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    Izotope Neutron. Also - use 0.011" gauge strings with wound G.
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    First of all, I don't want to hurt anybody's way to make (or help to make) a living. With that out of the way: There's something that's been bugging me for some time now, and maybe I just don't really understand why some people want to pay for 3rd party patches that they're gonna have to tweak to taste anyway, and, no matter how similar the gear used (to that used in making the patch), they're never gonna sound the same, so I ask myself, what's the point? In the past, I've used custom tone to get samples of what others think sounds like a given song or artist, only to find that, even though there were some good patches, some others (even from the same authors as some good ones) weren't even in the ballpark of what they were trying to get. I can understand that there can be some reasons to buy other guy's patches, like lazyness, lack of ability, lack of perspective (maybe being helix proficient but not knowing how to get that certain sound), and maybe the most important of them, lack of time, but I'm curious about your reasons, really. It's just that, I just want to know what you all think about that matter. And ...doesn't it harm the sense of community? I mean, why should anybody (specially people whose patches may be just as good as "commercial" ones) share patches on customtone when there are others that don't share theirs? Any thoughts?
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    I've only owned my Helix for a week, so bear with me if I'm missing something. My original intent was to use it for studio recording with my Variax Standard, and that's working out splendidly. I couldn't be happier. I also play solo gigs, but use a large variety of instruments (eg., acoustic guitar, variax guitar (with Boomerang looper), sax, blues harp, percussion, etc. ..... all with effects for spice). I use a Behringer XR12 mixer because its versatile and has nice built-in DSP effects. And its MIDI controllable while I'm playing (yeah, I'm the roadie and sound guy, too). After loving the vocal and guitar effects so much in the Helix, I decided to try setting up the Helix to possibly replace the XR mixer (with the Helix used more like a rack Helix, controlled entirely by MIDI faders, knobs, and a couple of small foot switches). I got pretty far, because I had enough inputs after including fx loop returns. But I quickly discovered that changing patches (to change instrument and vocal effects for different songs) would wipe out my current "mix balance". Thats because my setup included MIDI faders assigned to output block levels, and gain block levels (one for each instrument in the mix), and these would default to the settings saved in the patches, without using the current levels. So, I've resorted to trying a setup with the Helix AND the XR mixer, which will certainly work. But I like to minimalize my equipment count and weight, and don't through multiple A/D and D/A conversions. I wish I could do it all with the Helix. It seems I could if the Helix had some sort of option to buffer and pass gain settings between patches, especially when using identical gain or output blocks between the patches. In essence, the settings would be shared (or global) between patches. I could find no way to do this, but if it was achievable I think it would broaden the market. Yeah, I realize this usage does not fit the target audience, but huge secondary markets are a good thing! Or .., if someone has ideas that would allow me to do what I want, I'm all ears.
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    Solved: It was the usb-cable I've used. It was way too long (over 5 meters I believe). With a 1 meter cable the result drasticly changed. Now I need to get a new USB cable, because I need about 1,5-2 Meters at least. Quality is quite important for me. Is there something I should be aware of buying a new cable?
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    Alright so I saw the pod go was released. Currently I use an hx stomp and with the three footswitches I run a rhythm lead and ambient clean patches. I use a digitech whammy, Drop tune, tuner, and wireless as well. Now if I were to get this could I do the following: Get rid of my whammy and make the expression pedal my whammy/maybe use it as a volume pedal? ABCD would be rhythm, clean, lead, Lofi and then bank up or down to the same exact patches but with pitch shifters on it and also have the tuner be accessible? And can I use the same models? I use the badonk amp for rhythm and lead with a noise gate and 808 overdrive, and then reverb for lead. For clean I use legacy cave reverb and simple delay and eq. If I can have the whammy, pitch shift patch change, and tuner, I can basically get rid of my pedalboard except for wireless! But only if that’s possible, and I could pocket cash from selling my hx stomp. so any help on if I can do this or not is appreciated.
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    In my opinion 6 blocks for $599.99 u.s.d. is not enough blocks for the price. Especially for mono block user's, having a limit of six blocks is not good. I understand the "Forcing Creativity" argument, I just don't think it is legitimate. Don't misunderstand me, I love my HX Stomp but I am on the verge of selling it because of its limitations. It would not take much for some creative code writing to make a 12 block limit like the Fractal Audio FM3. An idea I like more is having unlimited blocks and a warning screen stating when I am approaching CPU limits. Adding more blocks adds to the creative potential of the HX Stomp. I remember the Line 6 announcement party implying there would be more blocks available but that was not an official announcement, that was about a year ago already. The thing that Line 6 seems to have meant by that, in my opinion, is that new items are available in the store not new empty block spaces. I personally am getting tired of having a governor on the power capabilities of my HX Stomp. 12 empty block spaces is not to much to ask for in my opinion. The Fractal Audio FM3 runs 12 blocks with 3 footswitches. Is it any less creative for having 6 more block spaces? I think not. I have been teetering on selling my HX Stomp for something with more blocks, but I have been waiting for some follow through from Line 6 and their unofficial "more blocks" announcement because I really love my HX Stomp. I am not sure I want to wait for to much longer. I am pretty sure I could get $450.00 for it pretty easily. I hate feeling like the HX Stomp "has it all" under the hood while still not being tuned up to its full potential. The code is as easy to write as this extended paragraph is, a lot of it is just copy and paste at this point for the most part.
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    line 01 - "Firstly, I was not looking for high school like call out's from power users." line 02 - go to line 01 // lol Secondly, I don't like hearing an hour of namm talk hype including top secret block talk just get another music companies pay add on store. I am not here for brand allegiance. I am not here for cars. I am talking about a firmware updateable device with the current potential of the fractal audio fm3. Great, so here come's the "why don't you just get pod-go, we have many beautiful products for you to choose from" argument. I am just stating my opinion and I am sure some people have to agree. 6 blocks is not enough for 599.99 to me. Sometimes you need to get gear and try it for a while to find out what is best for you. As far as new people looking for the smallest and most powerful I am not sure I can recommend hx stomp as a complete kit. With 12 blocks it would be perfect. There are many choices to choose from. I even just got word that Native Instruments is getting serious about guitar rig 6. Neural DSP, Fractal, Boss, Kemper. Not to mention all the free guitar hack software you can get these days. I am having difficulty understanding how anyone would not see my point. 2 chips Helix-lt 32 blocks - 1 chip HX-stomp 6 blocks. I do not want a large pedalboard or pedalboard replacement device. What I want is HX stomp to be unlocked to its full potential without any "governers" slowing it down.
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