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    My first notion would be that you have the wrong version of HX Edit loaded. Were you working on HX Edit or the LT when this happened? Check 'Help' --> ' About HX Edit' in HX Edit and make sure your HX Edit version matches your firmware(3.11 hopefully). Load up the correct version of HX Edit if they are not properly matched. Don't forget to do a backup, global reset, and restore afterwards. If you do have the correct matched versions of the editor and the firmware you could also try a backup, global reset, and restore.
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    Hi Rachmaninoff, Yes, this is possible with Helix LT. When you go into Global Settings > Ins/Outs and set 'Volume Knob Control' to 'Digital', only the Headphone volume will be effected by the Volume Knob while the 1/4" and XLR outs are set to unity. You would then adjust your preset levels by adjusting the 'Ch Volume' parameter of the amp block (as well as the output block).
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    The more disturbing part is the implication that someone else beat him to it.
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    Subjective descriptions of guitar tones are largely worthless anyway, no matter how fancy the adjectives, or how florid the prose... in much the same way as listening to the wine snob at the vineyard wax poetic about "citrus notes, earthy undertones, and a velvety nose" won't tell me if l'm gonna like it or not. There's only one way to find out, and this scenario is no different. Absent a sound clip and/or more info about what's in your signal chain...specifically what you've got going on for cabs/IR's, any additional EQ, and what you're listening through... it will be virtually impossible to diagnose what the issue is from afar. Plus, the ugly truth that nobody ever wants to hear is that 99.97% of the time the problem ain't the gear...no matter how comforting it might be to lay the blame at it's feet. My gut reaction (if you're new to modeling) is to say that you just don't know what you're doing yet. That's not a dig... nobody does at first. Modelers are not amps, and attempting to dial in sounds as you would if it were your favorite tube amp and cabinet will yield disappointing (if not outright nauseating) results. Check out Jason Sadites' YouTube channel for some excellent Helix- specific tutorials for all the how's and why's of creating tones.
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    Not as easy as you thought, eh?...;)
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    Instead of using hundreds of words to describe something cant be described, we only need to know few things to (try) to help; How are you listening the Helix. Speakers, monitors, headphones etc. Give us details about that. Describe EXACTLY your signal, from the start to the end. Routing and everything. Describe your Helix Global Settings for the signal. In and Outs, and FX Loops if being used Give people a reference, like a specific preset name you are using, something to put everyone on the same page. Dont do comparisons with other things, like plugins or other devices, this never helps and sometimes may sounds a flame starter, especially on a first ever post. If possible, keeps other stuff out of the equation (PCs, audio interfaces, pedals etc) This could be a good start. :)
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    #1 makes a lot of sense. Mainly for the ground lift. Do mic level if you want the level to resemble a real microphone...line level if the console actually has pads on the XLR #2 line for a headrush...
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    Yeah, just place the looper block at the complete end of your chain! As any effect which is after the looper, as you said, will affect the looper block looping your recorded sound!
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    In the end, all of these discussions boil down to exactly this... unfortunately, "I spent money, so I shouldn't have to lift a finger beyond that" is an impossible nut to crack.
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    Helix, PC212+, Scarlett 18i20, Ext HD, Printer, Wireless Mouse, 4 MIDI controllers (KB, eDrums, nanoKontrol for DAWs, Grid controller for LIVE! - oh, yeah, I forgot the FCB1010 - that's 5 MIDI/11 USB total) . No monitors though. The Helix is connected to the PC212+ by L6 Link, and the PC212+ Outs are connected by XLR to the Scarlett. The Scarlett also connects back to the PC212+ to get amp sims into it. There's a G10 wireless connected to the Helix by 1/4" to AUX (for bass, main guitar is cabled to Guitar IN), and the G10 XLR goes to the Scarlett (for dry tracking and amp sims). Laptop audio out goes to the Scarlett also so I can get backing trax and streaming audio sources into the DAW. The Helix and Scarlett USB go straight to the laptop, everything else connects either to the powered hub or the USB C hub (regular USB ports connected to the laptop by C Port). The trick for me was to connect the external HD to the USB C hub and all the MIDI controllers and the Mouse dongle to the powered hub. Blessed silence! Naturally, after trying EVERY USB in EVERY port, with and without the Isolator, the ext HD to USB C hub was the last thing I tried.....
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    You can have trails when switching snapshots to, for example a clean sound within a preset. The easiest method is using one of Helix's onboard delays and set the trails parameter on. If you rely on the Maxon in your loop for delay then per your post regarding your routing, if you switch to a snapshot that does not include the loop with the Maxon delay then of course you will be cutting of your trails as well. Perhaps there might be a way around this by putting the Maxon's loop on a parallel path so that when you switch to the clean snapshot you could turn only it's send off but leave the return on allowing the Maxon to continue sending any trails but not receiving any new signal in the clean preset. This might allow whatever was last sent in the previous high gain snapshot, before the switch to clean, to trail through. Don't know, have never tried anything like that.
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    I assumed you were using L6 Link, which does not carry MIDI. L6 Link will, when the Powercab settings IN THE HELIX PRESET are set to SPEAKER/NATURAL, set that properly in the Powercab. Set that way, it's SUPPOSED to disable the HF Driver, but doesn't always do that. That's why you need to add a MIDI cable and use MIDI to FORCE the Powercab to do what you want. We're all hoping for an update/bug-fix, but L6 is stubbornly mute on the subject.
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    As far as I know it doesn't work that way. Whenever I assign multiple blocks to one foot-switch they all toggle on and off together. I could be wrong but I think the most you might be able to do would be to use the "bypass" button to enable or disable one or more of those blocks (turn them on or off). That way, whichever blocks were off will toggle on and whichever blocks were on will toggle off. I did that on a couple of my presets when I first got going with Helix. I could have either this tone or than tone. Once I started using snapshots all that disappeared.
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    Not really.... physically loading down a guitar will be more reactive than simply setting an EQ. I think it's great that this "purist" option is available in the Helix. There were generally two ways people ran their traditional pedal boards... whether they new it or not. if you always had a buffered pedal at the front of your chain then your guitar ALWAYS see's that impendence regardless of whether or not it was on/off. This was the way the Helix was setup for AUTO by default. If you have True Bypass pedals at the front of the chain... then the impedance is changing all the time, depending on the first pedal that is turned on. This is the new "option" available on the Helix and will make the purist crowd much happier.... FWIW... I run wireless so none of this effects me in any way. I just set my input Impedance to 1M to avoid any surprises along the way.
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    Looks like you are already trying Left/MONO... and that is the correct option as stated by several people. The proper solution is to identify and correct the source of the phasing. As already stated, it is likely the two cab/IR's that are out of align. While using the Left/MONO output only.... disengage one of the cab blocks to see if the phasing goes away. If it does.... then there are two options.... Time align the CAB with a delay until the phasing goes away and save the preset. You can now go from Stereo to MONO any time you want. or...... simply turn off one of the cabs (your choice) when you need to go mono. (NOTE: If it doesn't appear to be the cab, then turn off/on each block one by one until you identify the block causing the problem) There is a saying in the studio.... "MIX in Stereo, FIX in Mono". The same thing applies here. When you fix the MONO sound to work, the Stereo sound will actually benefit from it.
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    On the contrary, snapshots are exactly what you want. Yes, you can...I do it all day long. Most of my patches have 2 amps... one clean, one dirty, and I toggle between them with snapshots. Yes, you can.
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    Congratulations on the new Helix! There have been a lot of enhancements since your last go. Until others here on the User Support Forums provide you more specific info, Snapshots (up to 8 of which may be defined within any Preset) are the way to go. They are incredibly powerful and flexible. You'll also want to explore enabling the Trails parameter of the FXs that you want to trail out. Also know that with most recent firmware version 3.11 you now have the option for Instantaneous Preset Switching. This is not precisely what you are asking, yet it is a recent and very powerful feature. Note, however, that this requires using all of the second DSP chip's resources so that you will not be able to use Signal Paths 2A and 2B. See the firmware 3.11 version Release Notes for more information on this. Also see HelixHelp.com for lots of helpful information.
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    Fav. power source: wind park Fav. speaker: Jason Sadites
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    I was going to mention this earlier, but forgot. You’ll need to go to Global Settings>Switches/Pedals>EXP1 Position and EXP 2 Position and make sure they’re both set to Per Preset or Global. If they’re set to Per Snapshot, the value of the parameters controlled by the pedals will be saved per snapshot. So that could be why you’re experiencing weirdness.
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    It is available in POD Go Edit as well. You just right click on the block, and it’s one of the options available in the menu that pops up.
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    I actually think this setting was a welcome and extremely useful addition. I used to assign my impedance('Guitar In-Z) value to snapshots and switch it according to which block was the first active in the snapshot, so for me the 'First Enabled' option gave me an automated and more elegant solution, active in every preset/snapshot, that does not require additional snapshot editing.
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    Thank you! Unfortunately the shipping is more than the antennas!
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    I haven't had to touch a single footswitch on my Helix ever since I started using my Morningstar MC 8. Since it has two pages of footswitch assignments that gives me a total of 16 footswitches at my disposal for every preset. Pricey? Yeah, I suppose at $309, but worth every penny.
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    Hi Joeydego, I recommend using the stock antennas for optimal performance as they were designed to be used specifically with the G50 digital wireless system. These can be found on our web-store here: https://shop.line6.com/accessories/wireless-accessories/relay-g50-antenna-pair.html Thanks!
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    Tip: use the Helix backups instead of versioning each preset multiple times. I use one preset-per-song. I need to reorder them as needed when my band decides on the set order. I use another playlist folder to store "backups" of all my presets, just in case I accidentally do something stupid right before going onstage. I make a Helix backup after very single (often trivial) change. That's how I version my presets as well. If I realized that a month ago my preset sounded better than what I have right now, I: 1. retrieve that helix backup 2. restore my presets into another preset folder 3. copy and paste it from there. It's a lot easier than keeping a ton of old presets IMO. But to each his own.
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    Hi, Yes, it is both possible and absolutely necessary to register your copy of Helix Native. If you don't activate the registration, it will work as the demo version until the end of the trial period. To activate your Helix Native plug-in, sign in to your Line 6 account. Once there, click the activation link on the lefthand side panel headed Hardware & Software , enter your activation code, and click submit. Your activation code is located in the Software Activation Instructions email sent from your Sales Engineer, or on the Invoice for your purchase. Then you will need to authorise your computer to use the newly installed plug-in. Simply open your DAW, launch Helix Native, and sign in with your Line 6 username and password. Open your DAW of choice and insert the Helix Native plug-in to a track. Sign in with your Line 6 username and password. Click Authorize This Computer. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    Riff da divano #32 - Derek and the dominos (Eric Clapton) - Layla - Guitar cover - Free Line6 Helix patch Hi everybody, this is my Helix patch for “Layla” by Derek and the dominos (Eric Clapton) - you can download for free! Ciao a tutti, questa è la mia patch per il brano “Layla” dei Derek and the dominos (Eric Clapton) - potete scaricarla gratis! https://youtu.be/8uTLibNV5ko
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    Thank you all for the feedback so far and some of the work around suggestions. I will go and check Ideascale for the feature request. Essentially we are just looking for a database view in HX Edit. No need to reorder and store in the Helix itself or even in the patch files.
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    That's a True Bypass pedal, so if it's sitting next to the HXS on your board it shouldn't affect it when it's OFF.
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    I love Johan Segeborn's vids. All those vintage amps, amazing chops and his relaxing Swedish diction :)
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    Are you using just the amp models and no Amp+Cab blocks or any separate cab blocks? When running the Stomp through a guitar cab, no internal cabs should be active. Otherwise yes, it would be odd. Usually, IMO at least, the Helix amps are pretty much on the bright side. Edit: waymda beat me to it.
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    First, in Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo, set MIDI PC Tx to OFF. This prevents HXFX from automatically sending the PC that corresponds to the selected HXFX Preset. In CommandCenter, select the Snapshot you want to use. Set the first IC (lightning bolt) to the PC you want on the external device. SAVE. Select the next Snapshot you want to use. Repeat the process. Repeat the process on all Snapshots that you want to use. Save the Preset on the Snapshot that you want to load with the Preset. If you have multiple external pedals that you want to control, set each to receive on a separate MIDI Channel, and use an IC for each with the proper MIDI Channel specified. If the device has only one Bank of Presets, you can leave the Bank Commands set to OFF. Otherwise, set the Bank command, usually CC#0 (RTM for your device to determine if it's CC#0 or CC#32), to the Bank# on the device. Example: CC#0 = 0 is usually Bank 1; CC#0 =1 is usually Bank 2, etc.
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    I can't think of any reason that an IR in Helix with Powercab in FRFR mode would sound different than the same IR in Powercab. The actual processing should be the same. Where IRs in Powercab are useful is if your modeler doesn't support IRs, doesn't have enough DSP space for the IR in the patch, or you want to save a block in something like HX Stomp. I haven't actually compared them though as I use IRs in Helix out of convenience, use amp+cab models in HX Stomp to save the block, and mostly use Powercab in FRFR mode. I have however used the speaker models in Powercab on occasion and found them pretty useful. They sound different, and different is ok. Sometimes when we're comparing things we spend too much time trying to make them sound the same, thinking one is bad if we can't get them the same. Instead we should celebrate their differences and use them to our advantage.
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    As I stated previously - I’m aware of the global pandemic creating problems in the manufacturing sector, but before everyone starts to panic about a famine of Helix units, a cursory trawl of U.K. distributors revealed all of these have boxes available for immediate delivery. Some possibly have 8 or 9 Helix Floor models in stock - sadly, they all are the standard issue finish - black! When I told the Porsche dealer that I wanted a red 911 (because everyone knows the red ones go faster), he just grinned and said I would have to wait. Oh, dear, what a shame. Anyhow, as we are doing lists now - here ya go! https://www.yamahamusiclondon.com/product.php?product_id=GHELIXUK&source=froogle&gclid=CjwKCAjw3MSHBhB3EiwAxcaEu9GkpZYcXl8ZT97P-mgxu5fjtthzAgt8BzgnhFbQQxmUYz6YkGbPFxoC53wQAvD_BwE https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/electric-guitar-amps/amp-simulators/line-6-helix-floor-multi-effects-unit https://www.bax-shop.co.uk/multi-effects-pedals/line-6-helix-multi-effects-processor?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=surfaces&gclid=CjwKCAjw3MSHBhB3EiwAxcaEu-RKd650_bOtzR1ZnRpHk_s_GB5GIAw06iAryQdUDA1TmGr52N_5CBoCJkMQAvD_BwE https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/150611287296002--line-6-helix-floor?gclid=CjwKCAjw3MSHBhB3EiwAxcaEux27hJ-YR5Fjy6To3-xrfZRw0p7XR2RRAscCJtcAiZzhVtU-ClMmNxoCJXsQAvD_BwE https://musicstreet.co.uk/collections/multi-effects/products/line-6-helix-guitar-processor https://www.guitar.co.uk/line-6-helix-guitar-multi-effects-pedal?gclid=CjwKCAjw3MSHBhB3EiwAxcaEu1UbLO1fPYKhAWXj1Pi-YKhfjWm6I9W2Jja-4ryNUxXgHNDI553VQxoCIb0QAvD_BwE https://www.gak.co.uk/en/line-6-helix-guitar-processor/118534?gclid=CjwKCAjw3MSHBhB3EiwAxcaEu7Li2iY4y0YeSfTp8qtkfyEzuVyVU0_5u6w5hIPurHrXG60byLAnHhoCfZAQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds https://www.peachguitars.com/line-6-helix-floor-tour-grade-guitar-processor.htm?opt=11321&gclid=CjwKCAjw3MSHBhB3EiwAxcaEu2RNijdWq67Bvr1EsoVHRCl9l1-QQ_32SrmswR4L35yNXaUv9bmTqBoC-FIQAvD_BwE https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/line-6-helix-floor-effects-processor-with-free-soft-case?gclid=CjwKCAjw3MSHBhB3EiwAxcaEu9tOV18Rzj6lSAtzQc2Y88_h7ZGGD0HsBkiX-bJdNEy04FPaFL5SdRoC_QoQAvD_BwE https://www.kennysmusic.co.uk/line-6-helix-guitar-processor?source=googleps&gclid=CjwKCAjw3MSHBhB3EiwAxcaEu-Re0RR2XS3cSXYHJNir7hxwcKUIGk4Qf_0gBCcxkCrDE4p4UNRzzxoCBioQAvD_BwE https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Line-6-Helix-Floor/art-GIT0035869-000?campaign=GShopping/GB&ProgramUUID=5G_AqJarZwoAAAFl0FZyjI8V&gclid=CjwKCAjw3MSHBhB3EiwAxcaEu8Lc9wb4a6Tp_m2xl7jmaogd1gevBrx6HwKz-Kaf2bwSaAV16-TmThoCmt0QAvD_BwE https://www.thomann.de/gb/line6_helix_guitar_processor.htm
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    I can confirm I'm currently running Helix Native 3.11 on my M1 MBA running Monterey Public Beta 1 in Logic 10.6.3. Installed Logic Installed Helix Native Opened Logic in Rosetta mode, ignored warning about incompatible plugin, tested HN all good Closed Logic, unchecked Rosetta Opened Logic, all is working Runs great, about the same as it did under Big Sur with the same process followed. Way better than my 2019 Intel MBA ran it in Big Sur.
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    Always been like that, since recorded music exists. If you isolate most famous rock guitar riff from '60/70, out of the mix, they sounds weird at best, when not totally horrible (yep, mixing voodoo). Problem is today many people play and noodle mostly alone (and waste more time chasing tone than playing), so they wouldnt really need that technology if they only want to enjoy that amp in the room feeling, especially for high gain stuff (for cleans, modeling is imho in general much better than amp in the room). Mic'ing an amp, always meant to be for recording and mix, or for live. My opinion is, if you want just to noodle hendrix solos in your bedroom (if that's ok for the neighbors), just stick with a real amp, even small, and forget modeling.
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    That...and the problem exposed above... the mistaken assumption that every amp bearing the same model number, when dialed with the same settings, will sound identical...and therefore the digital models should too. It would be lovely if life were that simple.
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    We hope you've enjoyed this episode of Subjective Truth...be sure to tune in tomorrow when we'll finally answer a question that has plagued mankind for centuries: "Lima beans: Hero or Villian?". Same dumb time, same dumb channel. Tastes great! Less filling! ;)
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    Please, do yourself a favour, DO NOT USE the unit, and ship for repair!
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    Wow… Yeah, that looks fried. Hard to say what caused it. It could have just been a weak solder joint that eventually failed, or perhaps one of those components just failed. Was the Helix above something that was generating a lot of heat? That even seems unlikely though.
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    Does anyone know if the AES/EBU cable also passes MIDI CC info? I'd like to avoid having to connect a 5 pin MIDI cable if I don't have to
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    What is your signal chain and where do you have reverb in your chain? It should either be at the end of your chain after your amp, cab and any delay, or alternatively for a spring reverb, this can also sound good between the amp and cab. Check that your room reverb doesn't have decay set too high; the stock setting might be too high here and may need turning down.
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    Glad to hear it. I doubt they will. I can think of several "fixes", but not sure any of them really makes sense: Add the ability to set the PC preset from the Helix. The current capability is to have control over all parameters that would go into a preset, but not to set the preset itself. Echo the Helix preset name on the PC Instead of displaying the last preset on the PC with <edit>, replace that with static text (e.g., "Helix" or "From Helix"). Other ideas?
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    Doing a factory reset (holding down FS2 & FS3 while powering up) should get names back if they're missing. If you created a backup, restore from backup after doing the reset.
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    Hi, I had exactly the same problem with my FS7 foot switch. But I think I've just fixed the issue. Apart from setting the EXP/FS to FS4 and FS5, I changed the 'TIP POLARITY' to 'Inverted' and the 'RING POLARITY' to 'Inverted'. They were both previously set to 'Normal'. Just to clarify, this is in 'Global Setting' under 'Preferences'. As far as the foot switch, it seems to work if the polarity is set to l or ll. And of course it's set to Momentary. Now my FS7 is working fine. Hope that helps!
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    I believe this video will walk you right through what you're looking for:
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    Hi, having been driven crazy for a few days the setup below go my system working FIRST MAKE SURE POD FARM IS NOT RUNNING Then open line6 audio midi devices from start menu. select Inputs and recording Tab >> Select Source (Example Inst. & Mic1.) Select Driver Tab >> Click on <Sound control panel> and set to Dvd Quality as per earlier posts. Click <Apply> then <Ok> to close Audio midi devices control panel. Now start POD Farm you should now have the ability to select Instrument / Mic1 for tone A or if set to Dual for BOTH. Everything should be working ok from them on. Oh also had really bad crackling audio and found setting buffers to EXTRA SMALL fixed it, was not expecting that had been making them bigger and bigger with no effect. hope it helps someone. Regards Damian
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    Hi John! First of all let me tell you something: your job seems pretty amazing. Being a wedding DJ sounds less boring than being an accountant. I am sorry for what happened to your microphone. Also, I’m afraid I can’t be of any help to you: I know nothing of stuff like that. I usually hire experts that do pretty much all the job for me. With regard to events like weddings, I’ve recently discovered a great stage hire company based in London. I thought I should share my founding with someone. Trust me, I’m speaking from my own experience: indeed my family and I benefited from the services of this company in the past and we couldn’t have been more satisfied.
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