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    Don't forget you can also use a blank preset as a header name. I put dash lines in front and behind my headers. - - - Devil Tones - - - Cauldron Pitchfork Goat Herder - - - Angel Tones - - - Halo White Wings Pearly Gate Its a handy method for making small groups and easy to create, organize and read using the Helix Editor. MIDI is the fastest and easiest way to find to a tone....push a button and go straight to it. Use an iPhone and a camera connect kit to interface it to the Helix MIDI port, and there are plenty of apps available.
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    There are no shortcuts, no. Listen and adjust accordingly. Stand by to be told that you need six different varieties of dB meters, a live chicken, and a Ouija board to level patch volumes properly. Pay no attention. The two things you need, you already have: 1) Ears. 2) The channel volume parameter, and/ or the output block volume.
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    So, I've just ordered a HX Stomp. I can definitely see why someone might prefer the Effects, but I think the Stomp will be ideal for me. Thanks.
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    This is a very, very interesting comparison for me. After spending a year with my HX Effects, I'm totally in on the capabilities of the Helix platform. Hey, if the HXFX can breathe new life into my ancient Tech 21 Trademark 60 (TM60), that's a huge win in my book. My TM60 is set clean on channel 1, and my favorite "pedalboard" lately features the Tone Sovereign, and using Snapshots to change Tone Sovereign settings without having to twist any virtual knobs... love it. That said, I've been looking for ways to overcome some of the limitations inherent when using stomps with a clean amp (or an amp's clean channel, as with my TM60). And, after a year with it, I've found I've settled in to using just a few templates overall and, surprisingly, a lot fewer effects than I thought. The "limitations" of the HX Stomp suddenly aren't as, well, limiting. I could definitely see myself moving up from the HXFX to the HX Stomp, with the full amp models with cabinets with mics taking the place of the "pedalboard foundations" I've created for my HXFX. I don't use expression pedals (yet) so that's not a factor, and I don't have other effects pedals to patch in as that was the point of getting the HXFX in the first place. :) I could probably get away with using a 1/4-inch outputs from the HX Stomp into the effects return of the TM60, as the Celestion 70-80 speaker in there is pretty neutral (to my ears, anyway) and it would probably function well enough as a monitor, sort of like Tech 21's Power Engine combos. Additionally, I dabble in playing bass as well, and would play it on anything I choose to record, likely using the Stomp as an interface (just like I used to with my GuitarPort!), so... more points for HX Stomp. Thanks for this informative post. Interesting, indeed.
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    For me the lesson is not always the obvious. Sometimes you have to set the bigot down in front of "All in the Family" and hope he recognizes how stupid he looks :) What I like about this video and several others that are similar is not "what sounds better than what".... it's the exposure of confirmation bias. NO, I am not looking to ridicule the tube snob for choosing the Helix, or the Squier hater for choosing a Squier CV over a Custom Shop.... it's made ME aware of my own confirmation bias. EG: I never had an open mind toward the stock cabs on the Helix until I became aware of my own bias. NOTE: I'm not saying I like stock cabs because I watched THIS video... I'm saying I opened my mind to the stock cabs after watching videos like this!
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    If all you're doing is going into the computer and your studio monitors are connected to the Stomp, 6 blocks can get you some nice sounds. If you're going all Pink Floyd ambient craziness, maybe not. If you're using 4cm with an amp and need a second output with an IR to send to FOH, you've already used two blocks before you even start setting up the main sound. If you buy Helix hardware, you get the Native plugin for $99 (vs what, $399?). That means you can record an effected track and a clean track, then add effects or create whole new sounds ITB. Remember, with the hardware you're no longer constrained by latency or samplerate/buffer issues with your old PC, you're just recording. OTOH, a step up to an LT won't be much used (under $1000), and people are getting full on Helix Floor units for <>$1000. Up to 32 blocks, expression/volume pedal.......
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    I didn't give a $hit enough to start...;)
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    Agreed! Some of the guitar cabs are far better than many bass cabs... for bass use! One important trick for me is to avoid the use of certain mics (57 Dyn cuts lows!). In my experience, a close (1'') 414 Cond or 121 Ribbon give me the best results. If some cab is too dark, then the 47 Cond helps (this is what comes with the SVT by default). Then the 4038 Ribbon boosts lows too much, it is useful sometimes, but I am not sure if there is the need to boost lows when there are so many cabs that work well. Avoiding medium distance "57 Dyn" is what makes MANY guitar cabs usable for me. My favorites bass cabs (Forgive comments in "Spanglish"): Also "No cab" works really well for me. With some EQ to tame and "voice" high frequencies, but totally transparent with lows. It avoids phasing issues. We bass players have enough with our "FRFR" cabs, they are not that "transparent" in the lows, so there is no need to make the problem twice as bad. I have certain theory why some "good" or "professional" or "thoroughly recorded" cab models are not so great with the Helix or any other modeller. Their responses are anything but "tight". 1x18 Woody Blue may sound good with headphones, but I doubt it is good with the full band and using any practical real cab in stage with the full band at high volume. To me it sounds really BAD. I can understand why some bass multi effect users are enthusiastic with their presets tuned with headphones without a band and then in the first rehearsal the band tell them "This is for guitars, your old bass amp sounded way better". ================== About the blend: Some overdrives / distortion have. And this is great because this avoids certain subtle problems that appear when using parallel paths. The problem with parallels paths (besides being very limited in number) has to do with phasing issues, they are different for each amplifier or overdrive. These issues are far worse in bass than in guitar. I know that this topic can be very controversial. Some ODs don't have a blend control, but they work at low / moderate gains "as if" they had a clean parallel path. If you play bass I recommend to try Teemah! for this reason. Teemah! and Obsidian 7000 are my favorite dirts. I have a preset that is simply Teemah! plus an EQ (instead of cab) plus effects, this is one of my favorites with the band. Because it is "rich enough" but "TIGHT". And I need my bass to sound very tight in many songs / band situations. Next in my "OD" list are 3 bass amps (SV Beast and Tuck'n'Go) and then Clawthorn Drive. There are many usable blocks to create OD / Distortion, some are bass amps, some are guitar amps. IME many of them are totally unusable for bass. But there are some surprises, for example the LEGACY heavy distortion (this one requires a parallel path). Or the Tube Screamer emulation is too "treebly", but does not CUT bass, so it admits EQ to restore bass... and does not require a parallel path! (it works better in a band context this way). I really would like to add a blend control in overdrives and distortions. Now I know it is not trivial to add if done properly. Hope it helps.
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    Hi All My expression pedal has stopped working for me, any ideas on how to trouble shoot this. Is this hardware? I have been trying to use this pedal and it no longer has any effect on my patches. Have been able to switch controller to variax volume or tone control and those work fine but expression pedal (exp1 or exp 2) seems to be dead. Try to reinstall flash memory but this had no effect. Any ideas? Thanks Found this and it solved my problem. f the Onboard expression pedal of the POD HD500 does not sweep through parameter values as it normally would, you may need to perform a pedal calibration to reset the functionality of the expression pedal: Hold the down the RIGHT ARROW button on the 4 Way Nav Pad while powering the unit on, until you see the “Test Mode†screen (Pedal Cal, etc.), and then proceed with the steps below: If not already selected, use on the 4 Way Nav Pad to select “Pedal Cal,†as shown above. Press the VIEW button. Set the pedal to the minimum “heel†position, then press the A footswitch to set a value for the Duty Cycle. You’ll see the value set to “100.†Set the pedal to the maximum “toe†position, then press the B footswitch to set a value for the Duty Cycle. Again, you’ll see the value set to “100,†as in step 3. Press the C footswitch to prepare for automatic selection of the Scaled Pedal Value and move the pedal from min. to max. You should see the Scaled Pedal Values read “0†at the heel position and “255†and the toe position. If you get values other than 0 and 255, power off and repeat these steps, starting at step 1. Press the D footswitch to save the settings. You’ll be returned to the Test Mode screen and the Pedal Cal item will show a “P†to indicated that the pedal calibration is complete! Power your device off and back on again to start using it. ***Please Note: Re-calibration of the POD HD500's expression pedal is necessary after performing a Global Settings reset. Instructions for how to perform a Global Settings reset is available here.
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    You are completely right with the wet sound. Sorry if I confused someone. That video was just too good to hide. Great player, nice guitar and just one block on the big Helix! I saw the video and this thread right afterwards so I couldn't resist ...... .... sorry once more!
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    Pointing to the manual (albeit French... which works for you ) is not a bad suggestion, but was the downvote of the OP really necessary? The OP knows the options, just wanted advice on which one to choose. This forum is all about advice and helping out :)
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    I didn't catch the contradiction when I first watched the video... that's why I thought I would point it out. Overall that video is great... that's why I watched it a few times. Tim's a great player with an open mind when it comes to gear... it's nice to hear his thoughts on these types of things.
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    You can split the path after the FX Loop block if that's what you want to do. That will will work fine. You'll be sending the same signal to both amps by doing that.
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    What matters is what it sounds like to you. There's no right or wrong. Given your skepticism about opinions you're reading I think the best way for you to decide is to buy the HX Stomp, test things out for yourself, and return it if you don't like it. What you'll get in response here will likely fall into two camps: It's not OK to run through a standard amp (the majority), and it is OK to do so (a minority). From what you've said you're going to disagree with the former and agree with the latter - but you won't have any personal experience to base your decision on. So get your experience.
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    Ocassional mistakes aren't dumb. Not admitting them is. I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. There are so many parameters and options with setups these days, mistakes are just going to happen.
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    well Im obviousy a bit different! I start by listening to it. I noodle a bit to get a sense of what sort of sound this is. Is it good for snappy parts?...thick chords? fast runs, big sustain?... Once I feel I have the gist of the amp Ill start teaking the knobs a bit to maximies the potential within the parameters that the amps has suggested. I never pick a model on the basis of having a predetermined sound in my head. I do, obviously go to the general gain range...so if Im looking for a bick overdriven tome I know not to start with the Jazz Rivet!
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    Oh I dunno......, almost said it lol.... ; )
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    I went ahead and set all the DT Topology settings to the best of my ability for the first 13 presets of Helix 2.81. Would anyone be interested in that backup? Can you even use someone else's backup? I was going to try to put it up for free on the Market, but you have to be a vendor. Then, I was going to put it up in CustomTone, but it looks like you have to go patch by patch. That would take an enormous amount of time. Any suggestions? Can I just upload my .hxb here? Here is the spreadsheet I used to create it. The rig: Line 6 Helix Floor 2.81 DT 50 Head 2015 Les Paul Traditional Pro III Marshall 1922 Cab Line6HelixtoDTConnectivity.pdf
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    Thx Silverhead for your answer. Very happy to be a new member of THE Community.
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    Yes you can update directly to v2.81. Please read and carefully follow the update directions. No you do not need to make a backup. I suggest that you select to update the factory presets as part of the update procedure; this will provide you with the v2.81 factory presets, replacing the v2.30 that are currently on your device. You will encounter this option as you follow the update directions.
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    Absolutely nothing wrong with doing it that way. If you want to go slightly further than the recommended number of receivers in the daisy chain, it's better to wire them this way.
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    Same with the newer Note 8 phone. Good to know! Thanks
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    I've been able to use the cc#s with a rocktron midi mate I didn't even know this was a problem
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    that´ll work for sure...but that´s not why we bought helix, right....?
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    That's cool, I tried to do a similar thing using Chrome's arc welder, I got the app running on OS X but no Bluetooth support in that framework. As a developer, I'd encourage Line6 to publish the specs for the Bluetooth protocol so anyone could write an editor. As they make no money from their software, more platforms would clearly mean more sales, and a more future proofing for customers.
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