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    I'm pretty sure it's presets, not snapshots, since the OP mentioned "next song". If the issue is indeed with a volume dropout between presets, I have not ever had an issue with it, because typically there is some kind of a pause in-between songs. For example in my case we play a 4 song medley that goes for 15 minutes, and I always am able to find a place where I can switch to the next preset. I even have one "hybrid" preset that wraps up the previous song so I can start the next song without any interruptions. Others here already provided info about preset spillover and snapshots. I honestly never felt the need to use preset spillover and limit my signal path to 1/2 of what it can be...
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    Are we really talking snapshots here? I mean, why would you create two identical snapshots within one patch?
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    I've seen no pitchforks on TGP regarding updates, at least not in the FX section. I've seen some speculation about the next generation of Helix; what it might look like, what it might be called.
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    Actually, DI is being as coy as ever. He said they MIGHT split in into two phases. At first he said it would be called 3.15, then he later said no, it would still be 3.2. The new products are unknown except that he said they would not be related to or interface to Helix devices "in any meaningful way". He also said the term "intellectual property" may be too strong of a term. Careful not to project other TGPers speculations and interpretations as the gospel according to DI. As for guessing new features the standard approach is "they'll include all the things I personally want", so I personally will not go there.
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    It would also be helpful if you attached the offending preset for analysis.
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    There shouldn’t be any dropout between snapshots, but I’d need to understand more on how you have each head connected to actually guess as to what’s going on.
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    Click on your output block and then look at the helix. Click on your compressor block then look at the helix.
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