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    I didn't know you could plug an instrument into an FX return. Thanks for the info Kilrahi.
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    Hey bros! Please, read this before you go watch the video, it’s really important. The main reason I made this channel was because I love music, gear, tweaking and make a living with this. The second reason was to be able to provide the best Tone to everyone, rich or poor, there are a lot of great people that just can’t afford good patches. So, the only way I have to accomplish the second reason it’s becoming possible the first one. I am counting with all of you, together, we can make the difference. Share with the world! Love you all guys! https://youtu.be/f5nDoVvM85c
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    I think for a lot of people having snapshots is sufficient for there live use. I know that’s the case for me. I will typically use like three or four presets in a show, but each of them is set up with 8 snapshots. So that gives me a lot of flexibility when it comes to getting a wide variety of sounds out of a single amp model.
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    It would still be better to go a different route. Plug one of you into an FX return and put them on the second path. Your earlier way won't hurt it, but the above way will have unmatched separation of sound, and you can each set up your own signal chain.
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    Another, perhaps more flexible approach would be to allow patches to “link” to other patches and inherit their configuration with the ability to override settings. Any changes to the linked to (or target) patch that are not overridden in the linking (or source) patch could be automatically inherited by all the linking patches. This makes whole patches reusable, not just blocks. And it would be very easy to implement as it is a common software pattern.
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