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    My free $hit isn't here yet, and I demand ANSWERS! I have absolutely no patience, and I approve this message. (paid for by the Who Needs QC? Deliver Tomorrow Yesterday PAC)
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    An unfortunately very common hat size......
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    That's life (that's life) that's what people say You're riding high in April Shot down in May But I know I'm gonna change that tune When I'm back on top, back on top in June......
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    It's obviously limited, though in my opinion incredibly flexible by form factor. If you use it seriously live as a flyrig, as i do then a morningstar MC6 Mkii its well worth the money. My whole board has infinite switching options now and the rig fits in my suitcase. As someone who usually tours with an AxeFX this little unit does an incredible job for festivals and light, fast setup scenarios. If you want to expand it you can, or just stick it in your guitar bag as a standalone. You want more options, you certainly can have them. The only other thing i purchased was a set of TRS to Male XLR short cables so i could circumvent the need for Di boxes and its now perfectly usable in professional live environments. With the Strymon i now have one power cable to plug in and run everything + two balanced outputs = ready to go in seconds.
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    Yes, I think it was added back when snapshots were added. Just hold both of the switches down for a few seconds, and you can scroll through their available functions - Bank, Preset, or Snapshot Up/Down.
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    You can do that with the Helix if you change the function of FS1 and FS7 to Snapshot Up and Down...
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    I use multiple G10s. For Helix I use one base unit plus the wireless bud to go from guitar to helix, and one base unit and bud to go from 1/4" out to my P/A speaker. That usually works fine but sometimes if I don't turn them on in the right order (it seems), I get a weird feedback sound instead of the guitar signal. THis is rare and once I reset everything it works again. To your point, I have not tried charging a transmitter while simultaneously using the base unit and other bud for the guitar wireless. Intriguing and I have the capability to test this for you. I will try it tomorrow! I have no idea whether it will work but I will post again to let you know.
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    Make sure both devices and the computer are connected through an EMI filtered power strip, to the same house circuit. One that doesn't share with appliances, fluorescent or rheostat controlled lights. If that doesn't do it, try different USB cables. According to Frank Richotte (L6 boss, over on TGP) the Helix is very sensitive to USB cable quality.
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    I have the VP Jr. ( 25K) Use it as an expression pedal for EXP 2 instead of using the toe switch. Works great. sweep resolution and feel is better than Helix built in foot pedal IMO.
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    You have to create a volume block in your signal chain and assign that block to be controlled by exp 2. Same with a wah... place the wah block in the signal chain and assign it to be controlled by exp 2.
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    I really liked this one. Oddly enough, I have been wanting to create a patch for this to celebrate the upcoming July 4th so you saved me some serious time. Thank you!
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    The one about the swollen organ is my favorite!
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