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    Don't know why but ever since updating to 2.80 and playing around with the king of tone and other effects I've been thinking about what pedals would be great additions to the helix. At the moment, my number one pedal would be the Buggfx Daydream delay. Such an insane little pedal. Or maybe an emulation of the eventide h3000 with the band delays effect. Anyway, just curious what you guys want to see possibly come in future updates. Cheers.
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    You purchased a preset pack or something? I think the code means the product has been already activated. You can download your activated preset packs here: My Account>Hardware&Software>Helix Marketplace
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    No EQ needs "mix" parameter because EQ phase shifts would make completely new EQ curve.
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    Surprised nobody's posted anything on this here yet, but Mikko from ML Soundlabs just released what I think is an absolute game changer for IR's. You can create your own with the cabinets and mics he's included and export them to wav files. Load the cab, pick your individual or custom combination mics and position them wherever you want. Been playing around with the free version all day and it's awesome. Mikko makes (imo) the best IR's available and now he's giving us the ability to make our own with this software. Check this out: His customer service is outstanding as well. I downloaded this last night and couldn't figure out how to mute the raw sound going in, sent him an email asking what to do and today we got this video. He even emailed me back directly to let me know it was up. Been talking a little bit with him since I got his Mesa cab pack a little while ago and he's just a good dude overall. It's nice to see someone that puts out this good of a product and still takes time to talk with the lowly bedroom warriors like myself. Props to you Mikko, this is incredible and keep up the great work!
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    This is awsome! With the addition of STL Tones Libra every guitarist will have the convienient tools for making his/her own unique IRs collections. What I miss in Mikko is Z dimension (distance) view switchable from XY view.
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    More importantly can you edit the post and say "Solved...because I didn't follow the update directions provided by Line 6"
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    Great- can u edit the post to say "Solved" now? Thanks
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    It could use a good gated reverb, many reverb pedals have a gated setting, but not on the Helix. The "Twin Harmony" model is meant to be the Eventide H3000, but sure it could be improved/expanded on.
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    If you'd like L6 to take notice of your wish(es), post it over on Ideascale.
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    I did this video because I thought it might help some of you when updating. You can follow along. Glenn DeLaune Premium Patches Portal | Youtube Channel | Line 6 Marketplace
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    I managed to install 1.80 into Logic Pro X 10.4.4 with no issues whatsoever. Made a back up of everything while in Logic, then shut it down. Downloaded the new HX Native Installer and ran it direct from the desktop of my Mac. When the install finished, launched Logic which sniffed the new AU plug in and then Logic opened an existing project which already had an instance of Native on an audio track. Popped open Native from the Channel Strip and v1.80 Native was there - it even remembered all my old Setlist. The IRs needed to be reloaded, but hey, no big deal. Then I loaded the new Factory Preset - click - done! Works a treat – so huge thanks to all the crew at Line 6 for a serious update. Oh, yeah, also there is this from the Release Notes on Knowledge Base: Helix Native Pricing It's not technically a feature, but Helix Native is now $99.99 US for all registered owners of Helix Floor, Helix Rack, Helix LT, HX Effects, and HX Stomp ($300 off).
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    Hi. Installed 2.8 without problems. But there's a bug with the expression pedal. Whenever I engage the wah then go to another snapshot or preset. Exp 1 stays on. It won't go back to exp 2. I have exp 2 assigned to volume. Exp 1 is set to snapshot and exp 2 to global
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    Thanks! I don't know what was going on. The file just wouldn't download properly but now I'm all set with 2.80!
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    It does have that. It has global EQ so you can tweak it yourself. So, for example, set your tones to work with your speaker, then set the global EQ to sound good in your headphones. When you practice with headphones, turn on global EQ. When you play live, turn it off.
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    Hi, arifff, Hello, you are through to the Line 6 Psychic Department. A little complicated to answer this - you haven’t told us what you purchased and/or where from? Interesting error code, could be from anything, anywhere! Is it this? What are the Causes of Windows Error 8727 ? Eventually windows error code 8727 is occur because of missing registry files or dll files. Corrupt or incomplete download installation of windows update software. Virus or malware infection is also one of the main causes of windows error. An important program is mistakenly deleted. Windows error code 8727 can be caused by a variety of factors, so it is important to overcome from this error.
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