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    No idea why that would happen, but...silly question...why not just leave it at the default?
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    As you are aware, the Helix sets the volume block to 'EXP 2' by default. My suggestion is that as a best practice, you leave it at the default unless you have an incredibly compelling reason not to use that setting. Fighting it is prone to user error and It seems to often lead to problems with assignments. It also means you can't go with the default assignment to 'EXP 1' for example when you add a Wah block. Why put yourself through those gyrations? It is also worth checking to make sure your global settings --> 'EXP Pedals' --> 'EXP 1/2/3 Pedal Position' is set correctly to your preferred behavior.
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    I'm always amazed at the crazy things humans do. I would truly be amazed if someone did this mod to a Helix. Silly humans!
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    Oh funny. I feel like a kid who’s tastes changed over 5 years with Helix. Like I didn’t used to like Brussel sprouts and now I do. I do wish I hadn’t sold the Powercab. I’d love to compare side by side. Totally agree with the guitar cab vibe. I just don’t remember HX Cabs sounding as good in PC+ FRFR mode as they do in the L2 reference/PA mode. The speaker models and LF Raw were cool in PC+ though. I guess you really can’t go wrong with either.
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    However, for people with a classic Variax model (earlier), they had various tool like Line6 Monkey which try to download content which they have now hidden. What's odd is that for Mac OS X you can still download the old NON HD workbench. For Windows, there are no variax downloads anymore. Thanks the the vicissitudes of time, getting the non HD workbench running on any Mac OS X version is very very difficult. First there's the version checker in their installer that tells you you need 10.5 or higher, even if you are on a verosion higher than 10.5. Even a version that says in the download notes that it works with High Sierra, actually doesn't. You can get around the install roadblock using a Mac OS app called Pacifist which will basically bypass these errors and let you install these versions. But they won't run after you install them because they depend on a very old Java version (1.4) and don't work on newer java jvms. Even if they did, Mac OS is a land that time forgot with java desktop apps. Hours of messing around and I gave up. Back to Windows 7 where the PODXt live app (gearbox) works fine, but the Variax Workbench shows up in the Line6 monkey app but won't download. Nice job Line6. WPostma
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