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    Hi Another great update from Line6, Helix firmware 3.10. So to you who like to have amps and effects in a condensed easy to read format... this is for you. So, made a new version of my cheat sheet, Line6 Helix Model Summary v3.10, for the ones who still like it on a printed sheet or as a file on your PC/MAC. All models up to firmware 3.10 are in there and appears in the same order as they do on the unite. There is a few parameters I do not yet have the info on, they are marked TBD (eg impedance of the Horizon Drive) and will be updated when I find the info (much appreciated if someone can provide me it to me). Please find attached file. Take care and have fun... //Per Line6 Helix-Model Summary, 3,10-01x.pdf
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    Ultimately I would run two blocks.... mono send and stereo return. This guarantee's a true "mono" send without any information lost. That said, I don't see any harm in running a Stereo Loop block and just using one of the sends. This is fine as long as you know the signal is MONO before the loop block. The caveat here is that many of the legacy blocks are stereo only... so if you use any of those you may want/need to collapse it to mono before the loop block.
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    Hello everybody, I just wanted to let you all know that I released a new version of Helix Help (https://helixhelp.com) today with updated information related to 3.10. This includes the new models, release notes, as well as an updated "Reset Options" section with information regarding the HX Stomp XL. More updates will be coming over the next few weeks to tighten things up a bit, add more reference guides, and stomp out a few bugs. Thanks! Jason
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    Here ya go - 5 Stomps along the top row of FS and 5 Snaps along the bottom. This was just quickly thrown together with no particular setting - simply switching things on and off that I could have done using Stomp mode alone, but it shows it can be done. 5Snap 5Preset.hlx Stick in in yer HX Edit and modify to whatever. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    Hi everybody, this is a quick test i just made to test the new Helix 3.10 "Increased Oversampling Throughout" feature. Ciao a tutti, ho fatto un breve test della nuova funzionalità "Increased Oversampling Throughout" introdotta con l’aggiornamento firmware 3.10 https://youtu.be/97YprAR4iOE
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    Hello Data Commando, Yes Issue resolved , problem was Footswitch 6 I needed to change it manually to stomp mode with 3.10 Update that particular footswitch is displayed differently than the Prior 3.01 Again thank you so much for helping out very much appreciated
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    Did a full factory reset reloaded My Saved BAckup and still same thing, guess ill have to find another way or something in my settings is not right Again Datacommando thank you for your time and effort cheers
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    No. Presets open in whatever view is currently active, and Global Settings are...Global.
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    I had to go back and edit the # of blocks I stated in my previous post. My problem - trying to type while playing the new Rockerverb with the new Rat and Dynamic Hall Reverb. I'm effected, effected......
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    So I turn off Power then Restart while holding the 2 Middle Button Foot Switches then Restore using my latest backup from HX edit ?
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    Don't know if it's still an issue, but some people have had problems with drag and drop. Just export your Impulses, then import them in Native. Do the same with your setlists.
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    That gets my vote. Who said that? Where am I? What just happened? Ah, now I remember - I was hit on the head by the latest firmware and it knocked me cold!
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    If I may. I was having issues with running the preamp of my amp in 4CM in parallel with a Helix amp model and the issue was latency of the FX Loop. After some testing with a correlation detection plugin in Reaper, I figured out the round trip latency of the FX Loop was around 1.8 ms. Not claiming this as indisputable objective fact, but putting two Simple Delay blocks (one at 1 ms, the other 0.8, since 1.8 ms is not a delay time that exists on any delay block) on the path with the amp model solved the problem completely, at least subjectively. Not sure if the rest of the I/O has the same latency characteristics, but I'm also not sure why they wouldn't.
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    I'm with the "no" group. As to more snapshots for the HXS, go here: https://line6.ideascale.com/ Do a search and vote for all of the requests placed by those who didn't search first :-)
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    Nope! Thats's simply a template to show how to put stuff together. You can assign anything to anything providing you put your GLOBAL SETTINGS > FOOTSWITCHES > STOMP MODE > 10 FOOTSWITCHES The BIG CLUE is 10 FOOTSWITCHES as that is the only option that removes the BANK/PRESET UP/DOWN option and frees up those 2 extra switches. Hope this makes sense.
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    This have to be the biggest sound improvement i have ever heard from Line 6.... Everything now sounds just wonderful, it’s now on par with anything out there and they have certainly impressed me with this one, didn’t expect any better sound improvements with Helix so this update sets a new standard, oversampling did the trick... Just stunning
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    Where did you hear that we're not getting the oversampling feature? About 6 months ago, Helix 3.0 came out, then a few weeks back, we got the lower DSP amps/effects from 3.0. Now Helix 3.1 has just been released, it's very possible that in 6 months we'll get a patch which include this new 3.1 feature.
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    Hi, If you are dealing with HX Native, and it’s presets, once again, you can save those anywhere you like. They are files, just like any text document. You can drag and drop or load them through Native’s file management. It’s the IRs that have usually been problematic, but IIRC, the issue of them losing track of the link back to the IR has been addressed and they can be managed easier now. In a worst-case scenario, you only have to relink 128 Impulse Response files from wherever you decide to locate them. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    To clarify, From the Manual: Preset Mode Switches By default, Preset footswitch mode displays eight presets (four on each row). Choose from “8 Presets,” “Preset/Stomp” (one bank of presets on the top row, switches from stomp mode on the bottom row), “Stomp/Preset” (switches from stomp mode on the top row, one bank of presets on the bottom row), “Preset/Snap” (one bank of presets on the top row, Snapshots 1-4 on the bottom row), “Snap/Preset” (Snapshots 1-4 on the top row, one bank of presets on the bottom row), “Snap/Stomp” (Snapshots 1-4 on the top row, switches from stomp mode on the bottom row), “Stomp/Snap” (switches from stomp mode on the top row, Snapshots 1-4 on the bottom row), and ”8 Snapshots” (Snapshots 1-8). Stomp Mode Switches When set to “10 switches,” FS1 (BANK ) and FS7 (BANK ) are re-purposed as additional Stomp switches. This “10 switches” option only affects the Stomp footswitch mode—when you have the device in Preset, Snapshot, or Looper footswitch modes, BANK and BANK are retained. Although having quoting chapter and verse from the Helix Manual - This might be the droid you seek: Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    I would seriously doubt it, probably due to the fact that the Line 6 Installer/HX Edit detects what hardware is connected. The flash memory package size appears to be the same for each product as individual downloads, but as the hardware will have some sort of I.D. that is recognised by the installer, it’s not going to happen. If it was possible, I think that Line 6 would have pointed that out as a feature. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    Hi everybody, here’s a quick test of all new 3.10 firmware features; no speech, just play! Ciao a tutti, ho fatto un breve test di tutte le novità del firmware 3.10; no dialoghi, solo suoni! https://youtu.be/VM5l3GAgu6A
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    This is normal. It will only do it once. Let it finish. Btw, if this firmware version is anything like the others you may see this rebuilding upon restart behavior from time to time when you import or copy and paste presets. It will only rebuild those presets however, not all of the user presets as it does after a firmware upgrade. Again, totally normal.
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    Take a backup first. Download and install HX Edit 3.10. You can uninstall HX Edit 2.9 first if you want to be extra careful. Then make sure you do the factory reset, and restore per the release notes for HX Edit 3.10 if you haven't already. You shouldn't have to do the firmware update again. If it starts acting wonky though I would just to make sure everything went according to plan.
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    Sometimes a Windows update will do it too. If you're using Reaper, sometimes after a Reaper update you need to reinstall HX Edit to get the drivers working again. The mysteries of the digital wonderland!
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    Note that this time I didn't include the boilerplate. Some days I care more than others. OP - don't be offended. There's certain things that get brought up constantly, and for those of us who are regulars here, we're only human. :-) The boilerplate includes instruction to do a search first to see if it's already been suggested (it has).
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    Great idea for a video! Would love to see something like this every time there is a new firmware release. Maybe with even more detail on the new effects' parameters.
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    Definitely one for Line 6 Support to sort out for you. When you raise a ticket, send them a copy of your back up to see if they can reproduce the issue (in case it's a software glitch that they might be able to resolve) - if not, it's more likely then the Pod Go unit itself - & if so they will arrange for a replacement for you.
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    Wait, you can do tape and vinyl? OK ... I want to model an album left out in the sun, and you have to tape a quarter over your stylus to play it. And the spindle hole was punched off center.
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    Any volunteers to create a demo of crackling, dusty vinyl? ;)
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    You are probably young. :) that hiss it's the fingerprint of a magnetic tape, and mostly caused by the layer of magnetic particles, that are the active part on a tape surface.
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    For me the entire update process, this time, worked just flawless. Been prompted there were 2 updates; one for Edit, one for Stomp. Did both, worked as intended. Just don't rush things. Read the prompts, follow the instructions. This helps most of the time...
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    Has anyone else tested this on iOS14.x? I've been holding off updating for months now....
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    Hi again, Simple pitch +12 and EQ should be no problem, as they haven’t changed in the firmware update, and as the others (Red Comp, Vtron and Chamber verb) are legacy items and are possibly not as DSP intensive, AFAIK. if you need to get an idea about this stuff, contributor “Malhavok”, Ben Vesco, has a list of how much DSP each item in the HX based products use. Check here: https://benvesco.com/store/helix-dsp-allocations/ Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    This IS a Helix of this size. Or did you not read the description?
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    It's $449 bucks. You want the other stuff then buy the Helix . They had to cut features to make it cheap. I think they did a great job.
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