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    Yeah, but I think 2.8 has a virus!!!
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    I'm sorry, but I haven't done anything to incite a mob, and neither has DI... I mean, if someone is offended by my gratuitous use of monkey gifs, then I guess they have other problems...
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    Well, they don't want to say this publicly, but from what I've heard in a small number of cases it renders people sterile. What they haven't pinned down yet is if that's a bug or a feature.
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    Most of the time, in my experience, it takes longer to develop and test anything that involves software than people predicted, and even working out 'how much longer' then further delays release of said software. I see a bunch of people posting comments here that are the same as clients I've had in the past, and who don't fully grasp the complexities of software development and release (and that's fine, as that's not their area of expertise). You gotta just relax, let the pro's do their job, and think about something else for a while. Offering a different point of view - I have a preamp made by another company, and this company has been promising that a much-needed firmware upgrade would be released 'soon', 'in a couple of weeks' etc, for getting towards 18 months. This firmware is not even adding many new features, but rather addresses some significant issues (eg needing to double-tap a footswitch to enter tuning mode rather than having a single long press; this has already meant that this footswitch has broken on my device, and the same company can't or won't provide information on how to repair it). Line 6, by comparison, are doing bloody well, and it's not like your Helix is useless meanwhile; we're waiting for features that weren't present when we made the decision to buy, after which anything extra is a huge bonus and reflects very well on Line 6. There are many people using their Helix pretty happy as it stands now, me being one of them.
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    My experience in dealing with people in your line of work is that your profession is herding sheep. Sheep LIKE to be managed. Many of us do not see ourselves as sheep. Have you ever watched a sheep dog herd sheep? They do it by barking and nipping at their heels. I'm sure that's the last thing your clients want to hear. Hope you're not offended, I personally think that lamb is one of the tastiest red meats. Here's another perspective. Have you ever been part of a team whose team leader excels at criticism, cracking the whip, and kowtowing to the suits in the boardroom? Having read many of DI's posts, both here and on TGP, I know that he is both helpful (with technical issues), and as informative as someone in his position can be. I also know that if you kick him, he kicks back! Corporate types and "entitled" consumers often seem to have the attitude that they can say anything they want to "the help" (aka monkeys). They get really ticked when the monkey bites back! I give kudos to DI for standing up for his team!
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    One thing regarding rolling back with the 2.8 update. Any presets or backups created with the 2.8 firmware will be incompatible with earlier firmware versions, so it really is important to remember to create a backup prior to installing the 2.8 update.
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    While waiting for the firmware, I disassembled the helix, cleaned it and used the chance to give it a new colour. To anyone who wants to try this: Dont do that within your warrany and dont do that if you dont know what a screwdriver is!! It‘s not hard to do as long as you KNOW what you are Could be a nice idea for the Line6 guys. Some kind of personalization, limited editions or whatever ;-)
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    I'll see that bet and raise you a . . . kids walked in as I'm typing. Nevermind.
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    A couple of good rules of thumb: 1) Something that sounds good quiet will likely sound as good or better louder (but watch out for too much mid scoop which doesn’t scale up as well). 2) Something that sounds good through speakers will likely sound good through headphones. What’s notable about these rules is that the opposite is generally not true. Something that sounds good loud might not sound good at all turned down. Something that sounds good through headphones might sound terrible through speakers. This means set your patches through the system you’re going to use live, focusing on the FOH FRFR tone. After all that’s who your playing for right? Your audience? And set them up at the lowest stage volume level you’re likely to play. Don’t worry too much about the difference between your FRFR and IEMs. In a live setting, with some bleed from the backline, you won’t notice tone subtleties in your IEMs. I use a Powercab+ as my backline for me to feel and to provide some acoustic feedback with the guitar. This also provides stage fill in small clubs where the dancers are up close to the band and don’t get that much of the mix in the PA. I have my own IEM mix which I control live through iPhone/iPad or computer. And I set the IEM level so that I can just barely hear it. The IEMs are really just backline fill for lost frequencies and ear plugs to tame the drums. I’m really focused on preserving my already damaged ears, and enjoying playing without doing further damage. Having the IEMs too loud can really tire you out and give you a false sense of what you’re delivering to your audience.
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    A At this point, where doesn't it come from? The participation trophy generation was raised with the steadfast belief that merely existing is in itself, praise-worthy. The universe owes them for breathing...and unless every need, want, and desire is delivered yesterday, exceeding their wildest expectations, and on somebody else's dime, it's an "injustice"... and someone must pay. They're all professional victims.
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    I think this dream needs to die... Line 6 simply isn’t going to give weekly updates on the progress of software development. Honestly, no company, other than perhaps a small mom and pop operation, is going to do that sort thing. I’m a beta tester and under NDA with them, and I don’t get these sorts of updates. I don’t expect them, either. I just know they’re working on it, and it will be ready when it’s ready.
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    Considering how much the manual bugs you I guess I can understand that that ONE thread would drive you nuts, but there's plenty of other threads on here that make it clear it ain't happening in Spring. Hell, the fact it's past Spring makes it clear. Beyond that, what exactly are you proposing we, the fans, do? No matter how you toss it, dice it, or slice it, it's completely out of my hands. I'm WAY stoked to get the update, and I would have loved for it to come out on time, but because I think that: A. Line 6's estimate of Spring 2019 was their best good faith estimate at the time. B. They're probably a bit disappointed themselves they missed it. C. They REALLY were trying . . . Because of ALL those things I named above, I just don't get the point in dog piling on them. What does pissing all over them accomplish? Like seriously, what does it do? Especially when there are plenty of other people bitching at them, there's no reason I need to pick up a torch. I am just going to sit back and continue to play my guitar. Maybe I'll write a song about it called, "Patience and Pitchforks." I'm not questioning your credentials, and I'm sure you're solid at your job, but I've been nothing but impressed by Line 6's community interaction. The ONLY site that the Helix L6 staff has kind of been radio silence on is this one - and even that's stepped up lately. They're constantly interacting and giving updates that it's SOON . . . and that if they were any more specific it would be an out and out lie because what happens is each day they go in hoping it MIGHT be it - and then a new bug rears its head. They do have a bit of an edge to their responses if you try to pick a fight - that's part of their feel and has been for quite some time. I like it. It's fun. Some won't, but it's still a legitimate style. They're kind of like Wendy's where if you ask them over Twitter for a free side of fries they tell you to go *?!$@! yourself for free instead. Meanwhile McDonalds pretends like free fries are a perfectly reasonable request and they wish they could do it (you know, the standard BS that most companies give rather than tell it like it is).
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    Not sure that having a 1,000 beta testers would be all that helpful, as that would be generating a ton of data to deal with. They simply don't have a huge team of developers to deal with something like that. I know other companies do public betas for releases, but most of those releases seem to be a lot more limited in scope, and they aren't dealing with 5 different hardware SKUs and a VST plug-in at the same time...
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    He was but they had to let him go. Every time he went and walked down hail damage claims the clients heard T H U N D E R!
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    I don't recall anyone saying you can make a Fender sound like a Marshall. That's a given. If you could, there'd be no reason for modelers to exist, and L6 would be selling sneakers or cheeseburgers. But that's really neither here nor there. His comment had nothing to do with wanting a particular sound, or claiming that all amps sound the same. All he did was express the opinion that ACDC would probably have managed just fine had they chosen to use something other than Marshalls. There's nothing wildly unreasonable about that notion...honestly, I think it's a perfectly valid point. I seriously doubt that Angus Young would have ended up a plumber or an insurance adjuster if Marshalls didn't exist. But alas, we'll never know... it's just a philosophical musing that can't be proven one way or the other. Either way though, nobody's arguing that gear is all he same.
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    I would say we're just sittin' on a pier, waitin' for the 2.80 ship to come in, talkin' about stuff while we wait.
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    Many MANY extra nice Guitars is not the same as owning too many amps. Guitars are needed thing, as is AIR. There. Any more questions?
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    Damn! I thought that Line 6 were going to invite Spikey to Summer NAMM so he could unveil the tuner in the Editor! That’s why there is a delay in releasing 2.8
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    Also, if anyone missed it, the above is what TRUE transparency looks like. That is most definitely not how a Walmart or Sony would answer. It'd sound something like: "Good idea on updating the manual! At Sony we are always striving to improve. Keep sending your suggestions our way. We are ALWAYS listening." It is polite, but tells you literally nothing of importance.
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    Now this is more like it! I was starting to think the Crankypants Festival wouldn't get off the ground this year...Lmfao.... rave on!
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    After the Nth time of tweaking various things, then neglecting to save before turning everything off, now I automatically save whatever patch I was using and create a backup before powering down. Saves me from pulling the last 3 hairs out of my head. Besides, I'll be doing the same thing I've done with every other firmware release... letting the early adopters be the canary in the coal mine. I always wait to see how much and what variety of "this sucks" chatter there is in the immediate aftermath of the release...then I'll decide whether or not the inevitable "oops we didn't notice that" bug is annoying enough to justify sticking with the status quo for a while.
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    Lovely one with the retsina!!! Now absolutely seriously, one time that i was sailing, (i am seaman) i brought ouzo with me. I shared it with the crew (filipinos) and they put fanta orange juice. I was shocked, but they insist on me to try it, and honestly it is really a great combination. Now greeks want to kill me though !!
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    hi guys first of all I'd like to let you know that I read all the threads I found about this same subject and didn't find the complete answers, so I decided to run some tests myself (like I did on the POD HD years ago) and to create a new thread with my results (I'm on FW 2.60 by the way) ok, I'll start from the end results, so that those who just need to have a quick answer can read it immediatly, then I'll give some deeper explanations the main point of this post is: the moment you create a split/merge routing configuration by dragging down a block you get a level change: after the merge block, with all bypassed fx: with split A/B and Y you get +3dB at the output sum with split crossover you get -3dB at the output sum BUT each path by itself gets attenuated by -3dB so if you use the split A/B to switch between sounds, each of those sounds is -3dB qiueter than the same fx/amp with the same settings in a non-splitted path the good news are that the level changes do not actually occur at the split, so the two paths are both an exact copy of the signal before the split, instead the change occurs at the merge block so the right solution is to act on the merge mixer faders --- why? and why those values? • well to answer, I need to clarify two things that I've read someone get wrong and mixed up in other threads 1) when you sum two identical signals in a circuit either analog or digital you get +6dB boost (voltage sum) 2) when you send a signal to a physical speaker and then send the same identical signal also to another identical speaker you get +3dB (acoustic power sum) this is math and physics, not an opinion now, this second point is one of the reasons why something called "pan law" exists: as we said, when you have a mono signal going to two speakers (so the pan knob on a mixer is at the center position) you get +3dB of sound pressure so mixer designers in some cases decided to pad the center position of the pan knob by -3dB, gradually returning to unity gain at the extremes (in some other cases they may use -2.5, -4.5 or -6dB: the actual effect of the pan law depends on the coherence/incoherence of the signals, on speaker placement, on listening conditions, and also on mixing taste I would say, so the designers have to make an assumption and take a plunge, I don't have time to enter into this now, sorry). • now back to the Helix: you have an empty "new preset" patch you have a signal going through path 1 (I used various sine waves and pink noise) you add a gain block at 0dB (if you want you can even bypass it) => nothing changes you drag the block down creating a double path => you get +3dB at the output sum so, what's going on? - the A/B or Y split duplicates the signal to two paths, so each of them carries the same identical signal which goes to a merge block mixer channel, then the two get summed together... so you should get +6dB, but... ... since the pans in the mixer have a -3dB pan law you only get +3dB - the crossover does not duplicate the signal but splits it in two frequency bands, if you sum those two filtered signals you get the exact same signal you had before, so no +6dB boost here, but there is still the pan law, so you get the -3dB - but, as I wrote before, each path by itself gets attenuated by -3dB because of the pan law, so if you use the split A/B to switch between sounds, each of those sounds is -3dB qiueter than the same fx/amp with the same settings in a non-splitted path • please note that these are not theories or speculations, I've tested and measured thoroughly every configuration and I'm sure the Helix routing works like that • all this behaviours occur identically to mono or stereo signals, remember that all the lines representing signal flow in the Helix display are always "double conductor cables" so either stereo or dual-mono (stereo = they carry two different signals; dual-mono = they carry two identical signals) this point could be deepened a lot but I don't have time for this now --- some other considerations: • if for example you open the pan pots of the merge mixer to the extreme L and R, the pan law attenuation does not apply and the level goes back to unity BUT this is not a solution, because if you run in stereo you only get the left from path 1A and the right from path 1B • I'd like to warn you of potential problems I found with the parameters inside the split blocks I) the split A/B "route to" parameter is a balance control, not a crossfader, so moving it to the left attenuates the signal going into B while not touching the signal going into A and viceversa; so it is appropriate to use that parameter to switch from A to B but not too much to find a mix of A with B for 3 reasons: 1- as I said you only have control over the attenuation of one of the two signals you are mixing 2- at center (even position) you have more level than any other position because the two signals are at full level, so the judgement on which is the best mix is compromised for psychoacoustic reasons 3- worst of all: if the blocks in the paths are amps or distortion boxes or compressors, as long as you are not in A100, "even" or B100 positions, you are sending an attenuated signal to one of them, changing its sound and not only its level II) the split Y "Balance A" and "Balance B" parameters (added in fw 2.10 so not covered in the manual) work like this: the stereo or dual mono signal goes into the split, it is duplicated to path A and B and on each of those you can control the balance between left and right, those balance control also have a pan law but different from the merge mixer block pans ! in this case it's unity at center and +3dB at sides ! (I think the reason for this is to avoid an attenuation to the splitted signals at default settings) so if for example you use 2 amps in the paths do not use these parameters or the two amps will receive a different level than if the balance is at center. --- • to finish I'll add two other Helix Routing measurements I found during my tests: - the pan block is actually a balance control with a pan law equal to that applied in the split Y block: at center it's at unity gain, going to the left attenuates the right up to minus infinite and adds +3dB to the left (and viceversa) - unlike the POD HD500 the fx sends / returns on the Helix are all at unity gain levels (+/-0.3dB), thanks Line 6 ! --- thanks for reading, I hope to have been helpful bye Lorenzo
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