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    I have a 5E3 clone that I built and can confirm that the Helix is correctly modeling the way in which the controls on an actual Tweed Deluxe interact (the 2 volumes and the tone control all interact with each other). When turned up, the unused channel volume will decrease gain on the channel in use. Rob Robinette has a great article on the technical details here: https://robrobinette.com/How_The_5E3_Deluxe_Works.htm
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    I discovered something interesting as I was meddling with one of my older presets using 3.1. I had to raise the key for the singer so I ended up using the Poly Capo to go from the key of G to A. I've had a fair amount of success with the Poly Capo placing it before the amp, but it still exhibits some very slight artifacts. Nothing that would probably be noticed by the audience, but I can hear it on certain things. I decided to place the Retro Reel in front of the Poly Capo originally just to thicken things up since I was using a Strat. After a bit of tweaking it pretty much got rid of any of the residual artifacts I'd been hearing and gave the key change a much more natural sound. Just thought I'd pass that along....
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    How are you monitoring the Stomp and how is it connected for output? HXEdit has nothing to do with processing the Helix signal chain, but it may have something to do with your USB connection to your PC.
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    If you highlight the IR Block, in the edit pane you'll see IR Select. That allows you to substitute ant of the 128 IRs you can store in the Helix without removing and replacing the block itself. You should probably review the Impulse Responses section of the manual.
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    Im a fanboy, I shall fight the battle!
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    These two things tell you everything you need to know. I think @HonestOpinion's advice is a good one to follow, and Id start with the mixer and/or the audio selector box. The very fact you have a mixer means there are more than just the Helix coming into it so there's a whole world of things we're not being told about your entire signal chain and what it consists of. At home when I practice and dial in presets I have a fairly complex setup myself and I'm always connected to my mixing board which is a QSC TM-30 which is primarily used to gain stage all my signal levels for live performances. In addition to my guitar channel on the mixer attached via XLR outputs from the Helix, I also have a BeatBuddy connected vial XLR output to a different mixer channel, and the mixer has it's output going to a single Yamaha DXR12 speaker. My Helix is also connected via USB to my laptop where I run HXEdit as well as play regular audio/video tracks which get played through the Helix outputs to the mixer via it's XLR connection to the mixer channel. I control the volume of the audio tracks from the laptop, not the mixer. All of this works reliably and consistently with no difference in output regardless of whether I'm running HXEdit or not. I eventually intend to add an Aeros looper unit to my setup, but that will be connected the same as the BeatBuddy with it's output going direct to it's own mixing board channel. Since I intend to only use it to play backing tracks I won't have a guitar signal going to it, but if I did want to use it that way I'd use a send and return.
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    Here ya go: Helix 3.0 Owner’s Manual Rev E - Page 58 Command Centre HX Snapshots > Release/Hold. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    I do understand what the OP is worried about and have experienced it to one degree or another through the years. Not during performance but often when I'm working on a preset at home. I do 90% of my changes on the Helix itself and there have been times when I'm using one of the knobs that I accidently turn it while trying to navigate which results in a change. I've never really worried about it because I save my presets often during and after I finish with them so if I inadvertently change something I simply move to a different preset then back to the original preset which will be the last saved version. I might have to re-do a couple of things, but that's pretty easy since I just did them them before the incident happened. Granted the tap tempo can be a problem and it would be nice to lock/unlock it on a preset basis, but that's the only situation I could think of that would be of benefit. To me that's no different than any other computer or device I've ever owned. If I make a mistake, I back out and then come back into it which reflects the state prior to my changes. I'd rather do that than have to deal with constantly turning protection on and off. It works the same but without the hassle.
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    You can - it’s not a secret - here’s a quote from the Helix Owner’s Manual - Rev E, Page 66, Global Settings > Footswitches. If you don’t want this “touch” behavior (such as if you play barefoot!), set this to “Off.” “PierM” pointed this out in the earlier comment above, also by “codamedia” back in Dec 2019. Seems simple enough to me. Although, I’m intrigued by the statement that you are rehearsing in an environment full of static electricity? You do realise that electronic components are prone to failure when subject to large static voltages. Maybe you ought to have a look at getting that taken care of. Shocking, truly shocking.
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    What do you mean, sometimes? I've been weird for absolutely years! ;-)
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    To reiterate what has been posted previously in reply to your issue - there is no such thing as a folder button on any of the HX range of units. Just to be clear - it helps if we are all using the same terminology that is used in the Owners manual. - here we go! PRESET - Turn this knob to select a preset. Press the knob to open the Setlist menu—see “Selecting Presets and Setlists” SAVE - Press this button to rename and save changes to a preset. MENU (3 Stacked Horizontal Lines) - Press this button to dive a bit deeper into Helix, and you’ll find Command Center, Global EQ, Global Settings, and other menus. HOME (House Icon) - If you ever get lost, press this button to return to the main Home screen. AMP (Amplifier Icon) - Press this button once, or multiple times, to quickly jump to the tonestack parameters (Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, etc.) of any Amp+Cab, Amp, and Preamp models in the current preset. Therefore, from you description in the posts you have made, hitting the “HOME” button produces no result, because you have not moved away from the home page. CORRECT, that is what it does. Likewise pressing “SAVE”, the “MENU” icon buttons produce the correct result. TICK! Pressing the “AMP”icon, will simply keep you on the same screen, but bring up, Amp and Cab in the current preset. To get access to what you are calling “Folders” - (SETLISTS), simply press the large round encoder knob below the legend “PRESETS” If this doesn’t work, then you have a hardware problem that will possibly require a technician to repair it. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    I don't think that's true. It's easy to set one block up in such a way that you might get output too high or low, and that can affect how subsequent blocks are going to react, especially amps, distortions, and compressors. I do check the gain staging on each block but mostly I just do it by bypassing all the blocks, checking the level, then re-enabling them one at a time and checking everything is still in range.
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    It’s possible that you have a hardware fault. I would open a support ticket.
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    Hmmm. That's crazy high. What happens if you create a mono track, and select Helix Native Mono --> Stereo. And try running with 512 buffer and see if that helps.
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    FWIW - tested this using my Moskey Dual Switch, OP appears to have found a genuine bug.
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    Just to be sure, have you tried downloading, installing, and then running the latest version of the Line6 Updater manually while the screen shows the boot failure message? If you have and it is not working can you describe what is happening. Also, have you tried swapping USB ports, USB cable, and even trying the update on another computer if you have one available? Btw, if you have an SD card inserted in your computer make sure to eject it, reboot and run through the recommended steps. If none of this works I would open a ticket with Line6.
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    Because sometimes drivers get corrupted and need to be reinstalled. Access to this individual file is not required unless under special circumstances.
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    Thanks guys, I guess I did not see that and I should do a better job of reading...
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    Wow, that was a masterpeace in troubleshooting. No wondering we feel safe to own Line6 gear with this knowledge, ability to cooperate and solve the most stranges behaviors in our gear in this forum. Hats off for this performance, so impressive... //Per
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    No such setting exists. Hit the Mode footswitch.
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    Hi everybody, this is my Helix patch for “Growing on me” by The Darkness- you can download for free! Ciao a tutti, questa è la mia patch per il brano “Growing on me” dei The Darkness potete scaricarla gratis! https://youtu.be/J9umfLwUaMM
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    Thanks for updating us. Glad to see you back in action!
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    It's only a bug if it affects everybody, and that is not the case. Try a factory reset.
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    yeah, im old ...and calling the manual 'pilot guide' is annoying AF. It quickly dawned on me DAH... anyway YES the Pilots Guide is what I needed. (now I have all my HXfamily pilot guides neatly bookmarked) for those interested (like me, a noob to plugins) , the Presets will look like Helix Floor, a switch to HXS compatibility mode Pg13/ Preset Panel Pg20 will show your plugins as if they are in your HXS (which has its own caveats—*to be found in the manual). I think Im going to leave it in Default HC mode and just Import my HXS presets as a USER bank. (hope someone will show me the error of my ways — if need be) ;)
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    You know, this is going to bite one of on the ar5e... Joking aside, my FIRST update to my Helix fell over. For some reason, my PC rebooted in the middle of the process - it looked like it would be a lengthy process, so went for a smoke, came back... this was 5 minutes in to the very first time I'd even switched the Helix on. Got a boot failure of some kind... I just thought 'F*** it, if THIS doesn't work, it goes back.' Restarted L6 Updater, it was recognised, reinstalled the update. All good. The threads are useful, if for no other reason than to remind me to not get blase and follow the instructions.
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    Hi, once more, Well, first up - I’m really not amused in the slightest to read your update. It’s outrageous! This situation is ridiculous, although, I did mention in my earlier post that this thing could go “down the rabbit hole” of working while in the presence of a technician and failing later. I imagine that you contacted the repair shop immediately, and informed them of what was happening with the Helix. If not, do it now. Also inform Line 6 Customer Support to let them know the situation has not been resolved. Furthermore, I would take this right to the top - contact Frank Ritchotte, (Senior Director of Operations, YGG, Line 6 Inc). fritchotte@line6.com Make him aware of your situation, that should get things moving. If this doesn’t get a result, because you’re in the U.K., you still have the option of contacting your local Trading Standards office and seeing if they can pursue this on your behalf. As for your comment - “But perhaps these boxes just have limited shelf lives.” I certainly hope that “planned obsolescence” is not an option here, I’ve had mine since late 2015. Hope this helps/makes sense
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    This is interesting - are you sure that you bought the correct product to match up with your ideals?
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    Yep, the .hls file indicates that it is a Setlist not a preset file. You don’t say how you are trying to load the files, but I would suggest that you try again. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    its working... thanks... (in spanish) solo debes activar la opcion adicional de los certificados que menciona mi amigo jinxjinxsen
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    It can be virtually anything, and I would bet more on the guitar, than the Helix. Like pickup poles clearance from strings...if they are too close, a magnetic field will pull them back, producing nasty overtones and harmonics.
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    Looks like you are overcomplicating things that are easy. Like using Helix as audio interface, and that's basically fixing all your problems.
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    Just out of curiosity, did you recently upgrade to 3.10? I've never had a problem with my footswitches. Suddenly after this upgrade, I noticed I had to hit a couple of them twice in order to get them to switch. I haven't had time to sit with it yet to troubleshoot exactly when it's happening.
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    This can be true but not as often as you might think. The stock cabs are actually very good. Aside from varying mic type, distance, and frequency range, the real 'trick' is dB level. IRs that often seem to sound better than stock cabs do so partly because their dB levels are higher. In Pod Go the cabs are all set at 0dB. Raise to +6dB and hear the difference. With the stock cab set properly you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much nearer these can get to many of the equivalent IRs. IRs can also be a bit of a rabbit hole and buying IRs can be a bit of a lottery as to whether you'll personally like them as we all have different preferences.
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    And you don't have to... once should be sufficient. No. For one thing, you'll deafen yourself. And second, every time you change your output device(s), your sound will change.. can't be helped. Different speakers = different sound. IEM's and headphones are not the same thing as a monitor wedge or PA speaker.... one is right on top of your head, and with the other you're listening way off-axis, and at some distance from the speakers. There are no room reflections with headphones etc etc... different devices for different tasks. The high end in particular will generally be much more pronounced in headphones or IEMS, but it's the first thing to diffuse and vanish in a room. If you value your sanity, you'll create two sets of patches. One to use at home at low volumes, and one for live use. Yes it's more work up front, but you only have to do it once. The alternative is to be in a constant state of tweaking multiple parameters back and forth... for every patch you use... every time your Helix leaves the house. So unless you really enjoy turning knobs, it's just not worth the aggravation. After a while, you'll learn what adjustments typically need to be made to adapt a patch created for one use, to the other... enough to get you in the ballpark at least. But there will never be a substitute for actually using your ears under real-world conditions. Believe me, I wish there was a short cut...a pushbutton solution for this would be the best thing since crapping indoors...but I've been at this for years, and there simply isn't one. And there really can't be... perception is fickle, weird, mostly unexplainable (aside from a bunch of oft-regurgitated adjectives that don't really mean anything), and very much an individual phenomenon. What sounds good to you might sound like nails on a chalkboard to me, and nobody will ever convince either one of us otherwise. You can fight the physics of sound and your own biology all you want, but it's a losing battle.
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    Sadly no... the snapshot SCREEN is strictly black and white even if you change the Ring Color. I frustratingly learned this when I first got my LT a few years back.... but now embrace the difference between that and the Stomp Mode which is quite colorful. If it was all colors I wouldn't necessarily know at a glance which mode I was in. Don't get me wrong... if they give me colors I'll use them, I'm just finding the positive in not being able to change them :)
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    Since you are only using one speaker you have no concern about stereo except to make sure that your 1/4” TS cable carries the full stereo signal summed to mono. The L/MONO Stomp output does that so you’re fine. Just make sure you match the Stomp output level to the speaker’s expected input level. (See the Stomp Global Settings. The Output level can be set to Instrument or Line. Your speaker documentation will tell you which to use.) I don’t imagine the 1/8” to Aux option would be any better.
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    Yes... the Focal's are perfect for this. The 65's are a good size, but I wouldn't go smaller. The Helix sounds glorious through Studio Monitors... that's how I run it at home.
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    Just reverse the min and max settings on the compressor and resave the patch.
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    So I turn off Power then Restart while holding the 2 Middle Button Foot Switches then Restore using my latest backup from HX edit ?
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    I would seriously doubt it, probably due to the fact that the Line 6 Installer/HX Edit detects what hardware is connected. The flash memory package size appears to be the same for each product as individual downloads, but as the hardware will have some sort of I.D. that is recognised by the installer, it’s not going to happen. If it was possible, I think that Line 6 would have pointed that out as a feature. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    This is just my two cents, and perhaps I'm a bit cynical...but I don't care what they told him, or if they provided a written attestation, complete with the official wax seal of the High Exalted Mystic Cyclops of Wireless Repair...No business on earth is gonna pay somebody to sit in a chair and noodle for 12 hours to see how long it takes a battery to die. Say that out loud and try not to laugh, lol... I'm having trouble typing through the tears...obviously there's no way to confirm or deny it, but if there were I'd be comfortable betting every cent I have that it did not happen, lol.
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    No crackling vinyl yet on Helix... I'm using Time Machine to do that stuff.. :P
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    Great idea, but “mingyi” doesn’t want to get a dual processor unit such as the Helix LT, because it has too many switches and is too heavy! It’s a “no win” situation for him.
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    "It doesn't work right" doesn't mean anything to anybody but you. What is it SUPPOSED to do? What EXACTLY, does it do? What is your hardware configuration? Amp, etc.? For BEST results, attach the preset to your reply to the above questions so we can see what's happening in your configuration.
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    Same problem here - used to work fine until couple of days back I got this no internet access issue. This has ben going on for others for a while now and I am surprised support ppl from L6 did not come with any fix/walktrhu/walk-around. for what its worth, when debugging these errors are thrown every 2-3 secs: Exception thrown at 0x74D246D2 (KernelBase.dll) in Spider V Remote.exe: 0xE0434352 (parameters: 0x80131509, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x70020000). VS C++ trick did not work for me. any help appreciated. cheers
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    I agree. The Helix is a significant monetary investment and you're not going to get your money's worth by using that amp. Even your ME-80 is more powerful than your amp is capable of really doing justice. I'd upgrade your amp first. If you want to go fully down the modeling route, consider an FRFR like @HonestOpinion said, or a Powercab, which has built-in speaker modeling (different than cab/mic modeling) as well as being an FRFR. Once you have an appropriate amplification system, then you'll get more bang for your buck in buying a Helix.
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    OK, here is a small but quite handy update on the MIDI Muppet: While being in footswitch mode (where midi muppet will emulate FS4/FS5) you can now quickly switch to snapshot mode and back by long pressing the up button. (Same functionality applied to preset scroll mode already.) So let's say you are in footswitch mode because you pretty much stay on the same preset most of the time and you need to access different snapshots within this preset - voilà.
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    Hi, As this seems to be never ending, try the suggestion about taking this to the top - see my last comment here.
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    Some of these types of effects tend to need extra headroom because they can be additive to the signal. So if you start to hear a sort of clipped, or unwanted overdriven signal because of an effect in the chain like a chorus, increase this parameter. It allows more breathing room. A much better and more concise explanation is here: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/line6-helix.1586637/page-681#post-20795301
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