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    Nobody's are... and yes, I've purchased a bunch (mostly out of curiosity) from various sources, including some of the more highly touted ones often mentioned around here... and I don't use a single one of them. That being said, Jason Sadites' youtube channel has some excellent Helix tutorials for getting acquainted with the process of creating your own tones... just don't confuse process with product. Trying to reproduce tonal continuity using a carbon copy of settings that work for someone else, with their rig, guitars, listening environment, playing technique, etc etc, is mostly a pipe dream. The variables are numerous and significant... and this will be true no matter who's you purchase, or how awesome they sounded in the demo. If you're expecting to buy them and instantly have the exact same tone you've heard in videos that feature those very same patches, the odds are that you will come away confused and disappointed. Watch some of his videos to see how and why he does certain things... but don't fixate on duplicating every last parameter, because it'll never sound exactly the same on your end... it's the methodology that matters, not individual numbers. Once you understand what various parameters do, then finding the sound you want becomes much less daunting. But ultimately there are no shortcuts.
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    To echo DC's reply, it won't do anything bad to the unit itself. Just your ego. This is the first time I've run in to an update issue and I've had the Helix since launch. Well...sort of since launch...I pre-ordered and then waited. Forever. I'm pretty sure Sweetwater looked in to filing for a restraining order from all of us pre-order folks who didn't get their units right away. I made the same mistake, but simply rolled back and did it in order. It took me about a half-hour extra than my normal, more intelligent updating practices. My only excuse is that they said poly and I got excited, then they said Diezel and my IQ dropped thirty points.
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    Hey everybody, I was perusing the web and randomly found out that 3.0 came out! As a result, I spent some time tonight updating https://helixhelp.com with all of the new models and added the new release notes. I'll be cleaning up the site a bit in the coming days and will be adding more information to each model. Just wanted you all to know that I am on it. Hope you all are well! Jason
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    The edit program is a 1st step in the update process. Then Line 6 should mandated or automatically or message the needed update to the HX Edit before you can upgrade your hardware. This would be a very simple validation check by Line 6. Just a suggestion to the Line 6 team. To be honest I did the hardware upgrade 1st not realizing the hx edit wasn't going be updated also. I did the HX Edit 2nd. Thanks for the reminder post Phil.
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    If my options are being labeled arrogant, or plowing through life paying no attention to anything, causing problems that otherwise wouldn't exist, I'll take the arrogant label...
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    Ok... now I see your problem. 5 minutes with any modeler is woefully insufficient. Modeling is a whole other world... there are many things that aren't terribly intuitive or obvious when you're just getting your feet wet... give it 5 weeks noodling around and you'll start to get acquainted with it. It's a marathon, not a sprint. And the factory presets are... how shall I put this diplomatically... oh, screw it. They're as worthless as an elevator in an outhouse. You have to build your tones yourself. It's the only way...
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    As already mentioned, one man's "couldn't care less", is another's deal-breaker. You might give Helix another shot and decide that it's exactly the same as your first experience, infinitely better, or infinitely worse. Perception is weird, and largely without explanation. The only way you'll ever know is to give it a try... and I don't mean a couple of hours on a Saturday. You need to spend a significant amount of time with Helix (or any other modeler for that matter) to really know if it's the right fit for you or not. Buy from someplace with a decent return policy so you've got nothing to lose...a couple of weeks at a bare minimum... and see what's what. Relying on someone else's experience is almost entirely worthless... besides, everybody here is a fan. You won't get much in the way of negative feedback... but a bunch of glowing reviews guarantees nothing. You might end up hating or anyway.
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    What sort of input are you using on your interface? Is it a high Z input? Basically, you’re using two different inputs, each with their own analog circuitry, and they’re affecting the way your Strat sounds in their own ways. If you want Native and the Stomp to sound identical, they need to have the same input/dry track. The easiest way to ensure that is using the dry track from the Stomp as the source for the track(s) in Native.
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    Hi, Here ya go! https://support.apple.com/kb/PH24928?locale=en_US Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    I’m not sure what you mean by “break away”, but as of the 2.80 update, you can turn hardware compatibility mode off in Native and ignore any DSP limitations associated with the hardware in a preset.
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    Who knows. I said, "Whatever cgar18 said, I'm the opposite". And look what happened? LoL kidding kidding :-)
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    Not at all I think. In my experience Line 6 wants beta testers who want to seek out problems and make sound recommendations for improvement. Fan boys are not good beta testers if all they want to do is extol the virtues of a product. A healthy disrespect is very useful. The desired attitude is "I want to bring this thing to its knees and make it crash spectacularly!" Edit: added the word ‘not’ which was originally omitted.... Fan boys are not good beta testers.....
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    I recreated the Freqout good enough to get me through a couple songs I needed that edge/into feedback kind of sound without having to bring it to a gig. Its on CustomTone. https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4237762/ . Operates a little bit differently by using the expression pedal but the instructions are in the patch notes and is the "Natural High" setting on the FreqOut. You may have to change outputs. Its set up as a gig patch using Input 2 for a bass path irrelevant to the Guitar Patch on input 1 so ignore that. I tried to use Autoswell on a momentary to bring in the path but that effect is overall frustrating and was better on the Exp pedal. Even with the FreqOut, I like the Exp pedal over a momentary anyway. If there was available LFO assignments like on the Digitech GNX ( maybe even RP) stuff, the path could be automated for a momentary better.
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    Yes, always at different times. I now installed HX Edit on another WIN10 PC and it runs okay on that machine. Seems this will by my workaround to move all my HX edit software to that machine while DAW and other recording / music related software will remain on my dedicated music laptop. There is so much stuff on there like from fishman, TC electronics, Steinberg. maybe the conflict is somewhere very deep in my system. Thanks for your support guys! It is a little sacrifice to replug the USB to another computer once I like to edit or backup, given the pro side of having a princess and a poly-pitch now.
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    And I don’t understand why you think that matters. After exporting one of your current setlists you can import it again later to the same setlist location and your device will be restored to its previous state, exactly as it is now. Each export and import operation takes a couple of mouse clicks. That lets you temporarily experiment with the new Factory setlists. You can save/export any individual presets that you like and then import them later (after importing your original setlist) to any preset location you want. You will lose nothing you don’t want to lose and gain any new artist presets that you like. I am giving you meaningful answers to your questions and I don’t think you’re stupid. But I do think you have so far misunderstood what I and others have been suggesting.
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    Hi, First thing, have you reset the Globals from the backup you made prior to updating the firmware to v.3.00? If not launch HX Edit and select restore from backup from the file list, you can then choose to reset only the Globals. This will restore your global settings to what they were in the firmware you were running prior to updating your Helix. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    My guess is that Line 6 don’t administer these pages themselves. it’s hosted by https://invisioncommunity.com Helix Native forum still has a sticky post, from DI, for the release notes of v.1.50 Native back in January 2018. No housekeeping in here.
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    It appears fairly obvious to me that English is not your first language, and therefore some of your concept may be a little too complex to get across clearly. I am not trying to be offensive, your English is better than anything I could do in another language. Possibly I don’t have a full understanding of your idea which seems to be very important to you. Although, having said that, I find it odd that you would mention other high end modellers that have the tools you are talking about”. If that is the case why do you choose a piece of equipment that does not feature those things you feel are so important? All I can say is that I hope you can understand when I say “you are trying to re-invent the wheel”. Stay safe out there.
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    Yep, that was basically what I was getting at. If he was only going for a 'swell effect' from the EPX pedals assign them to control the Mix and Feedback simultaneously. Now it makes more sense. Phew! Now it makes more sense. If only I had known how you were using the line mixer. You now have 3 votes on IdeaScale.
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    thx kinglerxt & silverhead - option 2 is what I was after! -H
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    Very astute of you cruisin....Oddly enough I was actually referring to Queen Elizabeth as chance would have it...
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    Apparently there is a shortcut to enable/disable the spillover as well if you hold action and hit the home button (at least I think that is it).
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    No luck with Logic. Thanks anyway for the suggestion. I've opened a ticket with Line 6 and we'll see what happens. Cheers, Keith
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    When you use "Route to" as a target, the control assigns automatically come up as in the picture I posted. So it's not *that* much of an effort (yet, doing it via bypass straight on the split would be great as I could then exclude it from snapshot bypass - which isn't possible this way).
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    Actually, I came to this post because I was astounded by the absurdity of the suggestion. You may as well suggest that mobile phone manufacturers come up with some plug in doohicky that will allow your existing phone to be 5G capable because that's what you're fundamentally asking for. A DSP chip isn't a plug and play architecture, it's a core component and the circuitry is built around it just like the CPU in your computer, or the engine in your car. More importantly you decided to buy the limited version of the Helix rather than the full version and now you want someone to fix your bad decision for you. If you really want to fix the problem, sell or trade in your stomp and get a full sized Helix. Problem solved.
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    An alternate approach is, to take the same approach, except setting the Helix Volume know to max, then turning your monitors to the loudest you'd think you will want (louder than usual). You can then your the Volume knob to how loud you want to be playing. I've found my ideal setup to be having a mixer between the Helix and monitors so the Helix runs flat out, I can check patch settings with the mixer's metering, and control how loud the helix (and everything else is) going into my monitors. This maybe overkill for you. As to clean versus dirty sounds and levels: use the Ch Vol slider to set amp output levels without impacting on tone - it is not an amp control like master volume but literally an overall volume play around with a compressor at the end of the chain to help with patches sounding the same volume (something like the LA studio comp, or the Rochester) watch Jason Sadites videos - specific suggestions below
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    Reload your backup that you made prior to installing the new firmware. Updates have a tendency to reset all the Globals, which is why the backup is recommended - Line 6 don’t want to overwrite you stuff.
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    I think HX Edit should prompt the user to update HX Edit first with a link to the download website, before allowing the hardware update. Or linking the "Updating Helix/HX" page when a new update is found, with big red letters READ THIS FIRST. Maybe even informing about the existence of the "Line 6 Updater" in case of update or boot failure. Anything will do as long as the user informed to update HX Edit first in some way or form. I have to admit, I forgot to update HX Edit first this time, and I'm not a new to updating the Helix, I had no problems updating thankfully.
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    Oh I know. But that was before I had everything installed. Was likely only due to half the world hammmering the L6 server anyway, things seem to be fine now.
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    Maybe - but either way they're dead in the water. They now own a brand new $1700 L6 product they can't update or edit as advertised. My experience with L6 is; they won't let that scenario go unresolved for very long..
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    Thanks for the downloads. I find that the volume level on Clean 2 is way below Clean 1. Based on the -18db level on the other 3 settings, I have to turn Clean 2 " output to about +3db to get a decent output. Anybody else noticed this?
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    I can only vehemently echo what has been said. If your going to try any of the Helix culture products...that include amp sims....here is the steps I would recommend for the most no frills easiest approach to 'evaluate' your experience. Question 1: What will you be playing this through an FX Loop in a 'real' guitar amp or something else like studio monitors or a FRFR powered speaker. What ever your choice....should dictate which way you approach your testing.... 'Real' guitar amp...bring your amp and hook it up into your amps fx return. This will bypass any of your amps Preamp coloration which you can add later once your more familiar with the cabling structure to do so. If your going to use an FRFR power speaker, they should have one there you can try out, but try a few out, while the specs say they should be somewhat similar to novices there are great differences and can vary the results greatly...so again, knowing a piece of gear outside of your Helix will greatly change your experience. If your using studio monitors, but want a tangible Helix to use, then try Native and see how it sounds...there is no difference between software/hardware versions and will save you some time with connections and such (though you add another piece of gear that can change your experience. Question 2..... Based on your answer to question 1..... create a new patch/preset.....simply drop in the Amp (amp only, amp/cab, amp + cab) into a preset. Depending on what you are connecting to that will change what you put in the preset. Real Amp = Amp Only, FRFR/Monitors = Amp +Cab (seperate) or Amp/Cab (combined). In this situation I would recommend the combined Amp/Cab to keep the chain as simple as you can to hear the Amp simulations the best. I'm not a huge fan of the stock cabs vs. IR's...however I can get usable sounds out of them and would never say they are trash ever. I just like the 'feel' and response of some of my IR's from York Audio better. Step 3.... play with that single block...just like you would an amp at the store, stay out of the 'advanced' parameters....stick to the usual G/B/M/T/P knobs. The joy of digital is that you CAN crank the Master if you want that to find that sweet spot of the amp, just adjust the output volume on the Channel Volume setting. Just reiterate Step 1: choose a method of amplification that matches your most popular use at home/gigging. Step 2: create a new preset, add amp/cab appropriately. Step 3 adjust like a normal amp.
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    Yes. Not because of the modeler but because I got much more adept at how to arrange and use blocks in my signal chain, more informed about how to use cab/IRs and the choice and placement of mics, more informed on how to best use EQ and compression to fine tune my sound and most importantly how to appropriately gain stage all the elements in my presets and snapshots. Modelers just do what they do which is mathematically simulate real world circuits on amps and effects. The rest is up to me.
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    As noted above, if you're just coming into modeling you're going to need some time to master it and understand it because it's probably not going to be like anything you've worked with before. At the high end level it's going require a fair amount of knowledge and skill to get the hang of dialing in tones you like and understanding what's involved in that process. Most of the things you mentioned in your post were only problems for people that didn't understand this process and got bad results not based on the modeler, but on their lack of familiarity with it. What I'd suggest is spending some time familiarizing yourself with what the Helix does, the concepts and how to achieve great tones with it and the best place I can point you to is Jason Sadites YouTube channel for dialing in the Helix. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvhdK4-QIzo76Y_RIbxZctg
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    Please, your ironic comments aren't funny...
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    Hi guys, first post here, just want to let you know that I had the same issue and after removing my camera SD, Helix Edit worked immediatly. Thanks for the help.
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    Ha! @codamedia. There were definitely the easy-button to Boston tones! I even learned a new song, today More Than A Feeling. A preset with two amps and snapshots with drive pedal, amp, and IR changes gets you through the whole song. snapshots and IR changes are very handy. I did try the plain Brit Plexi Brt, which was pretty true to the sound. But i ended up on the German Mahadeva (Bogner Ecstacy). Drove it with a light Valve Driver distortion in a parallel path to the input of the amp. Then I got crazy with the Placater Dirty just because I likes da gain. Pretty amazing that guitarists and engineers have been trying to ditch cabs and make analog and digital models for decades. And watching that video posted by @sweetpete above, Tom Scholz was a Mechanical Engineer from MIT, as am I (not from MIT though)!!! Wow, the Rockman system was SO ahead of its time! They even had a full range guitar cab and amp! I bet this stuff was expensive in the day. Someone (eh hem, Line 6) should model this stuff. That was fun, thanks again!
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    Thank you. I agree with that approach. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I did step away from my amps for a week to attempt to break my expectations. In the end I felt fatigued. I felt like something was missing. I felt like the high frequency, glassy, top end was very different. I tried multiple EQ blocks, ear phones, frfr, powercab plus, introducing analog gear into the signal path, 4cm, etc, etc. my next try will be using the powercab line in to take the line out of my attenuators to add cabs to my tube heads. I hope this will help. I do like the UA ox but that is not good for live use. We will see.
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    Any new instructions should include the words.. "use a powered USB port" . That's all I had to do fix the connection error and update errors.
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    @kinglerxt Man thank you for your post regarding making a return line mp3 / line in for playing music through the Helix! You totally saved me with this video!
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    I would completely unistall all the software from line 6 and install again. Just install the latest pod go edit, that will take care also of the firmware upgrade. however I would quote what Jason Cohen wrote on his pod go support page on facebook, regarding pod go, factory reset, and update issues: #1 DO NOT HOOK UP YOUR POD GO TO YOUR PC TILL YOU GET THE SOFTWARE INSTALLED!! The software prompts you when to hook it up. If you were hooked up before installing the update you got lollipoped cause windows lollipops up the drivers. #2 pod go can not be hooked up to a USB hub! 99.99999999% of USB ports on the front of your PC are a HUB and not directly connected to the motherboard. So on to how to fix if your pod go doesn't start (or if you want to deep reset) 1. Power Off your PodGo for 30 seconds and turn it back on. If this does not fix the issue move to Step 2. 2. If a restart does to fix your PodGo follow these instructions. Turn the power off, and hold buttons C and D then power your PodGo back on. On your screen you will get a prompt that it is doing the factory reset. DO NOT POWER DOWN YOUR PODGO AT ANY POINT DURING THIS PROCESS!!. When it is complete the screen will go to the normal pod go preset screen. At this point it is safe to power down your PodGo. If this doesn't work move to step 3. 3. If your PodGo does not fix itself after the above 2 attempts. Do the following. Power off your PodGo, press and hold A&B, turn the power on. On your screen you will get a prompt that it is doing the factory reset. DO NOT POWER DOWN YOUR PODGO AT ANY POINT DURING THIS PROCESS!!. When it is complete the screen will go to the normal pod go preset screen. At this point it is safe to power down your PodGo. If this doesn't work move to step 4. 4. Email Line 6 support, they will walk you through a re-install of the firmware / software on the PodGo. Have patience it will take them a few days to get back to you.
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    Hi, That’s a little vague - a lot of it could be a result of what exactly your snapshots are turning on and off. If it happens on every conceivable setting then that would be odd. Don’t think anyone else has posted a similar issue. Check if it could be your delays - if they are swapping delay times in big steps that may be something to look into.
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    Hi, HO You may want to update your link to https://helixhelp.com as Jason Shimkoski, the creator of the site, moved over to the new version of the site in April 2019. As you’re aware the old site is still functioning, but no longer updated. Still an amazing resource for any Helix related queries. See this post on the old site. https://helixhelp.wordpress.com/2019/04/ Hope this helps
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    I found a solution for my issue. I put the Monkey application in Windows 10 "XP Compatability Mode" . That fixed my issue and the FBV MKII now connects to my W10 Laptop without isse.
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    I tried to install it and was given a message from my Catalina system saying "“Helix Native.pkg” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information." Not sure what this means actually.
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    I saw your post while trying to fix a similar problem. This worked for me: After I installed all the latest upgrades to the drivers and the editor, I restarted the system then followed these steps. 1. Open System Preferences in OS X Catalina 2. Select "Security and Privacy" 3. Select the "General" tab 4. Look at the bottom for an alert about system software prevented from loading 5. Select to allow software from Line 6 6. Open POD HD500 Editor 7. Connect the POD to the USB Done! I hope this helps!
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    Create a blank preset then copy it over top of anything you want to clear. I know that is not the answer you are looking for, but that's how I get it done :)
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    When I first moved away from using/micing my amp, I still had my Elektron Analog Drive and also my H9 on the board. I soon realised that between the HX and AA6, I had everything I needed. I use the HX as my master, using MIDI to change presets on the AA6. The EV5 controls a final volume block on the AA with the Mission attached to the HX. HX Presets are changed from an iPad which calls up the correct patch when I select the song; the HX is normally in snapshot mode. The whole thing is cabled up 4CM meaning I can place HX effects before and after the Amp sections in the AA and still come out of the HX into the Cab section of the AA as the final output into the desk. The best part is I think I've only really scratched the surface of what these 2 can do together. David.
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    As the thread title suggests, my XT Live's LCD has a display problem. Suddenly, there's a weird 'box' artifact that occupies almost half of the entire right side of the LCD screen. Here is the display in tuner mode. I have tried reinstalling drivers, USB firmware, and flash memory and the problem persists. Functionality-wise, the unit has no problems at all. Everything is working fine. It's just that LCD display problem that suddenly appeared when I turned it on a while ago. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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