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  1. enjalt

    Amp cross reference

    https://line6.com/data/6/0a06439c973a5787c415a0987/application/pdf/Helix 2.0 Owners Manual - Rev D - French .pdf p26
  2. enjalt

    Looking for presets

    You have at least "$$$ for nothing" in the factory's presets. you'll certainly have to adjust it but it''ll be a great base
  3. enjalt

    Wireless Rig

    You could just use your Helix for Guitar AND Bass (guitar on Guitar Input, Bass on aux input) both direct to FOH via XLR and 1/4" outputs. if each of you have a wireless system as the Line6 G10 and wireless IEM, you'll just have 2 câbles from Helix to FOH (+ power) (no need for DI boxes)
  4. enjalt

    Managing volume levels

    Excuse my english... I meant when you're create your preset I think it's better to max the big knob and play with the CHANNEL control (thx rd2rk). Anyway I understand people who are not doing the same, in the case the 1/4" output is used for IEM for example(as mentionned above) Personally I disable it (sent to FOH). got my inst via the XLR output and my vocals via 1/4" output. don't use the big knob att all (that's why i leave it max) My IEM is not connected to Helix. The soundman send it back through an auxiliary so i can (as each of my bandmates who have an assigned auxiliary) have my personnal mix (via an app on my phone for example).
  5. I may be wrong but it seems to me , you already have a patch for this song in the factory's preset. Use it as a base to see how it's built?
  6. enjalt

    Managing volume levels

    You must max your master knob...... If you need to turn up a bit (on a gig you must not do that in order to not degrade your soundman's mix anyway) you still have the option to put a block "comp/boost" (for solos for example) Anyway it's far better to set up your presets with master volume knob fully engaged and play with your gain and volume in the amp preset
  7. enjalt

    Helix Synth Bass Patch

    Maybe you can: - up your attack time settings a little to get rid of this plucking sound - change the wave ? - lvl up your gate in your input
  8. enjalt

    Bass and headphone sound problems, help me!

    Ok... I don't know then.... sorry Did you check the manual (page 40 and 41)? https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a4010cb85bb66b18111e4/application/pdf/HX Stomp Manual - French .pdf it contains tips on how to adjust the inputs / outputs according to what you plug in as a type of instrument
  9. enjalt

    Bass and headphone sound problems, help me!

    I Don’t think so for the headphone output, cause i use some IEM sometimes (20ohm) And It Works too (i have to push higher the knob with the 250ohm headphone...normal) Did you try on the global settings to put on « guitar in pad » (for the distorsion problem)? I play Bass too on my Helix... a question that may seem stupid but if it's an active bass, have you check the batteries. It can explain the distorsion and low volume
  10. enjalt

    Bass and headphone sound problems, help me!

    I don't think your headphone involved.. i'm using à 250ohm on my Helix Floor and I have no problem... It seems that the stomp doesn't have any Aux IN Did you try to reduce your input value on the global settings page? -> choose "line" (instead of "inst") with powerfull active basses
  11. enjalt

    Helix floor version Master volume.

    Too bad so... it’s your rôle to keep a constant volume value. If you push up your master during a gig it’s not good. It’s Your soundman’s job. you can engage à boost/comp during your solo parts but normaly it’s Not very clean to modify your master....
  12. enjalt

    Helix floor version Master volume.

    just put the master volume at full position and rework your patches levels.....
  13. enjalt

    Handle Bass output?

    I don't think it would be great for bass (even if i would love to try it too) we can read in the specs : Frequency response: 70 - 20000 Hz low E on bass is about 41 Hz and low B (for 5 and 6 strings players) is about 31hz ...