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  1. enjalt

    Mic or Line Output for Helix

    https://line6.com/data/6/0a06439c973a5787c415a0987/application/pdf/Helix 2.0 Owners Manual - Rev D - French .pdf p9 As for many subjects, the answers are in the datasheet
  2. enjalt

    No Guitar Input Signal

    Maybe the question is silly but at the beginning of your input, did you if check "multi" or "Gtr" was selected?
  3. enjalt

    Helix LT failed while updating 2.8

    Did you at least read or follow the procedure mentionned at the download page? They're pretty clear about what (or not) to do
  4. enjalt

    Helix LT failed while updating 2.8

    Just read the instructions..... the message "boot failure. entered update mode" is totaly normal......
  5. enjalt

    Best wireless relay for Helix?

    The G10 is actually better than the G30. The claws of the case are very cheap (mine was broken Within 2 gigs....bad quality (cheap plastic)). G10 is far better And auto charge when plugged to his base (G30 can't)
  6. enjalt

    I Love My HX Stomp... But My Bandmate Doesn't

    Your bandmate just live in the past.... Or one of those anti-digital hater who critizes without have tried (or not enough), or who hasn't himself managed to get a good tone with and think that the problem comes form the machine...
  7. enjalt

    Mono to FOH, Stereo to IEM

    You'll juste have to send to FOH from your Helix a stereo Signal (L + R). Then on the Aviom you'll hear your effects in stéréo without changin anything else. It just take 1 more input on your FOH (Guitar L and Guitar R) You'll have in stereo all inst that send L + R to FOH and anyway for the rest of Inst which are Send in Mono you can play with the "Balance"
  8. enjalt

    Lets talk about Helix, and bass for a moment.

    Hey As a bass player it's nice to see this post. From what I can tell you from my own experience is that I have now sold my 2 amps to keep only the Helix and I am fully satisfied. It is true that there is still lacks in modeling of amps but it should expand with the next updates I play mainly in a group of covers and it's a pleasure to play on Helix. The amp's models are pretty good (the whole thing is to spend time on it to create presets)
  9. enjalt

    Compatibility Helix / Variax 700

    Thanks! I assume the comportment will be the same for the 700
  10. enjalt

    Compatibility Helix / Variax 700

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone has already tested the compatibility between Helix and a Variax 700. And if so what does work / does not work? Thanks for your replies
  11. enjalt

    Amp cross reference

    https://line6.com/data/6/0a06439c973a5787c415a0987/application/pdf/Helix 2.0 Owners Manual - Rev D - French .pdf p26
  12. enjalt

    Looking for presets

    You have at least "$$$ for nothing" in the factory's presets. you'll certainly have to adjust it but it''ll be a great base
  13. enjalt

    Wireless Rig

    You could just use your Helix for Guitar AND Bass (guitar on Guitar Input, Bass on aux input) both direct to FOH via XLR and 1/4" outputs. if each of you have a wireless system as the Line6 G10 and wireless IEM, you'll just have 2 câbles from Helix to FOH (+ power) (no need for DI boxes)
  14. enjalt

    Managing volume levels

    Excuse my english... I meant when you're create your preset I think it's better to max the big knob and play with the CHANNEL control (thx rd2rk). Anyway I understand people who are not doing the same, in the case the 1/4" output is used for IEM for example(as mentionned above) Personally I disable it (sent to FOH). got my inst via the XLR output and my vocals via 1/4" output. don't use the big knob att all (that's why i leave it max) My IEM is not connected to Helix. The soundman send it back through an auxiliary so i can (as each of my bandmates who have an assigned auxiliary) have my personnal mix (via an app on my phone for example).
  15. I may be wrong but it seems to me , you already have a patch for this song in the factory's preset. Use it as a base to see how it's built?