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  1. Why don't you just split this way: 1A+2A for guitar 1B+2B for vocals This is by far more simple.... ???
  2. enjalt

    Drum Box

    Hi, Just Wondering if in a future update, it will be planned to add some drum boxes functions on the Helix. Does someone heard any infos on this?
  3. Actually it's not totally true. You can use Path A full and 1/2 path B for your guitar and the other 1/2 half of path B for the mic (I assume the Mic Path will be Ok with not so many blocks)
  4. CC #1 – DRIVE ON/OFF (value of 127 = ON /value of 0 = OFF) CC #2 – BOOST ON/OFF (value of 127 = ON /value of 0 = OFF) CC #3 – CLIPPING DIODES (value of 1 = 2x SYMETRICAL DIODES) (value of 2 = 3x ASYMETRICAL DIODES) (value of 3 = 4x SYMETRICAL DIODES) (value of 4 = 2x SYMETRICAL RED LED's) CC #4 – GAIN CYCLE (value of 1 = 25% GAIN) (value of 2 = 50% GAIN) (value of 3 = 75% GAIN) (value of 4 = 100% GAIN) CC #5 – BOOST EQ (value of 1 = BRIGHT BOOST) (value of 2 = MID BOOST) (value of 3 = TAILORED BOOST) (value of 4 = FULL BOOST)
  5. Maybe just some compatibility problem with your pedals . I may be wrong but i've already seen some topics or posts about compatibility problems with certain brands of equipment
  6. Maybe check "Controller assign section" and verify the min values if they're correctly set at 0. Or check too if you don't have two volume parameters set by error
  7. In the assign section assign Exp Toe to activate the wah block, and EXP 1 for the value. Then when you're playing, activate the Toe Switch it should work. (bypass the wah block by default)
  8. IMO you'll need a preamp... The Helix have some but I doubt the LT have some (due to the lack of a Mic Input)
  9. as tu essayé avec le Line 6 Updater? qui est censé mettre a jour tes pilotes le cas échéant?
  10. il y a peut etre une solution. Par contre tu ne pourra pas la gérer grace a la sortie "phone" que tu ne peux pas assigner spécialement a une chaine . La sortie phone prend l'ensemble du preset en compte. Il te suffit de créer ton preset qui comprend: - ta basse et de l'envoyer a la console via les sorties XLR - Une 2 eme entrée via un Return où tu envoies un aux de la console (ta tranche de retour), et de brancher ton casque sur le 1/4" (a tester car je ne suis pas sur du rendu) En gros: entrée 1 A (Aux si basse active ou Guitar si passive -> ensemble de bloc pour ta basse -> XLR Out -> Vers console Depuis Aux de console -> entrée 2 A -> Bloc Return-> peut etre preamp ou bloc volume -> 1/4" Out -> vers Casque Edit: Après c'est beaucoup plus simple d'avoir un petit système in-ear, il en existe de très corrects autour des 200€
  11. Pas certain d'avoir compris non plus (tu pourras répondre en français si jamais) Tu as plusieurs solutions. Soit tu envoies tes sorties XLR a ton ingé son. Ensuite vos retours sont gérés par les AUX de la console (et potentiellement tu peux avoir tous les instruments via ta ligne retour). Soit tu cherches a voir juste ta basse dans un cab que tu as sur scene avec juste ta basse dedans. Dans ce cas tu envoies toujours tes sorties XLR vers ton ingé son. Puis tu utilises tes/ta (mono) sortie(s) 1/4" vers ton cab sur scène (après avoir configuré sur ton preset un chainage correct)
  12. Just assign 75 and 100 to your EXP 1 parameters "MIN Value" and "MAX Value"
  13. I may be wrong but it seems you can in global settings (p.38 -39 in the manual) assign by default Snapshots or snapshots + stomp
  14. Hi i've test your preset , but it worked perfectly for me.... I even tested with only 1 block wah. I'm on V2.81 for your info. Anyway Test to just save your preset With Exp2 at 0. When you'll restart your Helix , no matter where your wah position is, the block will be disengaged until you act on your exp 2.
  15. Did you test to make your preset with the wah set on the intern pedal (EXP 1 or EXP 2)? It may juste be the compatibility between with your "mission engineering" pedal.
  16. Does it work if you save your preset with your Wah Block Bypassed by default?
  17. it seems it's actually your variax volume that control this parameter.. Did you test to manually (without the learn fonction) set the value parameter set on EXP 1 or 2?
  18. In your case just plug the phone out to your Left/Mono input transmitter
  19. You can set the exp to Linear or Log in the globals options anyway
  20. I may be wrong but in the case some of your presets require too much DSP to be able to split your outputs, it seems to me that you can do that with snapshots. For example from the image below without spliting the signal and putting IR'block before the last EQ Snapshots 1 (to 4) with IR activated and EQ desactivated or set to one way Snapshots 5 (to 8) with IR desactivated and EQ set to another way. Each snapshot may have some differents states for each block
  21. 2.0 Owners Manual - Rev D - French .pdf p9 As for many subjects, the answers are in the datasheet
  22. Maybe the question is silly but at the beginning of your input, did you if check "multi" or "Gtr" was selected?
  23. Did you at least read or follow the procedure mentionned at the download page? They're pretty clear about what (or not) to do
  24. Just read the instructions..... the message "boot failure. entered update mode" is totaly normal......
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