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    2.9 Model Updates: -Revv Purple (Ch3) -1x12 Fullerton and Grammatico Cabs -Red Llama Drive -Steve Vai Legendary Drive -Harmonic Antagonizer Fuzz -Rochester Comp (Billy Sheehan Compressor) -Small Stone Phaser -Split Dynamics (Path A/B Routing) Feature Updates: -Output Meters -Gain Reduction Meters -Clip Indicators -IR Attachment by Name -New Switch/Snap/Looper Layout Options -New Model Subcategory Shortcuts -Update from HX Edit -A/B Compare for HX Native Available “soon.”
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    I can't answer the detailed technical questions but can maybe provide some useful guidelines. Biased hot: Stronger overall output, more lows, not as much clean headroom, more saturation and less cutoff distortion, more even order harmonics, tubes wear out faster. Biased cold: Weaker, thin, harsh output, Lows aren't as strong, more clean headroom overall, more cutoff and less saturation distortion, more odd-order harmonics, and the tubes don't breakup as fast. I don't know what the range of the Bias control is, but I would expect 5 to be where the tubes are normally biassed, 0 is colder, 10 is hotter - but how hot/cold is unknown. The above applies to typical Fender, Vox and Marshall amps where the majority of the distortion is coming from the power tubes, and where negative feedback is lost (because the power tubes are clipping and have no more gain), and therefore damping factor be lower. For modern high gain amps where most to the distortion is coming from the preamp section, power tube bias can have a very different impact. A slightly colder bias might tighten up the amp, and improve the transient response. Hotter bias might result in less controlled tone and too much muddy bass. So biasing hotter for blues in small amps and biasing colder for metal in high-gain amps might be something to try. Bias excursion is caused by distorting power tubes causing increased grid current which charges the coupling capacitor between the phase inverter and power tube, which changes the bias of the power tubes. When the input stops, the coupling capacitor slowly discharges allowing the power tube bias to recover. This could make an amp that is biased hotter, become colder biased as it is pushed further into distortion, changing the color of the distortion. Maybe when the hotter biased power tubes are pushed to the edge of breakup there might be warmer even order harmonics, and better bass. As the tube is pushed harder the bias gets colder, there might be more odd order harmonics for more aggressive sounding distortion, and the bass might be reduced.
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    Yes... and don't leave them empty, otherwise the electricity leaks out.
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    1: NO 2: NO Why can't some people accept that there are many of us that found our way past amps and actually prefer it? IMO... It doesn't matter how good I make it sound "for me".... I have to rely on a microphone, placement and a sound tech with skills to make it sound even close to that out front where it really matters. I prefer to put my time and effort into what the people hear, not what I plan to enjoy by myself. Not to mention, the moment I'm on a tour requiring IEM's.... there is zero benefit (for me) to have an "amp in the room". Don't get me wrong... I love amps and own several. It's just not my preferred method. I'm also not telling anyone else they should ditch their amps if that's what they prefer. I can't speak for others... but I have no problems with dynamics, tone or feel and my ears are just fine! Actually... it's knowing what great amps sound like (through experience) that has helped me achieve that at the FOH with modelers.
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    SUCCESS!! So I was having the same frustrating SPINNING WHEEL issue while using Logic Pro as many others... but I made one change that seems to have fixed the problem! I just turned off my internet connection (WiFi) then tried opening the plugin in Logic, but this time instead of it causing the constant spinning wheel, it prompted me for my account login info (...because of no internet connection). But this time where I had previously been connecting over my home Wi-Fi... I instead connected to my iPhone via PERSONAL HOTSPOT... typed in my password and it loaded right up! And after that first successful attempt I now seem to be able to use my home Wi-Fi without any issues and everything seems to be working as it should! DANG....FINALLY!!!
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    Nothing is stopping you from adding the extras for your own pleasure... but everything else you add will be moving further away from what Neil would do. IMO.... Studio Compression is definitely added to Neils guitar on the recordings.... you may want to insert the "LA Studio Comp" after the after for that feel/tone. It will be subtle, but does make a difference. A touch of verb doesn't hurt, but keep it light. Both the verb and compression would be "studio additions", not part of his core tone!
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    "Undecided" - Ella Fitzgerald First you say you do And then you don't And then you say you will And then you won't You're undecided now So what are you gonna do? Now you want to play And then it's no And when you say you'll stay That's when you go You're undecided now So what are you gonna do? ----------------------------------------------------------- DUDE! Get over yourself! Many thousands of people are happily using Helix Native EVERY DAY with MANY different DAWs. Just because you can't figure out how to use it with YOUR DAW, and haven't got the patience to learn, don't bad mouth the product! I personally use Helix Native with 3 different DAWs - Reaper, Cakewalk and Ableton LIVE. I got no problems like you can't handle. You said we got it working for you, then you got PO'd and QUIT, so I'm not even sure what your problem is! I had never used Snapshots in Native, took me 5 minutes to work out. It works JUST LIKE THE HARDWARE! FWIW - I tried Cubase and thought it was the most un-intuitive, difficult to navigate POS I'd ever had the misfortune of wasting my time on. Did you notice - nobody chimed in with "HI! I use Cubase, here's how you do it!"? Not that Cubase is necessarily the problem, but it sure ISN'T Native! Let's see, what's that leave........? So, kick back, have a beer, smoke a doob, and when you're ready, come on back and we'll fix it for ya!
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    Wish I could say the same...it updated without issue and functions normally...however, the battery life went from 6 hours+ on a full charge to less than 3 hours now, literally overnight. I'm sure safety improvements make the lawyers happy, but if the price is cutting the device's usefulness in half, I'd rather have taken my chances with an overheating battery...I had no issues with more than a year of almost daily use. Normally I know when to leave well enough alone, but instead I went along with the recommendations instead of my gut. Last time I'll do that. Already opened a ticket...we shall see.
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    If you haven't already seen it, Jason Sadites has a great video on this general topic of 'none of us having ever actually heard what our presets really sound like' It's well worth the 30min watch.
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    But what if it's a joystick? ;)
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    I must say that the Helix Floor that i bought when it came out years ago is the best investment in music gear i have ever done. The way you keep updating and improving this thing is unprecedented. So thank you very very much for the helix Line 6. When and if Helix 2 comes out i'm first in line.
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    Not that it can't bear some improvement but I have to say I can't see what I hear on @SaschFranck's recording being a huge problem in a live setting. Heck, at least in the clubs, given the sounds of conversation, glasses clinking, chairs moving, servers taking orders, etc.. I don't even see it being much of a problem in a solo setting unless you guys are getting much more polite crowds than I have experienced or are playing in an auditorium you can hear a pin drop in with a rapt audience. Even then I think it could be passable depending on what is being played. Btw, with the exception of a few socially distanced porch jams all my gigs post-COVID have been "solo", as in, just me :-) This is the first iteration of poly in the HX line and it took a while to get here so although everyone hoped it would be perfect out of the gate I think it is only reasonable to give Line6 a little time to refine it. It is pretty decent right now and a paradigm shift for HX with some serious potential. Code optimization is actually at the absolute top of my list for poly enhancements so that it chews up less DSP and allows more of the blocks I use in my signal path to remain. Yet another reason I would love to see a modular approach to modelers where I could just throw some more/faster DSP at this. Glad to see people make specific suggestions on where it can be improved though especially when accompanied by audio that demonstrates areas of concern. Those observations are what will hopefully help drive its future development. It is probably an overstatement to call it unusable(not implying you were saying that) but standards differ between players. Perhaps some will have to wait(could be a long time) to use it live until it hits their threshold for performance use. For me I think I could find places to use it now, as it is.
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    Nobody's are... and yes, I've purchased a bunch (mostly out of curiosity) from various sources, including some of the more highly touted ones often mentioned around here... and I don't use a single one of them. That being said, Jason Sadites' youtube channel has some excellent Helix tutorials for getting acquainted with the process of creating your own tones... just don't confuse process with product. Trying to reproduce tonal continuity using a carbon copy of settings that work for someone else, with their rig, guitars, listening environment, playing technique, etc etc, is mostly a pipe dream. The variables are numerous and significant... and this will be true no matter who's you purchase, or how awesome they sounded in the demo. If you're expecting to buy them and instantly have the exact same tone you've heard in videos that feature those very same patches, the odds are that you will come away confused and disappointed. Watch some of his videos to see how and why he does certain things... but don't fixate on duplicating every last parameter, because it'll never sound exactly the same on your end... it's the methodology that matters, not individual numbers. Once you understand what various parameters do, then finding the sound you want becomes much less daunting. But ultimately there are no shortcuts.
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    Not at all I think. In my experience Line 6 wants beta testers who want to seek out problems and make sound recommendations for improvement. Fan boys are not good beta testers if all they want to do is extol the virtues of a product. A healthy disrespect is very useful. The desired attitude is "I want to bring this thing to its knees and make it crash spectacularly!" Edit: added the word ‘not’ which was originally omitted.... Fan boys are not good beta testers.....
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    I'm 100% on board for more synth stuff. We have enough amps and effects unless they wanna throw us some more ambient/experimental type effects like glitching and stuff! To be honest I'm quite a bit let down about it not having more synth stuff considering how guitar synth stuff has exploded lately. I have a boss sy-1000 and gk pickups and can use external synths like my hydrasynth and wavestate etc... with it but it would be nice if helix got in the synth game. If helix could do great synths it would be powerful with that and variax. It would be a boss sy-1000 on steroids where you could conjure up awesome synth tones, acoustic guitar stuff, alt tunings, different modelled electrics and bass etc... I can do all that with sy-1000 but I'd love to be able to do it all in helix instead and be more powerful with 4 signal paths (instead of 3 in sy-1000) and more fx blocks in helix 32 (instead of like 15 in sy-1000) and helix routing and fx loops and stuff would just make it a killer over sy-1000. If helix got to the point of having strong polyphonic synth options that are great I would drop my gk pickups and sy-1000 and get my a variax but it would have to be much better than sy-1000 before changing. Able to sound good, split strings, great alt-tunings, good filters etc..
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    A Klon is to a reverb as an amoeba is to a sperm whale. Where can I get this on a T-shirt in a men's medium?
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    Respectfully I think there may be considerable interest in better synth options. Hard to tell without a poll. I cast my vote "Yes please".
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    I recreated the Freqout good enough to get me through a couple songs I needed that edge/into feedback kind of sound without having to bring it to a gig. Its on CustomTone. https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4237762/ . Operates a little bit differently by using the expression pedal but the instructions are in the patch notes and is the "Natural High" setting on the FreqOut. You may have to change outputs. Its set up as a gig patch using Input 2 for a bass path irrelevant to the Guitar Patch on input 1 so ignore that. I tried to use Autoswell on a momentary to bring in the path but that effect is overall frustrating and was better on the Exp pedal. Even with the FreqOut, I like the Exp pedal over a momentary anyway. If there was available LFO assignments like on the Digitech GNX ( maybe even RP) stuff, the path could be automated for a momentary better.
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    Mine works fine, but I'm pi$$ed anyway!!!!!! ;)
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    If you're never gonna leave the house with it, get a good pair of studio monitors and call it a day. Stereo FX are glorious... you'll thank me later. Size will be dictated by the size of the room and/or the footprint you want. JBL LSR305's or LSR308's are excellent, and not terribly expensive. There are tons of good choices... these just happen to be the ones I have the most experience with.
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    Oh, I see - even though your Helix can store 1,024 presets (arranged in 8 sets lists of 128 presets in 4 banks of 32) you aren’t happy if you have to switch from your idea of a “mega-rig” to a different preset. It should all be available in one preset? There is a reason they are referred to as “ setlists”. Next song, next preset - seems like a good idea to many users. Your premise of “the flexibility to pretend I have a real board and don’t have to switch into a new preset.” and how you are approaching things rather defeats the object of having a Helix in the first place. Frankly I’m baffled that you think that this is too complicated and want to do everything in one preset. The whole concept of this unit is flexibility. Which is precisely why the people at Line 6 added “snapshots” for the equivalent of a many presets within a single preset and “trails” on delays, reverbs etc, to carry over while changing from one preset to the next. The idea was to reduce the “tap dancing” involved with a huge analogue pedal board. It may be me, but I don’t think that you are using what you have to it’s best advantage. What do you have in those other one thousand and twenty three preset slots? Your concept of not enough DSP being available is purely down to how you have chosen to use it. Sorry, I just don’t comprehend your logic, in fact it is totally illogical. Your mileage, very obviously, does vary.
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    If I understand, you want to switch between 2 delay settings with one footswitch, correct? If so, in this video Steve Sterlacci shows how to setup one button to swap presets or snapshots using 'Command Center'. You basically have one button on preset A that points to Preset B, and the same button on Preset B points to Preset A. Sorry if this missed the target.
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    So if I got this right no manual exists for the spider remote app and the instructions for my V20 MKII are only marginal. I'm 72 yrs and I don't have another lifetime to learn all the features and would appreciate a help screen on the web site that is product and app specific. It appears to be a great product, but unless you are a professional or a bloody genius it becomes mind numbing!
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    Fantastic news! What a great addition to the Helix. This device and the firmware for the entire HX line just keeps getting better!
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    If anyone in here is interested - Helix Native 3.01 is available to Download. 12/8/20 “The Helix 3.01 update addresses potential severely corrupted audio output. Due to this, we recommend updating your Helix family device as soon as possible. This issue may also be experienced on Helix Native, an update for Native will be available in the very near future.” I know Helix Native has it’s own forum, but not that many people actually visit or post in there. Last time that Digital_Igloo posted about an update was for 1.50 in January 2018 IIRC, some were asking in this forum. Hope this helps.
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    Mine uses punch cards and it works just fine.
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    How much more would you be willing to pay for that? Double the price?
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    Hi Have made a new version of my cheat sheet, Line6 Helix Model Summary v3.00, for the ones who still like it on a printed sheet or as a file on your PC/MAC. All models up to firmware 3.00 are in there and as usual they are in the order of appearance on the unite. Have also corrected some errors and mistyping. There is a few parameters I do not yet have the info on and they are marked TBD (eg impedance of the Horizon Drive) and will be updated when I find the info. Else, same format as before. Download it from my Dropbox here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/v9jzvcxuym3p0p4/Line6 Helix-Model Summary%2C P3%2C00-02.pdf?dl=0 Take care and have fun... (sounded a bit like a contradiction :-) //Per
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    Then something is amiss, sir. It doesn't work like that for other people, and it went through beta testing and QA without those issues. I wouldn't know how to start solving your problem other than something in your helix general settings of some kind that is mixing dry signal into your output path. Makes me wonder if it always was mixing dry signal into your output path but you couldn't tell because without pitch changing effects it's much less obvious?
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    Hey everybody, I was perusing the web and randomly found out that 3.0 came out! As a result, I spent some time tonight updating https://helixhelp.com with all of the new models and added the new release notes. I'll be cleaning up the site a bit in the coming days and will be adding more information to each model. Just wanted you all to know that I am on it. Hope you all are well! Jason
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    If my options are being labeled arrogant, or plowing through life paying no attention to anything, causing problems that otherwise wouldn't exist, I'll take the arrogant label...
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    Ok... now I see your problem. 5 minutes with any modeler is woefully insufficient. Modeling is a whole other world... there are many things that aren't terribly intuitive or obvious when you're just getting your feet wet... give it 5 weeks noodling around and you'll start to get acquainted with it. It's a marathon, not a sprint. And the factory presets are... how shall I put this diplomatically... oh, screw it. They're as worthless as an elevator in an outhouse. You have to build your tones yourself. It's the only way...
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    As already mentioned, one man's "couldn't care less", is another's deal-breaker. You might give Helix another shot and decide that it's exactly the same as your first experience, infinitely better, or infinitely worse. Perception is weird, and largely without explanation. The only way you'll ever know is to give it a try... and I don't mean a couple of hours on a Saturday. You need to spend a significant amount of time with Helix (or any other modeler for that matter) to really know if it's the right fit for you or not. Buy from someplace with a decent return policy so you've got nothing to lose...a couple of weeks at a bare minimum... and see what's what. Relying on someone else's experience is almost entirely worthless... besides, everybody here is a fan. You won't get much in the way of negative feedback... but a bunch of glowing reviews guarantees nothing. You might end up hating or anyway.
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    What sort of input are you using on your interface? Is it a high Z input? Basically, you’re using two different inputs, each with their own analog circuitry, and they’re affecting the way your Strat sounds in their own ways. If you want Native and the Stomp to sound identical, they need to have the same input/dry track. The easiest way to ensure that is using the dry track from the Stomp as the source for the track(s) in Native.
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    My experience has been similar and you are probably already familiar with most of my observations here. Many gigs I have played for years now have been using WIFI connected iPad and/or Android tablets to control mixing boards, various music related apps, and smart powered speaker systems. They are an awesome tool for mixing FOH as well as controlling monitor/IEM mixes. They also come in for a multitude of other uses including pumping in pre-recorded music during a break or changing parameters on smart powered speakers. They tend to work better if you take care to use a WIFI channel that doesn't have too much interference, particularly in venues where there are a lot of mobile phones and/or competing WIFI traffic and networks. Venues in populous urban locations are particularly likely to have many wireless networks overlapping in a small area. Often you can just use the default channel though. Basic security e.g. WEP or WPA(2), should always be set up on the router so audience members' mobile phones don't inadvertently and automatically connect and piggyback on your mixer's WIFI network. I have found tablets to be subject to occasional disconnect issues but they usually reconnect easily and many sound engineers also have a wired Ethernet solution to a laptop as an additional optional control surface. Adding any decent quality router to substitute for the mixer's built-in router also often helps with range and more consistent connectivity. Tablets allow the soundman, assistant, or musician to walk anywhere in the venue and dial in the sound remotely from the far corners of the house. Ethernet/WIFI control of the board often replaces the necessity for running a bulky cable snake out into the audience with a much less obtrusive Ethernet cable and/or a tablet depending on the venue and equipment used. There are plenty of excellent tablet holders available to attach to a mic stand for smaller or singer/songwriter gigs if you need to operate the mix or other apps/equipment from onstage. Tablets have become a common appendage for digital boards used from small club gigs and even some larger venues. At least in these parts. I still love the sound and punch of a good quality old analog sound system as well as physical knobs, switches, and faders, but the ability to add the features, convenience, portability, and ability to roam and optimize the sound in more areas of the house provided by tablets connected to digital boards and other peripherals is hard to beat.
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    Some people can't understand why a product like Helix doesn't have a polyphonic coffee maker. GO FOR IT!
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    Well I'll share my to cents regarding modern sounds: I think the VH brown sound is a good place to start, because it feels awesome to play, is versatile and inspired generations of guitar players (and amp manufacturers!). One way (of many) to get it is using the ANGL Meteor. It is my (wet) dream of a modern marshallesque sound. The Helix pairs it with the 4x12 XXL V30 cabinet which is a great match. The stock setting mic 409Dyn @2.0" is also great. The only thing I change here is lowering the high cut to 6.7kHz. This will make it less open, but also gets rid of nasty harshness. We can increase the amps treble now which gets us a satisfying amout of definition/attack. Starting with this setting for the ANGL Meteor this brings me in the brown sound ball park: Drive 3 Bass 2 Mids 2 Treble 7 Presence 4 Master 4 I always use a reverb to get a room feeling. Without that I tend to always want to tweak the amp. Once familiar with that sound keep the cab and change amp to the Archetype Lead, Solo Crunch, Solo Lead, Placater etc and try to dial them in to get a similar sound. That will give you a feeling for each of those and a tonal starting point in your head/ears. That's at least what I did and got me to really dig the Helix. Then there you can experiment with drives. The Screamer 808 can get you to leads and djenty stuff, the Hedgehog D9 is instant Scorpions sound etc. Much to discover here... Regarding the cab, I sometimes like to use dual cabs and mix in a little of the same cab with a different mic. 121Ribn @6.0" worked fine so far to add a little focus on the mids. If you want to go chugga chugga metal try this: Increase mids in the amp and add a parametric eq after it. Choose MdFreq @ 405Hz, Mid Q @1.4 and cut to taste. This emulates the mid cut section found on a Diezel Herbert. To reduce mud here is on trick that emulates the C45 switch on Friedmans: Tilt EQ block before the amp: Brt50, CenFreq 670Hz, Level +4,5dB.
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    Thanks for your response Phil M User error. Turns out it was the DSP on the FRFR speakers that had gone to pole position rather than monitor, which is what it is always set on, just bizarre that it did this when trying the new vFirmware., anyway all good thanks. Duned in Dragon I only need a simple set up, not 300 presets and only asked a simple question, I have the sound I need with only 2/3 amps, and it is such a good sound! Fact, I did not ask for any empathy, so none was required, seems you didn’t read my question properly. See I only need so many sounds and if there good, which on this Helix LT there fantastic then that’s what I gig with, I don’t need to spend time doing 300 presets! So simple answer would have been, “never had that problem” or Like Phil M, “you shouldn’t have that problem“ Even better, have you checked your other gear, doh! Point here is, be helpful or don’t bother, no big boy pants required.
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    Thank you so much @codamedia! This seems to have solved my issues!
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    Actually it's not totally true. You can use Path A full and 1/2 path B for your guitar and the other 1/2 half of path B for the mic (I assume the Mic Path will be Ok with not so many blocks)
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    There’s nothing from Line 6 on this except the generalities that you will find in manuals such as page 21 of the POD Go manual. However there is a very detailed reference site at helixhelp.com that you may find useful. It still requires consulting the manufacturer’s manuals for the details you seek but it conveniently provides direct links to that information where it exists.
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    OwnHammer (r)Evolution pack for multi IR pack that has most classic speakers and cabs you'll need for many amp types. OwnHammer Heavy Hitter 2 for metal. The (r)Evolution pack should get you covered for everything, including metal. https://www.ownhammer.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=192_193&products_id=449
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    Glad it worked for ya- Think you could change the "Joke" comment to "solved" in the topic now?
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    However, what you hear playing the patch with your guitar using your amp or speakers may not be even close to what the patch creator hears using his equipment. That’s one of the main stumbling blocks with Customtone. There’s much more than just the patch involved in the signal that travels from your fingers to your ears.And each component can have a dramatic effect on what you hear. Often when I download and listen to a patch I don’t think it sounds at all like the title or description suggests it should sound like. That doesn’t mean the patch creator did a poor job. More likely it means our external equipment is quite different.
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    Yeah, I’ve had mine a year or two longer. It’s still so satisfying and amazing.
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    Would it be possible to browse custom tones by sorting them by tags, like genre or type, without having to search? I feel like having to guess key words really limits the ability to share original patches with the Spider V Community. For instance, I would like to try to find off the wall and weird experimental / ambient like patches. If i type in ambient, only the people who uploaded their contribution using that tag, would i only then get a match. If someone chose the word trippy, and I typed in groovy instead, we don't have a match. I just think the ability to browse the tones vs having to search for them, hoping luck is on your side. Great amp otherwise, my only gripe is the wireless g10 dongle squealing when it gets plugged into any of my active guitars. (I read the active setups trick the dongle into thinking it is charging? Who knows, that is for another thread.) Thanks in advance!!
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    I’ve preordered mine. Very excited! Also ordered a TRS to XLR cable, which should eliminate the need for an XLR out.
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    This is about the cheapest available, and I mention this because I have 2 attached to my Helix Floor unit. They work just fine for me, but I’m a studio rat so they don’t have to go on the road. Hey, you could buy 10 of these instead of 1 Mission or any of the others. Upgrade to one of those later. https://www.thomann.de/gb/maudio_expression_pedal.htm or if you use Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/M-Audio-EX-P-Expression-Controller-Supported/dp/B000NLRWEI Hope this helps
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    I hear ya! BUT...to be fair..... Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away....we plugged the amp into the wall, plugged the guitar into a CryBaby and a TS, popped a cassette into the Teac 4 track and pressed RECORD. It was a simpler time, for sure. These days there's so much tech available, for so little money, and so much to learn, it's hard for a beginner to know where to start. To make it worse, every mfr/vendor makes it sound like it's all plug'n'play. HAH! Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away....
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