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  1. Great, just downloaded it. Many many thanks for your work to Helix secrets, Craig!
  2. Absolutely great info about 1.4 version, Craig! Thanks!
  3. Thx for bass-tips, loukash. Been playing random amps/cabs without checking decades or style
  4. Many thanks for update, Craig and Datacommando for hint to download with the original link!
  5. stapani

    New Manuals

    Great, thx for info, Craig....
  6. Thx for info, Craig I must remember to keep it safe!
  7. Hi Craig I`d like to buy that book also, if possible. I live in Finland.
  8. Thx for your riff da divano stuff. Always great to check stuff & settings, maybe someday I`ll learn something......
  9. Thanks codamedia. Me kinda oldie also likes this kinda info for starting point to patch-building.
  10. Thx for listed in my purchase history
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