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  1. lou-kash

    A/D question

    There is no "untrue" analog signal. What you have wanted to express is probably something along the line that an analog signal that was previously going through a digital stage via A/D and D/A wandlers possibly isn't exactly the same signal as at the beginning of that signal chain. Well, yes. That would be true. The same is also true for the original analog signal after it has flown through a 20 m long thin unshielded speaker cable, as opposed to the very same signal that has only flown through a 1 m long shielded instrument cable. Both are analog so they both should be "true", right? Or not? :D The main annoying thing you may experience via several A/D D/A stages these days is the increase of latency. But then again, get yourself a quality 20 m instrument cable, plug it directly into your analog amp, walk 20 m away from your amp, and by the sheer laws of physics you will experience an analog latency of whopping 59 ms. No, you're right. But my late dad would have strongly disagreed. Heck, even my wife would! ;)
  2. For the record – since I only just noticed – but it's there since v3.10, i.e. since April 2021:
  3. @muahdib4's thread title says "DMC.Micro". However, there is now the new "DMC.Micro Pro" model. Also, when it comes to the functionality of the original Micro, the firmware version will make a major difference. After upgrading to v2, it was almost as if I had a new device. (Not unsimilar from upgrading the Stomp from v2.x to v3… :) And as I see, they have released a new update a few months ago: disasterareadesigns.com/dmc-beta
  4. True, it looks and feels very fragile. I'm always unplugging the USB cable when not in use.
  5. Definitely not. I'm using the Stomp with two MacBooks running El Capitan, one is the last pre-Unibody 2008 model, the other is the last pre-retina 2012 model. The latter does also boot Catalina. The major issue when connecting the Stomp is the USB cable. The Stomp – or the driver, respectively – is very picky about the cable quality. Out of about a dozen of long enough (as in: at least 1 m) cables that I have, only one works reliably. Some will drop the connection after some time, others won't connect at all. Shorter cables usually have less issues. Another issue can be the Helix Driver if you want to use other sample rates beside the Helix default 48 kHz. On El Capitan, I'm getting reliable results with v1.0.7; the newer drivers would also result in dropped connection. On Catalina however, the latest Intel compatible driver should work fine.
  6. Yeah! So the "cAuthorPane_mobile" snippet is now redundant, and anyone who's applied it should delete because it could potentially break other parts of the site and at the end of the day result in a major earthquake or an unexpected asteroid impact. You've been warned. Have you installed add0n.com/stylus.html? If so, click the Manage button > Write New Style button > paste the code > Applies to URL on domain: line6.com > Save button > Enable the style
  7. Speaking of which, this code kills it: .ui-dialog.ui-widget-content.modal_g10_notification-container { display: none !important; }
  8. I don't think I'll ever have any use for this, but as a long time KM user I definitely appreciate your effort. :)
  9. Correction: Perhaps it's not a good idea to block the ".ipsResponsive_showPhone" class as well. So this code should suffice: .cAuthorPane_mobile { display: none !important; }
  10. One of the reasons I've given up on Safari years ago. Just a few weeks ago I've switched from Firefox to Brave because there are no security updates for the El Capitan compatible Firefox anymore.
  11. To fix it for the time being before the line6.com webadmin does (don't hold your breath, haha): Install add0n.com/stylus.html Create a new style (Actions > Write new style) Paste the following code: .cAuthorPane_mobile, .ipsResponsive_showPhone { display: none !important; } Applies to > URL on the domain > line6.com Save Voilà. In other words, the CSS code for responsive layout is broken, and thus the browser displays both the desktop as well as the mobile user badge.
  12. Why not? It's not that I would have been able to play all those drum parts at the same time, of course. That's what multi-tracking is all about, even with such a primitive recording device like the Porta One was. But it's not difficult to recreate those sounds with Helix today while using the same perfomance techniques as I did 30 years ago. Then it's all a matter of EQ, compression, gating, a bunch of modulation effects, reverbs and the like. Be creative! Experiment! :)
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