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  1. This forum software is capable of many things. But it requires an admin that would enable all the features. And perhaps promote a bunch of trustworthy longtime members to moderators.
  2. By default, the installer creates a "Line6" folder in /Applications. (It's e.g. not smart enough to know that I want all such apps in my own /Applications/Hardware subfolder and it doesn't look there for an existing instance to overwrite. That's not always necessarily a bad thing though.) But the app itself can then live almost anywhere, as long as the user has admin privileges to move it. If not, then an alias is being made because by default the app is owned by the "root" user. But if the user holds the option key, a copy is being made, and thus the user may end up with multiple copies – and thus multiple versions. So to move an app owned by root, one needs to hold the command key and allow it by entering the admin password – or the finger print.
  3. For the record, Native 3.70 still installs and launches on El Capitan, although officially unsupported. Tested with Logic 10.3.3
  4. Since this thread is about unstable USB connections and has some useful info about USB cables in general, I thought I'd bump it with a new observation: Having upgraded my Mac collection with the new 15" MacBook Air, I also had to get quite a load of new USB-C cables, adapters, you name it. After testing a few, I decided to explore the boundaries by ordering a 4 m (!) long Delock USB 2.0 B-to-C, i.e. compatible with a whole bunch of USB devices starting with antiquities like an Epson Perfection 1240 scanner, M-Audio Oxygen8 (v1) keyboard, etc. etc. up to my new Roland Octa-Capture, and of course… drum roll, HX Stomp. It works! 4 m long! Amazing. I've been using it since a few weeks without any issues. In Switzerland, it's available for as low as CHF 13 ≈ EUR 15.
  5. Aaand, fun fact: So HX Edit 3.70 actually launches on Mountain Lion, but it doesn't open any window. Obviously there are some required frameworks missing. At least my HX Stomp is still being recognized as a USB Audio device with the default 48 kHz sampling rate.
  6. On the good news side: HX Edit and Native 3.70 still run on El Capitan. You may need to update HX Edit (and possibly also the firmware) manually, as it isn't aware of updates anymore. That's been the case with 3.60 already, as far as I recall.
  7. Alright, just tested but this trick doesn't work with Central.
  8. You're in luck, it's still Catalina compatible! :D I also have this German book: But for editing an Info.plist all you need is TextEdit.
  9. Speaking of which, sometimes you can fool an app to launch on older OS simply by editing the "LSMinimumSystemVersion" attribute in *.app/Contents/Info.plist. As long as there aren't any system libraries and framework dependencies, they may still run normally. Been there done that, e.g. with several versions of Firefox a few years ago.
  10. Having bought a new MBA 15" earlier this year, I'm on the "cutting edge" at this moment, hehe. But the new app is nothing essential yet. Likely it might be eventually convenient when certain next updates arrive, considering how annoyingly buried some of the actual dowloads on are. But as of now, I haven't seen anything that couldn't be accomplished via HX Edit, apart from seeing a large colorful thumbnail of my Stomp. I have joined the recently. (I'm a Logic user since 2001.) They are full of stories like this, e.g. retired musicians still happily working with their antique Mac Pros running OS 10.7 and Logic 8 or 9. And on the other hand folks hastily upgrading to Sonoma 14.0.x (aka the real public beta) amidst a recording/mixing project and wondering why all of the sudden they cannot meet their deadlines that were "yesterday".
  11. Haven't checked HX Edit v3.70 yet, but HX Edit 3.62 as well as Native 3.60 still work on El Capitan although the release notes say Sierra. In fact, even HX Edit 3.70 still says in its Info.plist "LSMinimumSystemVersion: 10.8". That's Mountain Lion! (Having a bootable 10.8 partition, I should check that out :D) "Central" being a completely new app, I'm not surprised they are dropping support for "old" MacOS. Although cutting off Catalina is rather steep. Musicians tend to be conservative with upgrades. Heck, I know a professional recording studio in my neighborhood who still run their ProTools on a Mac Pro with Mountain Lion because it just works.
  12. Weeeell, I'd beg to differ…! Compared to my old MBP mid-2012, the speakers in my new MBA M2 15" sound amazing! Not to speak when comparing them to my MBP 2008 or even the PBG4 2005, hehe. But… I haven't tried to play my bass guitar through them yet, so… err… what do I know, right…? :D
  13. You can. You need an app that supports audio playthrough aka software monitoring, e.g. GarageBand for a start. Expect latency. In other words, you can but you might not want to, see @silverhead's reply above.
  14. Meanwhile, I've noticed it as well, of course. But as already noted, it's not a critical issue the way I use the Stomp.
  15. I'd go with G Cougar 800 = Gallien-Krueger amp block which to me has this "clean-ish" and sterile 80s aura (that I so despise, hehe). For 60s sound, I'd take Ampeg B-15NF. For gritty 70s funk, I'd try Woody Blue (Acoustic 360) or Del Sol 300 (Sunn Coliseum 300), or any Ampeg model.
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