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  1. Speaking of which – and for the record since we're discussing the Helix Driver here: Anyone on El Capitan, stay with v1.0.7! It's much more reliable than v1.1.0, even though the latter essentially works as well. But it has repeatedly frozen the complete MacOS (!) e.g. when disconnecting the Stomp while HX Edit was still running. Downgrading back to 1.0.7 has immediately fixed it.
  2. In late 2019, I was finally ready to upgrade my MacBooks from Mountain Lion to El Capitan. And even though I also have working partitions up to Catalina, the Capt'n is still my reliable OS of choice. Heck, I can even still use my perfectly working M-Audio FW410 that I bought back in 2003. That's thanks to user-hacked inofficial drivers, but they just work.
  3. It seems that you've been heard, and here you go:
  4. I had a defective FS1 that refused to "touch" on my new Stomp last year. I opened a ticket and it was then repaired on warranty. That said… Just last week I noticed that a bunch of the new v3.11 features don't work directly on the Stomp and require HX Edit. Example: Input, Split, Mixer or Output block parameters/bypass assigned to a footswitch cannot have a custom name or color unless edited in HX Edit, because on the Stomp display, there's no "Customize" option for them. Looks like a bug / UI oversight to me.
  5. I'd expect the XL to work the same as my regular Stomp. For the record, I'm using CC#71>4 (next footswitch mode) via DMC.micro. But it's just on the Micro's "secondary" page, it's not something I'd need often.
  6. In theory, yes. In practice, this doesn't currently work the way we all would want it to work. The only workaround is to physically connect the Stomp's MIDI-out with the MIDI-in using a patch cable…
  7. CC# 71 Value: 0 = Stomp, 3 = Snapshot "Passive" as in "no juice needed"? Is there even such a thing? Other than that, Disaster Area's DMC.micro is absolutely fantastic: ultra compact, highly flexible, if using their latest firmware 2.0, it's programmamble via USB and offline, and expandable even with passive footswitche/exp-pedals sending additional MIDI messages to the Stomp via the DMC.micro. And it still leaves the EXP jack on the Stomp free to use for something else…
  8. I see this as the main issue. Running two Stomps would be nice to have because it would give me flexibility. Physical size and weight is a factor, hence I'm not interested in any other more capable device. For some applications, bass guitar in particular, having just the one Stomp is all I need. For the guitar, however, I'm running into limits every now and then, and I am already adding external footswitches and an expression pedal. So having two Stomps would still be a very compact solution. If only it would be possible to "link" them digitally without intermediate D/A A/D conversion. Which – as we know – is not possible, so it remains just a dream…
  9. Yes. It needs a few 3rd party apps, however. Technically, you need an intermediate audio router capable of passing the GB output signal to the Stomp's USB 5/6 inputs. And there are several possibilities to do that. Just "out of the box" with what I have already installed on my currently active El Capitan partition, I did it like this: GB input = HX Stomp, GB output = BlackHole 2ch (existential.audio/blackhole) BlackHole goes into the old LineIn app from rogueamoeba.com/legacy/#retired (probably doesn't work on Catalina or higher) where you can select the Stomp's individual USB 5/6 inputs from the Select > Advanced popup menu, then click on Play Thru to send the signal to the Stomp. Instead of LineIn which is/was free, you can essentially use any audio editor with recording capabilities that has a "play through" button and that can select I/O channels individually. Off the top of my head, that should work with a few audio editors I'm using, like Amadeus Pro and iZotope RX8. Rogue Amoeba actually have dedicated audio routing apps but they are pricey. Instead of buying e.g. Loopback just for this purpose, I'd rather upgrade to Logic Pro… A screenshots says more than thousand words:
  10. HX Stomp here. Guitar: Small Tweed A+C Playing a Les Paul switchable between parallel and series, so clean/crunch is done by its Free-Way switch. For lead sound just cranking up the Tweed's drive, mid, treble & master up to 10 per FS3. Playing through an old small active Yamaha PS 212 speaker from my "vaults". Or directly into mixing console. Sounds way better than my crappy 1994 Fender Blues Deluxe, haha… Bass guitar: A: Del Sol, C: 8x10 Ampeg Depending on where I can plug it in, I turn the cab on or off. Playing Ibanez SR1200 or fretless Fender Jazz. On stage I use my old combo as a monitor, going FX out pre-A+C, and main out post-A+C into PA. Original reason for my choice being that both amps are quite DSP friendly, leaving enough power on the Stomp for experiments with all the poly brouhaha. But eventually I found a good sound that I like, so I just left it at that.
  11. For obvious reasons, I haven't had many chances to actually perform live since I bought the Stomp last summer, but I have successfully used it for bass guitar by plugging it directly into the PA multicore box on stage via a self-soldered TRS-to-XLR patch cable. Worked like a charm, I never had such a great bass sound before. Obviously I set the Stomp output to Instrument level to make it behave as close to a regular DI box as possible. The sound guy likely must have enabled an input pad on that channel, but I didn't ask him, and he didn't complain whatsoever. Yeah, it was "just" one Stomp. However, I'm not sure why it would make a difference. Each mixer channel should work independently here, regardless how many Stomps you plug in. If they don't, then something is wrong.
  12. Nope. too many variables too little info on your part Please try again. ;)
  13. Yes. I bought a new HX Stomp last year, and FS1 eventually turned out to be "immune" to capacitive touch. Line6 support acknowledged this as a hardware failure, so I had the switch replaced on warranty.
  14. Additionally, I actually noticed the bug because I wanted to assign something to FS4/5 triggered via CC# from DMC.micro which are obviously not touchy. So the "touch" workaround wouldn't work in that case.
  15. I see. Usually I've got anything "touchy" disabled because I play barefoot whenever, uh… appropriate. So that's workaround #3. Cheers!
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