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  1. "Who's That Lady" is the title of their original 1964 recording. You mean "That Lady" from 1973, right? For the latter, the lead guitar sounds like heavy fuzz, compression and wah.
  2. Mac model? MacOS version? If you need other sample rate than 48 kHz, yes.
  3. I haven't noticed anything yet. (But then again, I only switch presets when I'm "switching" bands that I'm playing with, i.e. whether I play e-bass, a-bass, fretless bass, e-guitar, a-guitar, etc.)
  4. Also a simple passive double footswitch assigned as FS4/5 will do with Preset Down/Up.
  5. I like the idea. Last year I was experimenting with the Stomp as a 4-channel mixer for two mics and two guitars. Which is possible, but slightly awkward to actually mix the four channels, since a pair is always lined up serially and thus e.g. EQing guitar A will affect the sound of mic A and vice versa. Finding a good balance requires quite some finetuning. A blank dual IR block might help here. I will definitely check that out.
  6. This is obviously "by design" for this new feature. From the HX Edit 3.50 Pilot's Guide:
  7. Once upon a time, 10 years used to be "eternity". But computer processing capabilities of the 2010s was a giant leap forward, if done right. For example, I still see no reason to replace my mid-2012 MacBook Pro, the last one with built-in DVD-R drive and optional matte display. It just works, on and on, daily. I use it for graphic design which is my main profession, audio editing, multitrack recording, mixing and mastering with Logic Pro, Izotope RX and others, video editing with iMovie and several freeware tools. Now when I compare it to my older MacBook model from 2008: that one already feels somewhat like a "half-eternity", although only 4 years older. But it still works as well, it can do almost everything the 2012 MacBook can, just noticeably slower, despite SSD upgrade. And not to speak of the PowerBook G4 from 2005, i.e. only 7 years older than my main MacBook. Technically it also still "works as ever", but, meh. It's only sitting here for those rare moments when I'd have to launch some legacy PPC-only software from distant past. (Oh, did I mention my 2001 PowerMac G4 or my 1993 Macintosh LC475? :D) Would a brand new M2 MacBook be much faster? Sure. Would it run all my favorite apps? Nope. Could I attach my good old and reliable Firewire audio interfaces to it. Nope. In other words: Well done, Line6!
  8. I could never really hear any significant difference between the U67 and U87 in Helix, so I don't miss the latter. But what I'm actually missing is the 160 Ribbon in the Bass section. Earlier this year I spent quite some time to compare all the miking nuances with my favorite amp/cab combinations, and eventually settled on the 160 Ribbon sounding as the most pleasing to me. On a quick switch to the new cab format, none of the available mics sound as good to me as the 160 while keeping the same parameter values. In fact, I also had to add a few extra dB volume level on the cab block to get the same punch as with my "legacy" cab. That all said, being a Stomp user, I appreciate the fact that the new cabs save a lot of DSP power that I can use elsewhere. In that sense, I'm confident that with a few tweaks on the amp and cab EQs I will eventually dial in a solid equivalent of my "old" basic preset.
  9. Yep, everything still works on E.C. I'm happy about it, too. Even the Line 6 Updater v1.27, even though it's tagged as "macOS Sierra", will install and launch just fine. The only issues I've ever noticed was with the Line 6 Driver. Version 1.0.7 works the best on E.C. My MacBook can run up to Catalina (and it does, on a separate partition), but I need E.C. for compatibility with my "antique" but still fully functional FireWire audio interfaces.
  10. Meanwhile, elsewhere in other threads it's been confirmed that the Stomp is very picky about USB cables. Some will lose connection, others won't work at all. The longer the cable, the worse. (I guess the best is to blame the USB consortium and their, uh… "standards", for consistently being a total chaos club, to the present day…)
  11. youtube.com/results?search_query=hx+stomp+midi+controller
  12. In Audio-MIDI-Setup app you select the Stomp as your input and Built-in as your output. Then you need an app on your Mac that can activate the "play thru" mode to the selected output device. E.g. GarageBand or several audio editors like Amadeus Pro can do it. Note that you may experience latency. In that sense, it's a much better idea to plug a pair of active speakers directly to the Stomp for monitoring.
  13. It really depends on what "real life" sound you're looking for. You can play some heavy funk on a jazz guitar via a Fender amp, while some other best funk lines were recorded on a Strat straight into a studio mixer.
  14. Do you have an active compressor or distortion block in your preset?
  15. As a reference, record the dry signal from USB channels 5+6 (a.k.a. Stream 3 in MacOS Audio MIDI Setup app). That's the "natural" output level of the Stomp. Don't know about Windows, but on Mac, however, not all apps will let you select individual USB channels. Audacity doesn't seem to support input USB channel selection on Mac. Whereas GarageBand (and of course Logic) does. Next, approximately match your presets' main output level so that they play about the same loud as the dry signal. This processed signal comes on USB 1+2. Like this, there will be no unwanted distortion. In other words, the allegedly "low" output signal is there for a reason: If I slap heavily on my bass – Ibanez SR1200 in passive mode – then the dry signal from USB 5+6 peaks at whopping -1.2 dBFS! That's quite hot! But: no distortion yet. In other other words: Nothing is wrong with your devices.
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