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  1. check under global settings -> footswitches you can set fs3 to all bypass if you're not using an external footswitch. fs4 defaults to it it you are...
  2. Just that the currently selected patch has been changed since it was last saved
  3. Yep - press Action and Page right at the same time...
  4. Is there any chance that any info on the FBV protocol will be made public at any point? I'm trying to build a controller for HX Stomp that works in a similar manner to Helix Control, but is small enough to fit into my gig bag front pocket, as well as the Stomp itself and my amp head. I'm most of the way there with MIDI, but not being able to mirror: Preset number & name Snapshot number FS text labels FS LED ring states onto the controller screen means I still need the Stomp to be front of stage, and at risk from drink spillages / theft and whatnot. Hopefully I'll be able to get the information I need by inspecting the traffic between HX Edit and HX Stomp and emulating that to some extent, but it'd be great if there was some official info (or even better - a published API!) as a headstart. I appreciate that you might change implementation details over time, so I'd potentially need to make changes to match whenever there's a firmware update... but I can always fall back to the current MIDI only implementation until I can catch up, so that's not *too* much of a concern for me. Yours in naive optimism, Stu
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