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    2.9 Model Updates: -Revv Purple (Ch3) -1x12 Fullerton and Grammatico Cabs -Red Llama Drive -Steve Vai Legendary Drive -Harmonic Antagonizer Fuzz -Rochester Comp (Billy Sheehan Compressor) -Small Stone Phaser -Split Dynamics (Path A/B Routing) Feature Updates: -Output Meters -Gain Reduction Meters -Clip Indicators -IR Attachment by Name -New Switch/Snap/Looper Layout Options -New Model Subcategory Shortcuts -Update from HX Edit -A/B Compare for HX Native Available “soon.”
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    Hi, I am Fabrizio D'Alisera a saxophone player from Italy, maybe it sounds weird in a guitar forum, but I'm a user of the Line 6 HX FX. I am running a mic through a small preamp and then to the hx fx. I have always been a bebop oriented player, but lately I am experimenting nu things. I will get an expression pedal to use the unit to its full potential. What do you think? I have used a delay in the first part and a bitcrusher and a pitch shifter in the second one. Here's the link
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    Fantastic news! What a great addition to the Helix. This device and the firmware for the entire HX line just keeps getting better!
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    I’ve preordered mine. Very excited! Also ordered a TRS to XLR cable, which should eliminate the need for an XLR out.
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    I use it with my bassoon. The flexible of the Helix makes it a good choice for us wind players.
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    Fwiw, not that I'd ever buy another one, but in defense of my EB volume pedal, I gotta say that this is pretty much built to survive Armageddon. I'm now owning it since almost 30 years already and the only thing I had to do was to change the pot once like 3-4 years ago. I don't think that's too bad for a pedal that has been the only one to make it onto each and every pedal board I ever used. The string mechanism, while seemingly strange when you first become aware of it, is actually excellent and is likely responsible for a lot of the pedals longevity. In addition, there's a reason for it to work that way, namely that the pedal can make use of the full 270" the pot provides, something most other pedals don't. Now, all this is completely irrelevant with an expression pedal that can usually be calibrated inside whatever software, but for a pedal with audio flowing through it, built quality of all parts is quite important.
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    This is about the cheapest available, and I mention this because I have 2 attached to my Helix Floor unit. They work just fine for me, but I’m a studio rat so they don’t have to go on the road. Hey, you could buy 10 of these instead of 1 Mission or any of the others. Upgrade to one of those later. https://www.thomann.de/gb/maudio_expression_pedal.htm or if you use Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/M-Audio-EX-P-Expression-Controller-Supported/dp/B000NLRWEI Hope this helps
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    Rejoice! iOS 13.4 has fixed the sonic port lightning issue!
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    FYI, the Helix / HX Stomp cannot get below 10ms on any setting regardless of computer. I own both and have measured with RTL. It *should* be lower based on the buffer size, but it's ~2x latency of my other audio device at the same sample rate/buffer (Presonus 22VSL). Yes, I am running the latest firmware.
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    I hear ya! BUT...to be fair..... Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away....we plugged the amp into the wall, plugged the guitar into a CryBaby and a TS, popped a cassette into the Teac 4 track and pressed RECORD. It was a simpler time, for sure. These days there's so much tech available, for so little money, and so much to learn, it's hard for a beginner to know where to start. To make it worse, every mfr/vendor makes it sound like it's all plug'n'play. HAH! Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away....
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    update 2: Figured it out. Finally... this whole time I was plugged into a USB 3 port. Apparently it worked fine with Win7 for years... not the case for Win10. Plugged into a USB2 port on the back of my PC and BAM... works like i should. Helix audio works. Chrome videos work. All is well again.
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    Thanks for the info! I have a couple L2's that don't change as well. I've been manually changing the setting on the back. Gonna follow your steps and see if that works.
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    I second that. Excellent post, qwerty42 (if partially sad, depending on how you look at it). As far as the latest "discussion" goes. Uhm, I thought about joining in earlier, but unfortunately you folks are making use of this funny language (which, obviously, is fine and even necessary round these parts). Maybe in my next life. Err...
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    Just heard back from L6 on my support ticket. Unfortunately they have no suggestion of a fix other than updating firmware to v2.82, which I have already done. They say to take the Stomp back to the store/distributor. My 1 year warranty expired last month, so it looks like I am out of luck. I REALLY hope this bug only occurs when switching PRESETS, so that using Snapshots is a workaround of sorts. Still not ideal, though, as switching Presets in between songs that are played back to back, live, could leave you strumming in silence. Not to mention, having to test if you have sound after every Preset change is not very professional. Even then, if you do lose sound and have to power cycle the Stomp on stage, it takes a while to boot up. All this means I will have to replace my HX Stomp with something else, most likely Fractal FM3, or perhaps Neural DSP quad cortex. At least I can still use my Powercab Plus with those. However, my Mission SP1-L6 expression pedal is fairly Helix-specific, I think. If ANYBODY has found a fix for this bug, please take the time to update the thread. Thanks.
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    Hey man, I am about to get sucked in this process. Just opened a support ticket and Ill bet I will go down this road my own. Instead of making music I spent now 3 hours trying to get my helix working again, without success. I cry myself into sleep now... UPDATE: Here is what I did with success: I change the long USB cable to a short one. Helix went in to Update Mode and I startet the latest update. It worked. If nothing works - get a shorter USB Cable. THANKS underwoodblog!
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    Put it this way, if you were in a music store and plugged into different amps with the same settings, would they all be the same volume? There's your answer....
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    Check out the Aeros Loop Studio. I just bought one, and it's fantastic. https://singularsound.com/product/aeros-loop-studio/
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    Doubt this is limited to just the Helix but the current state of IR management is just terrible. , In the years since the Helix has been out IR management has received some minimal improvements in that at least a full backup will restore your IRs to the correct slots. Even this did not used to be possible. Not the first to say it but we need to be able to store the IR with the preset when it is exported or backed up. Yes I know this will marginally increase the size of the backups/exports . Store the IR either in the preset itself or in an attached folder with the IRs with pointers from the presets. The IR folder approach would reduce redundancy in the preset backups. Adding a feature to be able to designate whether a preset should have the IR stored with it or be "global" would be great too. That way if you wanted to change the IR in a slot it would be reflected in any preset using that slot that had the global flag. Now on to the second major issue, truncation of IR names. Routinely my IR names get truncated and lose any meaningful description. This requires manual renaming of the IRs. Are you kidding? Device manufacturers and IR producers have to get on the same page and come up with an adequate naming length standard. That standard then needs to be self-enforced by IR creators to make sure the IR names are not too long. Device makers need to ensure that their hardware and software provide the agreed upon length in their displays and onscreen in their computer apps. Scroll the names if you need to but show the whole name. The current situation is ridiculous. The character limit on IR names on for example the editor for the PowerCab+ is insanely short. It's more than eight but it reminds me of eight character filename limits from the bad old days or the devices I have owned, ooooold devices, which failed to provide a large enough namespace in their displays. I can't believe in 2020 it is still ok to hack a meaningful name in half. I just ran into this trying to load up a bunch of IRs from Celestion (not exactly an off-brand IR maker). At this rate we're going to have manned interstellar travel before we gain the ability to see our IR's entire names. Hope this gets addressed by the whole industry and soon. Amateur hour!
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    Can't tell you why it works that way. The solution is to put your Boost pedal AFTER the stomp, or in the FX Loop after the Stomp's amp. Or, just use a Stomp button or Snapshot to boost the Output Block Level.
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    That's a nice compact setup, not feasible for my situation, but I can see why it works for you
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    Very, very cool! Love the DIY approach I use the same board (the black version). Such a perfect size for the Stomp and a couple of extras.
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    No. Helix presets are not compatible with the Firehawk.
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    Download and install with all options the latest version of HX Edit. That installs the latest drivers and Updater version. Close HX Edit before running the updater. Do save yourself a lot of grief by reading the directions.
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    Idk maybe intermediate to advance. I like to play allot rhythm. Specially funk. yes last time I tried some strats with some amps and that strat tone was there! It’s noticeable when playing one simple chord
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    Problem solved: for some reason Global EQ was on!
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    Are you taking the time to tweak the overdrives after you insert them, or are you judging them solely by the default setting? IMO.... I find the majority of the overdrives I insert are set too aggressively by default, either too loud, too much drive, or both. As soon as I tweak them in the manner I would tweak the real pedals I find them "often" remarkably close to the originals. Also... have you created your basic amp/cab tone prior to using the overdrives? You need to start with a good tone (ie: a tone you like) before adding anything to it. Although I don't own a Fractal and have no experience with one, I do see a trend of users suggesting the Fractal presets sound better than the Helix presets. If you are relying on presets, then that "may" be what you are experiencing.
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    You'll never find an answer in here, no. This is a user forum..."official" people rarely show up to say anything at all. Besides, turning to a salesperson for the truth is like trying to find a pearl in a pig's ear....
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    For the latest updates on the updates, you need to be over at the Helix 2.9 thread on TGP (The Gear Page). This forum is for us mushrooms.
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    Actually... providing he has left enough headroom at the power amp that is the best place for a boost. Placing a boost anywhere else in the chain effects EVERYTHING down chain including the power amp... having it at the very end only effects the overall volume.... (again)... providing he has left enough headroom available.
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    Since I'm not a Stomp user I can't answer your question directly... but I can answer this one... Line 6 uses ideascale for submitting features requests, they don't really monitor these user forums. https://line6.ideascale.com/ (you need to create an account) Before adding this request, do a search to see if someone already did add it. in that case you just need to upvote it. there is no sense in splitting the ideas and watering down votes.
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    It is my understanding that there are essentially two power amp circuits (I think that might be true for the whole circuit, from input, which get's split, to output) each one assigned to one speaker. So if one speaker's amp were to malfunction, the other one would still work. So each return is for each speaker respectively. I've tested it by plugging just one thing at a time to each input. Only one speaker at a time has audio when you do that. According to my recollection.
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    When I was looking into this I came across the older version, and wasn't sure if the Returns were actually stereo? The manual for that older model isn't clear on it.
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    May I say that problems such as this would be another proof of why global blocks would just be incredibly nice to have? With a gain block set to "global", all this would be just a piece of cake. However, while I haven't tried myself yet, in case you don't need the external EXP pedal option for anything else, you could just hook a footswitch up there. The EXP position can be set to global, so the Helix would remember it's position even when switching patches. Assign a volume block to it in all patches (a pretty trivial task) or use a "relative volume tweak" on the output block (again on all patches, not as trivial as the volume block, though) and bob should be your uncle. I will try myself later on to see whether that works.
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    I didn't. That comment was misleading. I just meant that I have set up multi-processors like this in 4CM before and have made them do many of the things I wanted. I recall setting up some volume boost method in the HD500, but it was not global on that either. I never used the HD500 in 4CM in my main band, but intend to replace my current board with the Helix and run 4CM.
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    I think this is not possible, only with FBV-3 pedal or front amp.
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    shortly after purchasing my helix i purchased a QSC K12 as it's always been my understanding that modelers sound best through these kinds of speakers. one day for sh!ts and grins i decided to see how my Helix sounded through the front of my Rivera Venus Deux, which is Rivera's "pedal" platform amplifier. i called up some of my favorite patches, turned off any IR's and/or cab sims and plugged it in to the Rivera. wow. just, wow. sounded absolutely incredible. even through the Rivera's single 12, there was more "oomph" and resonance than what i'd experienced w/the cab simulations through the QSC. to be fair, the Rivera is a hell of an amp and its enclosure is a bit larger than the average 1X12 combo, but still... after about 15 minutes i plugged back in to the QSC which left me even more floored as to how much better the Helix sounded through the Rivera. who knew? i suppose YMMV as they say, but for me it's a no-brainer. the QSC is now on CL. i would encourage any one who has a good tube amp with a nice sounding clean channel to try what i did before plopping down a good chunk of change on a FRFR. you may be very pleasantly surprised...or not, but it's worth a try before you buy.
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    The only concerns as far as I know are in relation to other software that is not 64bit. That was the notice that you can read in this forum (last banner under your heading). So it's not about Helix compatibility as much as other software you might use with your Helix - that will need updating if it's 32bit or just getting old. As I type this Lungho links to the same article to which I was referring.
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    Thank you anyways! I will open a support-ticket now…
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    Just updated my Mac to Catalina and, as mentioned here, my POD HD Edit app isn't 64-bit and won't run. Please provide an idea when Line 6 will make this available. Thanks.
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    So if I got this right no manual exists for the spider remote app and the instructions for my V20 MKII are only marginal. I'm 72 yrs and I don't have another lifetime to learn all the features and would appreciate a help screen on the web site that is product and app specific. It appears to be a great product, but unless you are a professional or a bloody genius it becomes mind numbing!
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    Sorry, but I cannot agree with this at all (and I also have a 'Korean JTV'). Some folks talk about second hand guitars here, others mention very dubious fabrications... My new JTV was - and still is - in a very good shape ;-) Check these mods out (problems with plinging strings) - if you haven't already: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJhdSczB-lI
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    So you took a heavily distorted preset from the Stomp and you are adjusting all your pedals to that? I wouldn't expect that to sound very good... no matter what I tried! IMO, that is completely backwards to how I would try and work the stomp into an existing pedal board. If you like the stuff you have.... integrate the stomp as an additional piece, not as the center piece... and certainly not as a center piece using a stock preset!
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    I've seen the freeze in action ,but i don't think there's a way to achieve that . The drones in the Helix work really well for that type of thing, you can even change key.
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    Why is there any indication that this is the case?
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    I saw your post while trying to fix a similar problem. This worked for me: After I installed all the latest upgrades to the drivers and the editor, I restarted the system then followed these steps. 1. Open System Preferences in OS X Catalina 2. Select "Security and Privacy" 3. Select the "General" tab 4. Look at the bottom for an alert about system software prevented from loading 5. Select to allow software from Line 6 6. Open POD HD500 Editor 7. Connect the POD to the USB Done! I hope this helps!
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    SUCCESS!! So I was having the same frustrating SPINNING WHEEL issue while using Logic Pro as many others... but I made one change that seems to have fixed the problem! I just turned off my internet connection (WiFi) then tried opening the plugin in Logic, but this time instead of it causing the constant spinning wheel, it prompted me for my account login info (...because of no internet connection). But this time where I had previously been connecting over my home Wi-Fi... I instead connected to my iPhone via PERSONAL HOTSPOT... typed in my password and it loaded right up! And after that first successful attempt I now seem to be able to use my home Wi-Fi without any issues and everything seems to be working as it should! DANG....FINALLY!!!
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    To bring some life back to your guitar, try putting a Parametric EQ in front of your chain with these settings: Low Level: -5dB Low Freq: 495Hz Low Q: 1 Mid Level: +12dB Mid Q: 0.5 Mid Freq: 5kHz High Level: +12dB High Q: 0.5 High Freq: 10k Adjust the Low/Mid/High gains to taste.
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    FWIW: when the wah is turned on the vol goes to max (as the switch is going from vol to wah), to keep that from happening an external exp pedal ''exp2'' should be used if the vol jump is too much. Hopefully a pedal recalibration will do the trick. -Bill Via our Guru Silverhead: Re: POD X3 Live Wah by silverhead on 2009-11-04 18:56:30.9560 It's not in the manual - here's the snip from a FAQ document: Q: How do I calibrate the Expression pedal on the POD X3 Live? A: 1. Go to test mode by holding down 'Right' on the directional pad when you power up. 2. Highlight Pedal Cal. 3. Press the INPUTS button. 4. Set the pedal to the heel position. 5. Press the A footswitch to get data on pwm duty cycles. 6. Set the pedal to the toe position. 7. Press the B footswitch to get data on pwm duty cycles. 8. Press the C footswitch for automatic selection of the best duty cycle. 9. Move the pedal to get smooth 0-255 Scaled Values. 10. Press the D footswitch to save the settings. Hope this helps!
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    Je n'ai pas de hub, j'ai essayé plusieurs câbles et j'ai essayé tous les ports usb et il n'y a que Helix Edit d'ouvert, bref, les solutions qui me sont apportées ici ne correspondent pas à mon problème puisque vous me donnez tous des solutions de débutants en informatique, je pense que le souci est plus important, cordialement, je vais fermer la discussion.
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