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  1. jester700

    The future of Helix

    Truth is, high bitrate MP3s CAN sound very good. Not perfect, but way better than the vinyl and cassette of my youth. And yes, you're right about the emperor's clothes.
  2. jester700

    HX effects causing hum on 1, 3 5 strat positions

    IMO it's unlikely the Helix is causing hum in the signal path. But if you only get hum when using it, maybe it's the source of EMF when you're in the non-humbucking positions. Have you tried plugging directly into the amp but having the Helix switched on at the time? Do you have hum then?
  3. Except M-Audio isn't really that small. They make a bunch of stuff and sell a ton. Also, that a company goes under doesn't mean the stuff stops working. My Parkers are my favorite guitars. ;-) Also, I had to ditch some great old JBL speakers because the drivers were no longer available. How is that any better? No slight to JBL, mind you - my current monitors are 308s. It's just business. But I wouldn't run from a great speaker just because the company is small. If I were buying new monitors, I'd be looking hard at some Kalis, for example. Of course, it's nice to have a familiar speaker you find everywhere, even if they don't sound the same in every room. NS-10s, for example, sounded equally crappy in almost every studio you went to back in the day! ;-)
  4. True, But M-Audio has been around for a while now, and is generally well reviewed. I'd trust them. In reality, many speakers are in need of surrounds after a decade anyway - including big, old brands.
  5. jester700

    Drop tuning using Pitch Block

    +1. I love my Helix - best modeler I've ever had. But DigiTech just does pitch better. My HarmonyMan intelligent shifter (for "twin guitar" parallel 3rds) and my whammy for drop tuning (same algorithm as the Drop) are just better.
  6. Agreed - Helix's harmonizer is decent on guitar. Not so good on vocals. There is a 2 voice max per block, but you can use more than one block (use a Y split and then merge or it gets really weird really quick). I've set up 4 harmonized parts before, but you get more artifacts the further you shift, so I like to keep it to 3rds & 4ths. If you needn't hear the part clearly you can add in further shifts and turn the level down a bit, EQ it, chorus it, etc. You can set up a momentary footswitch on the block so that when it's open the pitch shifts a diatonic third but when pressed is a perfect fourth. This can solve the usual "twin guitar" issue where the line is mostly parallel thirds but occasionally a fourth to fit the underlying chord. Not automatic, but pretty cool.
  7. jester700

    Time to BULLET Proof the next upgrade for Humans

    Part of these "kids these days" disagreements - now and going back to at least Socrates - is that (as above) there are many examples of "I did/learned this, which kids don't do these days". But the truth is, many people didn't back then either. And many kids today DO. I see many first year college students who are sharp, critical thinkers already and can troubleshoot PC problems like a pro. I wish I could hire those right now. Others can barely make their iPhone apps work. As it has always been, since my dad & grandfather would regale me with tales of their friends who didn't have the brains of a stump...
  8. jester700

    Time to BULLET Proof the next upgrade for Humans

    I agree with your general points, but...No. No we didn't. The US has NEVER been a bastion of critical thinking on the whole. It has never been widely taught in schools because it's actually not in the best interests of government to have a populace that questions. It's better for them to have a trained workforce, which is not the same thing. What "results" do you mean? The world is not yet run by millennials - those hosing it up are exactly those saying "kids these days" and "get off my lawn". And though I also chafe at our over litigious society, it's unfortunate that "McLawsuit" is a term. That story wasn't what you think it is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liebeck_v._McDonald's_Restaurants Now, I agree - standardized tests are not the answer. I work in academia, my ex was a 5th grade teacher, my current is a college History prof., so I see the effects of mollycoddling the next generation. But it's also a more complex world, and they're now learning stuff in high school I didn't have until college. And most people I know of my generation and older aren't any better at critical thinking than younger folks. Well, beyond the fact that young people have less life experience and thus will be a bit...dense... in many ways. But then, so was I at that age. And so were my parents. To the specific point, SOME updates simply can't be automated beyond a certain level; there are points that will require input. So these things will happen. Some will complain and threaten to go elsewhere. Some actually will. Those folks will realize that things are the same elsewhere. ...and on it goes...
  9. jester700

    Where can I get earlier Helix version presets?

    BTW, I forgot to say - thanks for the reminder. Ben's site was in my bookmarks but I'd forgotten about him...
  10. jester700

    Where can I get earlier Helix version presets?

    IMO not all presets suck. Many are certainly overeffected. But if I want a quick fix of an old Heart sound, for example, I can load up one of the "Barracuda" sounds, turn off the effects, and start tweaking quickly. Even if I end up with something quite different, I'm likely starting in the ballpark. Many of us already have a good idea of what amps & pedals were used for classic sounds like that, but not everyone is. And I don't always know what I'm after when I'm dorking around with gear; sometimes I'm just seeing what sparks a new idea path. And if HX Edit is being used, all this file shuffling is quick & easy. So my greater point is, we all have preferences in guitars, amps, pedals, and uses for Helix. I'm not gonna criticize anyone else's.
  11. jester700

    Where can I get earlier Helix version presets?

    True, but you'd only have to do it once. Load up anything you're interested in, and after it rebuilds, re-save it.
  12. jester700

    Where can I get earlier Helix version presets?

    For my purposes, the limitations Lawrence lists aren't a big deal. So, for anyone in the same situation as me, here's a ZIP file with all Helix Native factory presets since Native 1.01, which was around Helix Firmware 2.20 or something. I've saved the .hlx setlists, saved out the individual presets in separate folders, and made a Master folder with all the presets. Anything in that folder named the same from version to version has only the latest iteration. I THINK I did this right. I restored factory presets after each Native update. I thought there would be more changes with each version change, but there were usually only a few new presets. Let me know if you catch anything I missed. I can redo it if necessary. Helix_Native_Factory_Presets.zip
  13. jester700

    Where can I get earlier Helix version presets?

    It might be easier to do this with Native, assuming factory presets come with each version.
  14. jester700

    New to helix floor

    It will, of course, depend on how well you can learn to "computer", but my attitude is that most things that CAN be done on a computer are BETTER done there - though I know others may disagree. I've had a few little hardware based home studio rigs (and still do), but computer DAWs are just a whole other critter - an awesome critter. Mixing, editing, mastering... and in many cases the software is free or cheap. Take your time, don't stress about it, and ENJOY the recording process as you do playing. Then you can decide what's best for you with a clear & open mind.
  15. jester700

    New to helix floor

    If you're skittish about the newest 2.80 firmware, I suggest you just update to 2.71. It is a much easier procedure, and it has most of the models and features of 2.80, especially if you use Helix as a standalone unit, not connecting with PC or any other Line6 devices. I assumed you were using some kind of standalone recorder, whether a separate mixing board and tape/hard disk recorder or an all-in-one hardware unit. I have a 24 track hardware device for location recording and Helix works just fine with it.