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  1. I'd say whichever one entices you to enjoy playing, practicing, and recording more. Problem is, you likely won't know that until you get it!
  2. This is what happens when your company name is "Line6" and not "Behringer"... ;-)
  3. There are many things in play that make it almost impossible for sounds created on one monitoring system to translate well to very different systems. The volume difference itself is a big one: search for "Fletcher Munson" for more than you'd ever want to read ;-) Also, frequency responses vary greatly even among supposedly "flat, accurate" monitors and headphones. There's a few good vids on Jason's channel about these issues:
  4. jester700

    Helix - Freqout

    There are a few pedals that DigiTech has made that just seem to do what they do better than other options I've tried. Most are related to intelligent and/or polyphonic pitch shifting. The Whammy & Drop algorithms, the FreqOut, the Mosaic pseudo 12 string effect, the Harmony Man pitch shifter. I have a few of these. The cool part is, after Digitech let them go, Line6 picked up a few of their pitch geniuses. Some of the fruits of that are supposed to show up in the next big firmware revision (3.0). I'm kind of excited. Now if they can just snag a couple of fuzz guys from Boss and implement their adaptive distortion... ;-)
  5. You just need the latest version (2.92 as of now) of HX Edit. That's all. Drivers are included.
  6. I had a similar issue with 2.92 after doing the Win 10 2004 update. I had no issues on another PC that wasn't updated. I tried running as admin, uninstalling and reinstalling 2.92. No dice. I didn't try the scannow thing, though. So I uninstalled and installed 2.90. That works. I'd prefer to not be "out of sync" with my LT, but it seems to be working fine.
  7. Regarding wireless audio, the AptX codec increases quality, but you need a specific variant - "AptX LL" for low latency, so be sure your transmitter and receiver are both AptX LL. And as mentioned above, it's still ~30ms latency, which is just enough to bother my ears a bit. A possible cheapo option is using a guitar wireless transmitter/receiver as a wireless IEM. It's mono and clunky, but works pretty well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXTZNY5Ta-o
  8. Not necessarily. The smaller driver on a 6.5" or 7" model gives a different midrange response than the 8" model in the same line that is preferred by many listeners. I personally tend to prefer the 8" version due to the typically better bass (I don't use a sub), but it's as much a taste call as a cost decision. 5" models are, IMO, a different thing, where size or cost are more at issue. Without a sub, these have sounded a bit thin to me, though I've not listened to everything out there. EDIT: I meant write that I was speaking in general, not about the HS line specifically (which I have no experience with!) I realize that I didn't make this clear! My experience has mostly been with JBLs & Mackies.
  9. A repost from another thread as a cheap option: I saw this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXTZNY5Ta-o and figured for $50 it was worth a shot. Much lower latency than Aptx-LL bluetooth. It actually works well at home in close range, but I can't speak to it in a gig situation. For that I'd probably pony up the $$ for a pro solution. Not the most high fidelity solution for a full mix, and it's mono, and clunky with the unneeded 1/4" plug and no clip, but it's cool to be untethered when practicing. The above caveats regarding 2.4GHz apply. I'd like to see a 5.6GHz version of this, since my cheapo 5.6GHz unit has good range and hasn't given me any interference grief.
  10. You CAN, as headphones are really just small speakers. The problem is, they have a much lower impedance and will draw more power. The stomp is already kind of on the edge WRT heat, and I'd worry about overheating that puppy. IMO it's worth $20 for a cheap & cheerful 20 watt "digital" amp to drive your speakers. Google "tripath amp"
  11. jester700

    Headphone out

    Either your 1/8" plug is not making contact with all 3 conductors in the 1/4" adapter or you have the wrong adapter. The adapter should have a tip, ring, and sleeve: If it only has 2 conductors, you'll either get a mono signal, no signal, or lots of hum depending on how far you plug it in: Adapters are cheap in any case, so that's where I'd start.
  12. In that case, phase won't be an issue. It's the mixing back together of the dry sound that would cause any issues, which won't happen in your scenario. As always, let your ears decide.
  13. You'll still get phase issues if the delay introduced by the two paths isn't exactly the same - which is likely. You can try to adjust for this using a delay, but you'll have to judge whether it works for you. Maybe you'll actually like the effect. I'd buffer the signal before the split, as you'll change the impedance seen by the modelers by splitting. And if you're summing the signals afterward, use a mixer of some kind, not just a Y cable.
  14. I have no problem with 2 different USB-C hubs with either my LT or my HX Stomp. But hubs are different, so that's no guarantee you won't have issues.
  15. Yeah. On rereading it I see your meaning. In that case, total agreement. :-)
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