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  1. Nice solution, and nice guitar, I love those S series with synchronizr bridge :)
  2. I had problems with my wifi internet router, and setting a fixed channel for the wifi router solved the problem... I use the wifi router, the fishman triple play and the g10 at the same time with no major issues now :)
  3. Hi! I am using a generic 5v 1A charger with the g10 and the charging time is 1:30h from total discharge to solid green light... I read that it should take 3-4h so I am a little worried... Use time is 5-6 hours (Although I have not measured this because I use it intermitently)... Is this normal or unit failure? Thanks, Regards.
  4. Damn, I should have not updated the transmitter to 1.03fw, after doing so, it will not connect to the base unless I full plug it on it before. This never happened before!!!! DO NOT UPDATE TO 1.03FW if you have a flawless working unit as I had :(
  5. Exactly, you just bought the opposite, you need mono to stereo or mono to mono :) But not stereo->whatever, or the unit will think it is charging :)
  6. Ah, never thought of that, my bar is not so loose that will go that position :(
  7. Sorry, you're right, what I mean is that the Amplifi won't provide 5v over the usb connection, because it is not a host usb, just used as a client interface, but maybe I am wrong... I will try that later, thanks for the correction :)
  8. No, you can't, that USB won't provide the required 5v
  9. Mine works perfectly, are you using pc-usb or original charger?
  10. I failed to get the g10 fully inserted into some Ibanez S Bodies (egen18, sv5470, ...) but the jack-jack adapter solved the problem, although I am using stereo to mono, not mono to mono :D
  11. No, it does not interfere with the tremolo bar on a strat it works perfectly on mine. BUT... it does not work with some Ibanez S bodies I have tried... having to use a jack to jack adapter...
  12. I only have FBV, and it works for bank switching very good.
  13. Returned mine because of this and lag issue, totally unacceptable :(
  14. Thanks for the answers... does this mean that I could use the return as some kind of "line-in" for external audio? Putting the fx block at the end of the chain and being blended 50-50 with the main guitar chain? Regards.
  15. Hi! This is the first pedal with send/return I will buy, and I have some questions if you can help me: - I suppose the send will transport the original guitar signal to apply external effects and then the return can be inserted at any stage. Is this right? - What happens if I use only the return to insert additional audio? Will it replace the full sound? Thanks, Regards.
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