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    Help with G10 and Ibanez JEM77P

    Nice solution, and nice guitar, I love those S series with synchronizr bridge :)
  2. Hi! I am using a generic 5v 1A charger with the g10 and the charging time is 1:30h from total discharge to solid green light... I read that it should take 3-4h so I am a little worried... Use time is 5-6 hours (Although I have not measured this because I use it intermitently)... Is this normal or unit failure? Thanks, Regards.
  3. KuRiXY

    G10 Horrible, constant dropout issues

    I had problems with my wifi internet router, and setting a fixed channel for the wifi router solved the problem... I use the wifi router, the fishman triple play and the g10 at the same time with no major issues now :)
  4. Damn, I should have not updated the transmitter to 1.03fw, after doing so, it will not connect to the base unless I full plug it on it before. This never happened before!!!! DO NOT UPDATE TO 1.03FW if you have a flawless working unit as I had :(
  5. KuRiXY

    Help with G10 and Ibanez JEM77P

    Exactly, you just bought the opposite, you need mono to stereo or mono to mono :) But not stereo->whatever, or the unit will think it is charging :)
  6. Ah, never thought of that, my bar is not so loose that will go that position :(
  7. KuRiXY

    Amplifi 75 and Line 6 g10

    Sorry, you're right, what I mean is that the Amplifi won't provide 5v over the usb connection, because it is not a host usb, just used as a client interface, but maybe I am wrong... I will try that later, thanks for the correction :)
  8. KuRiXY

    Amplifi 75 and Line 6 g10

    No, you can't, that USB won't provide the required 5v
  9. KuRiXY

    G10 Not charging

    Mine works perfectly, are you using pc-usb or original charger?
  10. KuRiXY


    I failed to get the g10 fully inserted into some Ibanez S Bodies (egen18, sv5470, ...) but the jack-jack adapter solved the problem, although I am using stereo to mono, not mono to mono :D
  11. No, it does not interfere with the tremolo bar on a strat it works perfectly on mine. BUT... it does not work with some Ibanez S bodies I have tried... having to use a jack to jack adapter...
  12. Hi! Can I use the Amplifi FX 100 to send midi through usb to PC? For example, for controlling vst plugin via midi? Thanks.
  13. KuRiXY

    Amplifi TT and FBV Mk II Shortboards

    I only have FBV, and it works for bank switching very good.
  14. Returned mine because of this and lag issue, totally unacceptable :(
  15. KuRiXY

    FX Send/Return Question

    Hi! This is the first pedal with send/return I will buy, and I have some questions if you can help me: - I suppose the send will transport the original guitar signal to apply external effects and then the return can be inserted at any stage. Is this right? - What happens if I use only the return to insert additional audio? Will it replace the full sound? Thanks, Regards.
  16. KuRiXY

    FX Send/Return Question

    Thanks for the answers... does this mean that I could use the return as some kind of "line-in" for external audio? Putting the fx block at the end of the chain and being blended 50-50 with the main guitar chain? Regards.
  17. Hi, I have just bought the Amplifi TT and when using it as Audio Interface (1.64 driver version) and playing audio files I hear noises and clicks and can't be used at all... I have tried connecting it to usb 2.0 and 3.0 ports. Regards.
  18. It has improved when connected to rear usb panel instead of front ports.
  19. KuRiXY

    duplicate a tone

    You can choose "Save As" in the amplifi app, then choose a new name.
  20. Same problem here... working with ipad 3 but not with ipad mini :(
  21. Hi, I have an amplifi 75 that when connected to an ipad mini using camera kit the ipad says "device is not supported" and it is not working. Same cable and same amplifi is working with ipad 3 and my amplifi TT is working with ipad mini as well. I had an amplifi 150 that worked with the ipad mini too. I have tried resetting and reflashing the Amplifi... what else can I do??? Thanks. P.D: Exactly the same iOS version on ipad3 and ipad mini.
  22. KuRiXY

    Functionality With Fbv Shortboard Mk Ii

    Changing presets (at least on the same bank) is inmediate. You can use the mkii to select all banks and presets, but you have to move through banks 1 by1 pressing bank up and bank down and then press the desired preset (A,B,C,D).
  23. KuRiXY

    Amplifi FX100 and USB Midi to PC

    Ok, thanks for answering. I wish firehawk fx will...
  24. KuRiXY

    High pitch noise on amplifi 150

    It could be the normal noise of the guitar if it sounds like a hum or hiss sound. Or do you mean without anthing connected? I have the amplifi 150 and the TT and both make noise even when using headphones and heavy distortions.
  25. KuRiXY

    AMPLIFi jam session.

    I'm impressed... good work!