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  1. oh forgot to ask..Can you send those pics you took of the operation please?
  2. Very cool..I'm going to jump into this DIY pool and see if I can leave 2 screws behind :lol: We might become an authorized KB37 service center though before too long...
  3. Appreciate a little help....can I clean the keys inside the device to address the issue?
  4. Hello, My 2009 KB37 has two keys (low Ab and A) that always play midi tones as if the key was played hard. So pretty much every time I press the key at a given velocity it SOUNDS the midi patch as if I played it with force. Seems like a simple mechanical problem or perhaps a dirty connector on those keys? Probably not under warranty and overall the keyboard is perfect for me but would rather not pay for repair if I can open it up and maybe clean something per your suggestions. Please help if you can. many thanks
  5. Do you have any other MIDI drivers installed? can you uninstall all Line 6 products, run cache cleaner and check clean registry (backup just in case), reboot then install Monkey and see if it detects
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