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  1. Update... just had conformation from lIne 6 they accept this is a genuine bug and will be fixed in the next update. But no timescale as to when!
  2. Done quick research and look like it's going to have to go back. No problem as less than a week old. Unless there is a fix? Just as my old amp went out the!
  3. Well at least Android works OK. Who’d have thought
  4. Been messing around with the Spider V 60 for a few days and here are my thoughts. To start with I was looking for an all in one amp for Home practice only and had been getting by with the Mustang GT and a number of amp sims run on an iPad through a Line 6 Sonic Port VX into the Fenders aux in. Decided to try the Spider as was finding I was only using the Fender for cleans as dirty was bad. That’s where I’d switch to the sims like BiasFX, Tonebridge and mobile pod. I also play backing tracks through from the iPad through the stereo Mustang speakers. This also required a 'Y' foot switch to connect guitars between amp and sonic port. All a bit complicated but worked fine. So, after much testing I would say the Spider lives up to expectations despite its reputation from some sources. Cleans are as good as the Fender and dirt is better. Beats all the sims quite easily, which is odd given their reputation and can only assume it’s down to working through the sonic port/iPad instead of I higher quality interface and a pc/mac? Some of the Spiders and Mobile Pod presets are the same like day tripper etc so it was easy to compare and the difference was substantial! The stereo speakers in the Fender sound really good with better base, possibly because it is ported. But I think the tweeter and bigger Guitar speaker in the Spider more than compensates. Just comparing the GT and Spider on ease of use is an easy one. The Fender app, despite being wireless is rubbish and not in the same league as the Line 6 offering. Neither is editing via the Amp itself. I know some complain of the Spider not being wireless but given that continued use requires the iOS or Android device be plugged into the mains anyway the Spider saves an extra adapter. Plus audio appears better through USB saves yet another lead and although I tried wireless streaming with the Fender it was a waste of time and the latency of Bluetooth meant audio editing software and YouTube etc was out of sync. My only complaint, and it’s quite a big one for me, as you may have seen from other posts, is the app freezes when you switch back from using other apps. I have raised a ticket but a fix will require either an upgrade to the app or amp firmware and I’m doubtful this will happen. Maybe tempted to get a cheap tablet if that works instead as I really like this amp for its tone and features. Hope this helps anyone on the fence over a Spider and if you have any thoughts on the freezing issue, even just to confirm it happens to you too please respond Thanks
  5. Nope. Not even the older iOS 9.6 works. Exact same 'feeeze' with every combination of iOS devices and firmware I’ve tried. so it’s down to the app or spider firmware! shame as I really like the Amp
  6. Anybody got this tone replicated? ive tried ALL the cloud tones and none sound right to me. been struggling to get this tone for ages and thought the spider would work as it has the correct amp (Hiwatt) and fuzz (big muff) but sounds dreadful to me so far. I know it’s never gong to be possible to replicate it perfectly on a modelling amp but can’t even get close. Ive tried the Tonebridge app, Fender Mustang GT downlLads and even amps like bias fx and amps ligule etc so, anybody got close? cheers guys
  7. Thanks hoops that helps as been emailing with tech support so will pass that on. i do have an old iPad that only goes up to 9.x firmware so will see if that works be good to track down where it changed cheers
  8. Done some research and looks like Apple only allow apps to run for a short period in background mode. You’ll notice if you switch back quickly it will still work. But app works ok when amp is not connected. thanks for letting me know it’s not just me
  9. trouble ticket riased! discovered app does not run in backround meaning every time you return to the app it attempts to reconnect. this is successful some times but only if the duration between switching is short. whole point is to be able to use a music app to play backing tracks etc while returning to spider app to change tones so at the moment pretty useless i have also tried a few other ios devices all with simular results. also there is no plroblem unless amp is connected. my mustang GT used to do the same despite being wireless, untill it was sorted in ios app update. would have thought the wired connection would be more reliable i have resisted delving further into this amp untill the issue can be resolved any ideas appreciated cheers guys
  10. Just received and all works great until I load any other app and let spider run in the background. When I return to Spider it has frozen and requires a restart every time! bit useless unles there is a fix
  11. Think this U.K. retailer may have made a boob with pricing as amp is cheaper WITH the G10! just got mine pm for details as don’t want to ruin the deal
  12. Agonised over this decision for weeks but just pulled the trigger. Currently have a Mustang GT40 but not getting on with it, cleans great but that’s it. Spent ages and just can’t create nice OD sounds. Also it sounds way better through headphones especially when combined with backing tracks. Apart from the odd tones I’ve only really used it as an amp to play iPad apps like Tonebridge through on a sonic port. Really wanted an all in one amp with full range speakers for backing track so plumped for the V 60 with G10T. Having owned an original Amplifi 75 I actually prefer the tethered IPad connection. It’s quicker streams music and more importantly charges at the same time! I also use the iPad for backing tracks which I can slow down for practice and watch instruction videos. Wish Blackstar and others would have great apps like Line 6. The Fender app although wireless is not in the same league for ease of use or design! now have to wait a few days to get it, fingers crossed but have tried a V120 and liked that alongside a VOX Vt40x ps found a rediculously cheap UK deal that I won’t post here as it maybe a mistake and don’t want it taken down until others can take advantage of it but PM if interested
  13. Thanks for the input guys. anyone compared their Spider with mobile pod? i really don’t like mob pod but it has far less amps and effects than the Spider
  14. Anyone comment on the tone quality of mobile pod vs Amplifi etc. The latter has more amps etc not impressed with Mob pod at all for tones. Sonic port vx is great though with Jamup and Tonebridge though ...much better
  15. Spider v has tonematch? im in same boat. Plugged my iPhone into V demo and could call up song specific tones by typing them in. Amplifi does it automatically but that’s it, plus doesn’t work with backing tracks anyway. my concern with Amplifi is the Bluetooth connection as originally had an Amplifi 75 but returned it as kept dropping out. No such trouble with Spider as it hard wires and works flawlessly. Plus benefits from charging iPad and plays music through same lead
  16. Thinking of swapping out my GT with a spider v 60. Anybody got experience or advice? i know the Spider has got mixed reviews and going on these alone the Fender is the winner. But I feel the same about the fender in that the preset tones are unusable. Yes it does good cleans but that’s it for me. Let me explain how I want to use these amps. Home only use to play along with popular jam tracks. Taking one example, comfortably numb by Floyd, nothing in the presets does this. Simular to Line 6 the community supplies tones online, on the Fender there are at least fifty none of which do it for me. Did try a spider 30 and it seemed to do a better job. i also use mobile pod and last night managed to create a fender tone very simular to the GT so hoping the spider with its bigger amp models can do even better. connection via hard wiring to an iPad is excellent and also like how it plays music through the same lead. However this will mean I cannot use my sonic pod vx at the same time like I can do with the GT, so would hope this will be an all singing answer to my needs. proably go for the 60 for the wireless and bigger speaker. i do like the idea of other amps like vox and Blackstar but playing audio tracks sounds better with tweeters or FRFR speakers. originally bought an Amplifi 75 which was perfect apart from it kept dropping out over Bluetooth cheers
  17. Wow! Did a search for the old 1.7 and can’t believe Line 6 took such a massive step backwards! It looks like everything I want in a sim. Better looking than 2.0 and more importantly the ability to download custom tones. Bring it back, or at least the latter, and I’ll buy it!
  18. Just wondering if an iPad charge when plugged in to a spider V? Also does it play audio through the usb or do you have to connect a separate audio 3.5 lead?
  19. Am about to buy a new sonicport VX as just read the online info which says... The included Mobile POD app for iOS gives you over 10,000 presets designed by artists, Line 6 and other players Had written this off but will definitely buy if this is available?
  20. Thanks maybe worth another try but lack of support is worrying. Maybe a new amp on the way
  21. Manual says having jack plugged into the amp out socket cuts the Guitar sound from the main outs but doesn’t clarify if it also removes Guitar sound from headphones socket as well. If Anyone can confirm or try this? I’d appreciate it Cheers
  22. Hi, Can you connect Guitar into the FX100/TT and then into an amp in a bypass mode so will work as if Guitar plugged directly into amp and invisible? Normally hitting tuner disables all effects but dose it cut ‘amp out’? If not then easy option without creating a blank patch I will be using headphones out into the aux in on my Mustang GT for Amplifi use and then the above setup will allow using the GT directly bypassing th3 FX instead like a switching box would do. Also be streaming backing tracks which I could use either for but last time I owned a Amplifi 75 it didn’t like amp control at the same time. Hope that all makes sense
  23. Just checked and I must have been running the version just prior to 2.6.0 unless that changed anything I’m doubtful
  24. Thanks for the honest and complete reply. Pity I don’t know what firmware was out when I had. Don’t think it’s worth the gamble new but may try and pickup used. Should have bought the TT when they were half price
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