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  1. Confirmed Problem was the cable. I replaced it and it works fine. Hopefully this helps someone along the way using an MK II pedal with a shorted cat 5 wire.
  2. dysmantle

    75 Or 150?

    I'm finding that the spider iv cleans are .......... cleaner......... am i wrong here? My distortion presets seems to suck on the AMPLIFi but are amazing on the IV 150. Any Suggestions? (also has anyone found anything about mic'ing this thing besides hitting the 12" in the center or side?, Should i dual mic it for the stereo fx?
  3. So True, It's a GREAT Product for the Price. With some tweaks, its giggable and usable live. It's a nice little "home bluetooth" my wife can use while doing dishes. Bonus, I can dialup a preset and ROCK the house when she is out with the girls. This little 150 Unit is loud as F****K. I'm happy with it but it needs a little tweaking to become what we expected of a 2014 product.
  4. Until you want to nail that solo on that song, or that bridge transition and etc......... It will find it's own use and the community will love line6 for it.
  5. I have already "reflashed" the factory firmware "LATEST" back to the pedal with the exact same results. I've calibrated it etc, so it "HAS" to be the cable. I'll attempt using a new cable friday. I use the FLAT cat5 and cat6 cables as they don't snag or coil up. I use my line 6 gigging weekly and need a reliable cable. Flat cables are the way to go when gigging with the exception of how fragile they are. I get around 10 months out of a cable gigging and that seems adequate as they are around $8.00 a piece and tuck neatly out of the way. They also lay flat and are easy to route out of the way of any cymbal stands or cable snakes etc.
  6. Direct out for Recording is a "must have", Integration with "line 6 edit" is a "must have" (PC and Mac Compatible Programs), FVB Full Integration. Add in "firmware updates and 8 preset's" and the community should be appeased until AMPLIFi 2 HD comes out. (SERIOUS)
  7. This little 150 has some power........ anyone who denies that or says that its not loud enough to keep up with a drummer..... they are either smoking crack or playing death metal with the knob turned to 14.
  8. 4 presets is a joke for a modeling amp.
  9. So i hooked up my FBV Shortboard MK II to my Amplifi and i figured lets see what it can do. Well, Now my Shortboard only displays "FVB SB MK ii" on the lcd screen. I figured i would plug it back into my other spider iv amp. Same problem. NO Lights on the board and no presets in the display. i was able to update the FBV Firmware also and use it to change my presets however nothing is displayed in the LCD menu except FBV MK II. The calibration software worked fine. I'm going to test the cable and or try another one soon. It's likely the cable.
  10. Phil, Try turning on itunes match to enable the metadata to stream down to the ios app. I know line 6 reads the itunes match data but cannot provide analysis since i don't currently own this amp. I would own this amp if they provided simple instructions and a full manual. Maybe i'll buy one and post some videos so people know what they are buying.
  11. It's possible that tonematch has no matches, so it shows nothing. The song should be available to click on under your library. If it's not, its likely itunes denying the match and dropping the handshake that line6's app gets when reading the library. TLDR: it's itunes being dumb
  12. attempting to post on ideascale... i got this message. A moderator has not yet approved your account. Shocking!!
  13. Well, lets get into line6's face new school. Facebook / Reddit / Reddit.com/r/guitar and this new dumb ideascale bullcrap. (Another note Line6: forcing users to register on a "second website" to post feed back on a product, via forum link on your own support forums... is just lollipop backwards. Once again, the wrong way. Clearly this product launch is a complete failure on line'6s part to rush a product out close to NAMM 14. It's bulllollipop. Really.. we deserve better patiently waiting since 09 for a new spider v amp.
  14. Dear Line 6, I'm an avid amp modeler that's been eyeing the amplifi series amplifiers since it was announced. I own many line 6 products ( POD (kidney bean), POD Xt Live, Pod Farm(2), Guitar Port, Line 6 Spider IV 150 , FVB Shortboard MK II, Delay). Here is where your marketing and engineering departments have failed. 1. Explanation of the FVB Shortboard MK II integration. Like, Ya....... It's supported.. but in what capacity? 2. How many preset's can be stored on the amp? Maybe 4? 5? 6? 3. Can I control on/off different stomp boxes / delay / modulation etc with my FBV Short board? 4. Why did you "NOT" include a USB Port to charge the devices required to operate the amp? (ipad / iphone / android ) 5. Why do retail outlets much like "Guitar Center" not have a AMPLIFi demo station available with an included USB port to jack in my device and "demo" the amps features as marketed? (this is a no brainer and selling feature) 6. You should include a "transfer" type of feature for old line 6 users (pod XT / pod farm / guitar port and general line 6 products). You are confusing and disenfranchising users . We love our presets and want to keep them across platforms. WE work hard to tweak and tune everything to our taste. With every product release you slap us in the face having to create new presets and force us into "another adventure" of finding tones.) 7. This does not apply to me but why not include the line 6 link and variax inputs featured on many other products. 8. The unit features a USB port. (why not hint or discuss with your users what it should be used for?) Direct Output? Windows/Mac integration for preset config / Firmware updates direct without a FBV?. 9. Lack of a full manual "POST" product release. You need to fire your documentation team immediately, I can't think of an excuse to use on this one. 10. Say iOS goes away and apple decides to pull the Line 6 AMPLIFi app from the appstore. What are your customers to do? We are screwed beyond using this as a bluetooth speaker. (a good one at that, i digress) 11. Line 6 monkey (drivers) and firmware updates to other products (bearing you own a MK II or FBV) Are smooth and work as advertised. This department is working great, however the design engineers are behind the ball. Modelers should always include a USB port in order to allow for updates and pushes without an additional piece of hardware. 12. WE love the amp, we however hate searching for the name on search engines.... it should have been called line 6 amplify or amp li wifi or something else besides amplifi. When we search for amplifi we find other amplifi"ers" beyond line 6. Youtube, google, bing etc. This was a dumb move. One major thing I have found with line 6 is the lack of after the sale support. Got a line 6 spider iv??? Want to update the firmware...well you need a FBV for that. It's complete failure for an electronically capable modeler to have to use an added $200 dollar device to upgrade and "fix" issues that were released from the factory. You can do better and your users know it also. For most people who own or use line 6 products we are forced to defend using them in live situations due to the lack of "tube quality" on most modelers. This is due to the lack of life and feel that translates from a traditional tube amp to a modeler. The Axe FX product family has done a much better job in this genre. I don't expect a $500 dollar product to compare to a $2500 dollar product. I do however hold line 6 to their mission statement. Push Boundaries, Make a great product and release a great product with a huge community and support the product for years to come.
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