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  1. codamedia Vai - In my dreams with you
  2. Thanks for your help rd2rk! Thanks brue58ski, i know how the talk box works, i was using the danelectro but is damaged now :( so i want try my old heil sound that works different, it needs one amp that send the signal, and the talbox send to speakers (the mic to p.a.) as you can see in the "manual". I want know sure if i can try it with helix without damage helix or the talbox. Some years ago (+- 25 :( ) i connected it as "basic configuration" in manual. I suppose that the only thing i am careful is the 8 ohms of speakers of cabinet and don´t send too power from helix to tbox so i don´t damage the speaker of the tbox... Thank you again for your answers and sorry my poor english...
  3. Yes, i know, i would know if could damage helix or the tbox if itry pluggin direct to the helix to try it. I have the freespeech from danelectro too but some days ago i went to use it and... doesn´t work, i don´t knnow why, and send to repair probably cost more than one new cheapest (harley benton) Thanks for help
  4. Can i connect it direct to helix with no problems? This pedal connection is different of modern talkboox pedals. By send/return loop? By send to TB y output to frfr input? I have it in a box for lot years and now i hope can use it with helix in a easy way. Heeeeelp! (English isn´t my languaje, i hope can understand me) Thank you very much in advance. The short manual: https://www.jimdunlop.com/content/manuals/HT-1.pdf
  5. ...and a piece of wood :-) If recycled, better (and cheap ;-) )
  6. Thank you, it start again from beginning without more problems, solved :-)
  7. Help! Over 30 minutes waiting... The update stops, i suppose it fails, what can i do??? Switch off? unplug usb? Heeelppp!!!
  8. I us the same tbox too. I running in one fx loop, and use ona a/b split to use tbox with snapshots. If i don´t connect the pedal, i have no sound in snapshot one so i swich on the pedal during all the song and then switch off. Using a/b split you can add gain, eq, etc only for the talk box. You can use it with the original mics, one mic with adapter, one mic connected to helix or connected to mixer. It´s a modded glenn delaune patch, hope it helps.
  9. Use any vnc software to control pc. The helix still having direct usb connection with computer, but you can some walk away to adjust global eq for example. I use it with my android tablet. (Perhaps some day can use wifi dongle with helix port) ;-) Hope it can help. Excuse my english.
  10. What are the secret bootup shortcuts? Hold FS5 and FS12 while powering Helix: Clears EVERYTHING Hold FS5 and FS6 while powering Helix: Restores backdoor and user-selectable Global parameters to factory Hold FS7 and FS8 while powering Helix: Restores presets and setlists to factory Hold FS8 and FS9 while powering Helix: Restores presets, setlists, and IRs to factory Hold FS9 and FS10 while powering Helix: Restores presets, setlists, IRs, and both backdoor and user-selectable Global parameters to factory Hold FS10 and FS11 while powering Helix: Upgrades existing presets to latest format Hold FS11 and FS12 while powering Helix: In the unlikely situation where Helix may freeze, clears only the current preset without affecting other setlists and presets Hold FS6 and FS12 while powering Helix: In the unlikely situation where Helix may not boot, enters "Safe Mode," allowing for installing the newest firmware Yes, but... Hold FS1 while powering Helix: Bouncig Square and some text in small screens for... ¿? Hold FS2 while powering Helix: RGB Values for....¿? Hold FS4 while powering Helix: Some Test Hold FS7 while powering Helix: Pod Hd2 Bon Testing ¿? ...More?
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