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  1. Had the same problem. Please check if you are using a SD Card reader, take out any SD card from it. For me, this trick ended a month of bending over back aches for me
  2. Yes, always at different times. I now installed HX Edit on another WIN10 PC and it runs okay on that machine. Seems this will by my workaround to move all my HX edit software to that machine while DAW and other recording / music related software will remain on my dedicated music laptop. There is so much stuff on there like from fishman, TC electronics, Steinberg. maybe the conflict is somewhere very deep in my system. Thanks for your support guys! It is a little sacrifice to replug the USB to another computer once I like to edit or backup, given the pro side of having a princess and a poly-pitch now.
  3. Hi datacommando I just did all deistallation today. Reinstalled HX edit 3.0 from scratch. Still HX Edit refuses to start. It "tries" to start and after 5 secs the task aborts without having opened a window. Interestingly I am also running another line6 application which is workbench HD for my variax connected to the very same Helix in the very same way. This program runs perfectly and I can upload, download, change variax settings through helix as an interface, on the same USB cord and port... Very strange. Thanks anyway for your valuable tipp not to continue using Hx edit 2.90.
  4. I seem to have a similar issue with HX Edit running on WIN 10. I updated to HX Edit 3.0 and after that, used Line6 Updater to bring my Helix uo to 3.0 as well. This portion worked flawlessly and Helix is on 3.0 now. Probem is: Helix Edit 3.0 does not start anymore! I reverted to HX Edit 2.90, and this version starts, connects well to my Helix floor runnning 3.0 Firmware. So far so good. Seemingly no hardware or driver issues. Then, reinstalled HX EDIT 3.0 again - still fails to run. Can I continue running HX EDIT 2.9 with Helix Floor on 3.0? Downsides with this?
  5. I control my entire rig with IPAD running ONSONG app. Use a Bluetooth Midi Adapter with 5-pole DIN plugs. run into a voicelive3 (TC Helicon) , chained to Helix (set to midi thru) chained to Eventide H9 pedal, Midi out back to the Adapter. Each Receiver is set to respond to a distinct midi channel (Helix@0, Voicelive@2, H9@15). Each unit responds and reacts perfectly to its PC messages. This works really well for all devices in the chain... However. the following command from the app MIDI: 0@0, WAIT2, CC67:127@0 is supposed to do the following - as per owners manual: 1) set Helix to Patch 1A [works great, Helix reacts as intended] 2) Wait 2 Seconds [Works, Midi Monitoring showing this delay until next message] 3) Switch to looper footswitch layout on Helix so I can start... [This CC Message is detected in Midi Monitoring, but Helix does never Switch to Looper Mode!] Of course, Looper is inside Patch 1A on path 2... When I select another song later, all PC Messages then are well executed again from all the pedals... Also, when I exchange the last command from CC67:127@0 to e.g. CC69:1@0 -rest unchanged- Helix would react perfectly by selecting patch 1A and after 2 seconds engage another snapshot. So I really do not understand that behaviour. Does anybody see that this might be related to a known bug of Helix (for me most likely), or any other idea?
  6. Okay, now that explains my problems as well. For an odd reason Helix does not react very reproducibly on midi signals sent in sequence from my iPad app (I use Onsong). Initial program changes from song to song work, but a second one like a CC to Switch on the looper or to adjust Tap/Tempo does not always. even if you add 3 second delay between the two midi Events... I always thought the problem is within my brain or within the onsong app, and I spent already hours to find a solution. It appears now that this must be just this or a similar Helix bug with midi reception that has obviously been acknowledged by Line6 already. I really hope for a new software release that adresses such midi issues. Might be that the majority of users would never notice these, but Helix within a midi Network is such an incredibly powerful tool. Please fix this, Line6.
  7. Did anybody mention already that we all got this fantastic editor for absolutely free? I bought and love Helix without this editor already - and now this addition makes it even more value for money. Great Job Line 6 and it is really time to say a huge thanks for this improvement - I got a nice and solid piece of software free or charge directly into my computer... this is awesome! Had no problems with this beta on my win7 system, great job. Works flawless. Now being able to leave HELIX down on the floor while creating and adjusting patches - this is phenomenal for my workflow with this unit. The foot editing mode is of course still a big advantage if you need to adjust something in a live situation, but honestly this never got used when I created my tones back at home. I always need my hands do this... But it was so cumbersome to have it on the floor to practice stuff and needing to put it on the desk again and again for comfortable editing. NOW THIS IS OVER. This update made my day today... I also have a few areas where I initially expected a different behaviour or miss a feature. But come on... I am sure the programmers had to make their decisions which route to go here and there. I could adjust my mind quickly to how it behaves, we all did that with the Helix UI when we first got it, right? Also, remember this is a beta and L6 has proved already that they value customer feedback and would implement good ideas if possible.
  8. I cannot compare with other replacement pups, only with the stock ones. The areas are very good pickups with no audible hum whatsoever, at least in my environment. I always found the stock pickup in the neck position of the JTV quite sharp and a bit over the top with it's high frequencies. I very often had no time or forgot to adjust the tone knob, and I couldn't do it reproducibly anyway... The middle stock pup was never really used. Now after the replacement the neck pup sounds more balanced and still enough stratty (as far as you can get with hum cancelling pups). Now I can ignore the tone knob in almost all the songs. The middle is much more useful on it's own, and it is a dream to combine middle and neck in the second selector switch position. This blend sounds very convincing to my ears. Also the combination of Humbucker and middle pup is giving me a pleasant and balanced sound. Pots were left unchanged and I do not hear a difference in their behaviour, although there might be a measurable change. I am pretty sure that there is no chance to do anything about the pots as they are working directly with the electronics and not at all with the pickups! From the specs my new "transition" humbucker has more output than the two areas. It sounds fantastic but switching from neck or middle to bridge changes volume ( esp. for clean sounds) more than before the mod. So leaving the stock bridge as it is is probably not the worst idea if you switch pickups often in the middle of a song, it might help to stay friends with FOH guys... Playing through a crunched or overdriven amp, switcing from neck to bridge on my JTV69 now adds considerably more sustain and grit to the tone without too much of volume boost, which for me is desirable and no problem at all... When installing the new pickups I followed the installation manual from DiMarzio but it turned out that in doing so bridge and middle find themselves in an out-of-phase configuration. Swapping the wires from the humbucker to circuit board was an easy cure to this of course, but I had to unstring and reopen the cavity again... Btw, soldering the wires off and onto one of the the circuit board inside the JTV is required. I recommend to do that only with a little bit of experience.
  9. When dialing in tones I always have a rather high resolution db-led-Display connected to the phones-output. Make sure your phones level knob is always the same. Search for "American Audio DB meter" for example. Having something like this integrated in Helix, easily accessible like e.g the tuner Screen... would be a good Feature.
  10. For years I loved my JTV69 stock pickups, and they still are great in their range - but finally warranty expired and I dared it... I have just recently replaced them with Dimarzios (area 61 neck, area 67 middle, Transition for the Bridge.) I am overwhelmed by the difference and it was easy to do. I dared it... enough room in the cavities, easy to disassemble and reassemble, I never had my JTV69 sound so stratty and versatile with no hum - and the new humbucker screams and brings out every harmonic and squeal ever so easy.
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