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  1. Problem solved ! In fact I renamed my VST folder, because there was a mistake with its display inside. It's strange but the sub-folders which were inside were not displayed, and all the small files which were supposed to be in these sub-folders were in the folder. After changing the name, the sub-folders reappeared, so I scanned this folder on my DAW and finally everything works correctly. I think that the POD X3 ASIO had difficulties to find the way to get to the VSTs, hence making the CPU to work more. But what is strange is that ASIO4ALL didn't have such difficulties. Thank you very much Uber Guru for trying to help me, but I already tried to use the POD X3 ASIO and the problem was still there. Anyway, now it works. And even if I changed the name of my VST folder, all the VST and VSTI parameters have been kept. This is great ! I hope this experience will help some of you who may have meet the same problem. Enjoy music !
  2. Hi everybody ! After formating my computer which works on WINDOWS 7, when I open Samplitude Music Studio 16 everything works correctly as long as my POD X3 is not connected. Using ASIO4ALL, I can play all of my audio projects with good CPU performances. The problem is when I connect my POD X3 and try to play my projects, the CPU percentage increases and of course everything is saturated. For example, on one of my projects, when my POD X3 is not connected, the CPU percentage is approximately 45%, and reaches more than 100% when the POD X3 is connected. The problem appears even if ASIO4ALL is still selected, hence ASIO POD X3 not selected, but the POD X3 connected to the computer. I don't understand what is the reason, I tried to configure my DAW and my POD X3 through its control panel, but the problem is still there. Before formating the computer everything was working perfectly. Thanks for reading and trying to help me.