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    The above replies address perfectly my experiences with both units. I hope this is also useful to others. Thanks
  2. djyelland


    I agree there were things that had an affect on improving the fizz. I used the Helix LT for some time and was reasonably happy. I then got a Pod Go when they came out just for small work. I'm just passing on my observation that straight of the box....no fizz
  3. djyelland


    Get yourself a Line 6 Pod Go, it doesn't have the "fizz". I did, and sold my Helix LT.
  4. I have recently purchased a Line 6 POD Go and I am happy with everything about it other than it will not accept MIDI from anything other than a PC. It appears to require the driver loaded in the PC to be able to accept MIDI. I am using a Kenton USB Midi Host mkII to host messages from a Morningstar MC6. The Line 6 POD Go is not "generic class compliant" and without the drivers in the PC will not respond to external MIDI. Hopefully this can be easily rectified by Line 6 soon.
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