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  1. Got some info on a battery option thanks, I thought I need to get one through here and had not looked very far per on going issues. Good to know thx radatats! I will check out further when I get this issue figured out.
  2. So I just had my JTV Korean do this to me 2 weks ago and it is just dead. lights came on played a bit and it just faded. I had the switching issues in the beginning. I will try this but things are not looking good. I have triede all flashes and rolled back to 1.9 as I had doubts about 2.0. I hope this little tweak works as I have not had good luck with these. For three main parts these should be better. !switching dead right out of the gate-now fixed, now switching models/tunings is dead and Line 6 says it is all on me...only thing left is a battery that works so far but is worthless to me. If the battery dies you can't even order one so guess it may be the beginning of the end. This guitar is a headache. Trying this now.
  3. I have a 59 Korean and watched the lights die 2 weeks ago. No switching models or tuning. I reflashed, checked batteries etc no luck and all works as ususal except the guitar.. I Keep my all my stuff charged and in working order. I held off on the 2.0 upgrade as there was some questions about it. I loaded it then rolled it back nothing. I did have the switching issue early on and wow that was no fun out of the gate. I am now talking to Line 6 but it is all on me. I am afraid more of these guitars will have issues. They were poorly tested and it was hard to get them to listen but I was an early adopter and they came around eventually. When did you get yours btw?
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